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Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Lovely Girl Episode 2 Recap

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Idol Shin Woo telling Se Na he will not forget that she slapped him.

Question of the hour: Can a naive girl really have any chance against a charming guy with sad eyes?

My Lovely Girl Episode 2 Recap

Se Na notices Hyun Wook standing across the street from the bus station, but without giving him another glance she gets on the bus leaving him standing by the side of the road. Hyun Wook flags a taxi and follows Se Na to a drinking stall. Sitting covertly by Se Na and her friend, Hyun Wook listens as Se Na tells her friend how an unreasonable customer got her fired.

Realizing Se Na is not going to give him the time of day at this point, Hyun Wook gets up and walks away.

Se Na gets a job at a high end food delivery service. While out delivering food Se Na ends up running into Shi Woo (the idol) in the elevator. The two cross words, but Se Na wins the round when she starts to tell another elevator passenger about an interesting incident that happened at a certain hotel last night. Cutting her off, Shi Woo puts on his idol charms and gets the topic away from his embarrassing rejection last night. 

Before Shi Woo leaves he tells Se Na since she is the first person to slap him, she can be sure that he won't forget this anytime soon.

Out on another delivery, Se Na finds herself in Hyun Wook's house. Not emitting any friendly vibes, Se Na was all business with Hyun Wook. Undaunted, Hyun Wooks starts to order from the delivery company every day and strategically planned accident meets with Se Na.

Hyun Wook gets Se Na to deliver his food to a park but the two ends up getting caught in a flash rain. After getting a text from her boss, Se Na decides to brace the rain and run for it. Hyun Wook stops her and ties her a picnic blanket (?) around her head. As Se Na takes off in the rain, she stops to turn around to look at Hyun Wook tying another blanket around his lab. And she thinks "Ahh... I am like the dog." Okay, I made up that last part. I think it's suppose to be "Oh, look how gentle he is." but tell me I am not the only one that thought that when that scene came up. 

Despite Hyun Wook's express wish that no one else know where his new house is, Hyun Wook's friend Sun Jin still invites Hae Yoon who then invited Jae Young to a house warming party. Jae Young is the new star song writer for Hyun Wook's father's company ANA. As a self proclaimed ex-friend of Hyun Wook, Jae Young shows obvious resentment towards Hyun Wook. 

The party ends abruptly when Jae Young gets irritated by Hae Young's obvious adoration towards Hyun Wook and tells him "You should be able to write ballads right? Sad ballads that are filled with the pain of losing a beloved. Or can you not anymore? Have you forgotten about So Eun so quickly?"

Sun Jin drags Jae Young away, and Hyun Wook walks Hae Young to get a cab. Hae Young tries again to jokingly asks Hyun Wook to consider her as a romantic interest but Hyun Wook just laughs.

After putting a very disappointed Hae Young in a cab, Hyun Wook starts to walk home. Out of the corner of his eye, Hyun Wook catches sight of a person that looks exactly like So Eun. Hyun Wook runs to catch up with So Eun but every time he gets close she is all the sudden out of sight. Soon, Hyun Wook is led into an ally way. Having lost sight of So Eun, Hyun Wook stands in the night confused. Out of no where, Se Na comes hurling towards Hyun Wook. 

After a pause from the shock of seeing Hyun Wook, Se Na continues to run from the creditors that has been chasing her. Once Hyun Wook realizes why Se Na is running, he catches up to her and takes her hand. 

In the chaos of the chase, the gangster that was chasing Se Na knocks into a truck, breaking the truck's passenger side mirror. The truck driver in his anger gets off his truck to chase after the gangster, not realizing he has left his break off. 

The truck starts to roll down hill accompany by the truck driver's panic yells. 

Hand in hand, Hyun Wook and Se Na runs through the alleys, but their connection breaks when Se Na trips and falls down right in the path of the truck that is hurling down the hill. Hyun Wook flings himself at Se Na and covers her with his body when he saw Se Na is in the direct path of the truck. 

A series of light flares on the truck and the hurling truck comes to a stop but not before it hits Hyun Wook. A puzzle truck driver mutters to himself "how did the truck stop?" 

Bending over the unconscious Hyun Wook, Se Na screams "Someone call 119" (Korean's 911)

Hyun Wook wakes up to an incredulous but very apologetic Se Na "Why did you get involved into other people's business?"

Hyun Wook "I don't think of you as other people." 

Outside of the hospital, Se Na thank Hyun Wook and tells him "You are the first one to be this concerned about me."

Despite Hyun Wook yelps of pain and asking Se Na to see him home, Se Na tells him "Your legs are not hurt right?" 

Due to the gangsters, Se Na gets fired yet again from her job. As a favor her boss lets her delivery one last meal to Hyun Wook. When Hyun Wook realized Se Na is again jobless, he asks her to be his pet sitter for Tae Fong. 

Se Na tries to give Tae Fong a bath. Hyun Wook gets up to demonstrate the right way of washing a dog, but ends up getting water all over both of them. Cringing, Hyun Wool decides Tae Fong will be going to a dog salon from now on. Se Na can't help herself but to keep stealing glances at Hyun Wook.

Shin Woo goes to his van after being ostracized by other members of his idol group. When Shin Woo request his manager to put in some music, it just so happens the manager was listening to Se Na's demo CD. Shin Woo manager offer to switch music, but Shin Woo decides to listen to the demo instead.

Se Na's friend Joo Hong tells Se Na that Hyun Wook must be interested in her since why else would a guy spends wads of money just to get her to dog sit for him when he has plenty of time on his hand. 

Se Na's can't help but wonder if there are any truth to her friend's words.

Hyun Woo takes Tae Fong to the beach and Se Na gets to come along for the ride since "why would I take Tae Fong to the beach and leave the pet sitter at home?" was Hyun Wook's reply when Se Na wonders why she is also going to the beach. 

As Hyun Wook watches Se Na playing with Tae Fong, the images of So Eun takes over and he sees So Eun playing with Tae Fong instead. 

Se Na and Hyun Wook sits by the ocean and the topic moves on to Se Na's reason for coming to the big city. Se Na tells Hyun Wook she wanted to become the great person her sister was, but instead she has been bumbling around with nothing to show for. Hyun Wook with a mildly pained expression listens to Se Na as she talks about her adoration for her sister.

Hyun Wook gets a phone call informing him that his father has fainted and is in the hospital. The father and son's strain relation reveals itself as soon as Hyun Wook sees his father. 
Hyun Wook "Are you really sick? Father?"
President Lee yells "I am really sick! Kid!" After a pause "Will you take over for me for a bit at the company?"
Hyun Wook "Do you think you are some chaebol? Passing the baton down by blood ties?" 

Not pleased at how short Hyun Wook stayed, President Lee's wife hands Hyun Wook his father's will and tells him that his father really is sick because they found a tumor in his brain.

Se Na is home alone with Tae Fong while Hyun Wook is visiting his father in the hospital. Se Na sees Hyun Wook's sweater and holds it close to her face while taking a deep breath inhaling Hyun Wook's scent. Oh, no, she is in love already? This is not going to go well...

Se Na is startled out of her daydreaming when Hae Young rings the door bell. Coincidentally, Hyun Wook comes home just as Se Na finish explaining to Hae Young that she is the dog sitter. Watching Hae Young's obvious familiarity with Hyun Wook and her refined manner, Se Na has an acute understanding of the distance between her and Hae Young.

Hae Young comes to Hyun Wook to ask him to take over the president's position while President Lee is recovering. Taking out a tablet, Hae Young also plays Infinite Power's proposed new song for Hyun Wook. 

Standing outside, Se Na overhears the new song and realized it has a striking similarity to her own demo song.

A furious Se Na goes to see Jae Young to confront him about coping her song. Jae Young loudly refutes Se Na's assertion and goes on the attack by telling Se Na that there is no possible way someone as low as Se Na would have anything worth while for him to copy. 

Jae Young "Why are you standing here, are you waiting for the security to escort you out?"

Se Na turns to leave and pauses when she sees Hyun Wook standing in the door way obviously a witness to the whole embarrassing exchange. Se Na cast her eyes to the ground and runs out of the door.

Hyun Wook confronts Jae Young who replies that he has never accepted anything from Se Na. At this point, Shin Woo finally pipes up and say "She is the author of that demo CD I left on your desk." With a sudden realization, Jae Young changes his story and asks Hyun Wook "Do you have any evidence that her CD ever appeared on my desk? Can you proved that copied her song?" 

With added arrogance Jae Young tells Hyun Wook "I am not the same Seo Jae Young I used to be. Who are you to interfere in this company's affair. This is not a company where anyone can just walk in and raise a ruckus."

Hyun Wook "What if I am not just anybody. What if I am the new boss of this company?"

After convincing Se Na's friend that he is not a gangster, Hyun Wook tracks Se Na to the bus stop. Hyun Wook tells Se Na if she can be beaten down so easily by someone like Jae Young then her passion for music is obviously lacking.
Se Na yells back that someone like Hyun Wook could not possibly understand how difficult it is to just work for survival and dodge gangsters at the same time. 

Hyun Wook "ANA bought your song or more correctly ANA bought your potential. To be honest, your song really was quite bad. But your debts has all be paid off. Let's go, it's time to feed Tae Fong."

As Hyun Wook takes Se Na's bag from her hands and starts walking away, Se Na yells "Adjusshi, Do you like me." Really?! You are going to ask that question while putting Adjusshi in front of it? 

Stop dead in his track, Hyun Wook turns to look at Se Na... and we have to wait another week. 

There are dramas that makes you want to hole up in a room and just enjoy it on your own. My Lovely Girl gives me that feeling. Not to say it is a perfect drama. The fact that all the plot line can be seen from a mile away is one complaint I have, but the strange thing is that despite that glaring problem I am still looking forward to the next episode.

I feel really bad for Se Na who really can't be blamed at all for falling for Hyun Wook. Come on! A guy who looks like that charms you first, then turns into kinda of a jerk, but then he turns charming again. PLUS, he saved your life in total disregard for his own. What is a girl totally alone in the world suppose to think?

Obviously Hyun Wook currently can only see his girlfriend when he looks at Se Na and Se Na's question going to shock him into realizing how his actions can be misunderstood. I actually have a difficult time seeing how Hyun Wook is going to overlook the fact his deceased girlfriend is Se Na's sister for any romantic possibilities to develop between the two. But I am really looking forward to the show to convince me otherwise.

ps. I am trying really hard to be an equal opportunity screen selector. I realized all the screen shots I chose was of Rain so... I had to go back and get some of Se Na. I just thought I should point out my supreme effort to not be too shallow. Speaking of not being too shallow, can I just gush how much more mature Rain has become. The guy just ooze mature manliness in this show... um... Crystal is pretty as well. I am going to stop now.


  1. I'm enjoying your recaps of this drama. Though I am not watching it. I think the recaps will be just fine. Short and concise as it gives me the full gist of the drama and RAIN. Ah....i am so tempted to watch just cuz of him. Ahhh