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Monday, September 8, 2014

Ninja Drools #1

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This series of post will mainly focus on the food that I come across in my drama watching that piqued my interests or more accurately have me drooling.

Mung Bean Soup (Apple of Your Eye Ep. 3) In the show, the hero seems to be in the habit of buying Mung Bean Soup for the heroine. This soup is cold and sweet. Traditionally a great dessert for the summer time. It's one of my personal favorite too.

Patbingsu 팥빙수 (Korean Shaved Ice. What Happens to My Family Ep 5) I think it's awesome that every Asian country has their own version of shave ice, and Patbingsu is Korean's. It sounds like Patbingsu is traditionally always served with red bean (sweet) but not anymore. Almost every cafe will have their own combination of Patbingsu. I am definitely trying this one out.

大肠包小肠- Taiwanese street food: Sausage Wrapped in Glutinous Rice. (Apple in Your Eye Ep. 3) The food that Yao Qi promised to feed Ji Wei when they meet in Taipei. The actual straight translation of the Chinese name is actually Large Intestine wrapping small intestine. We'll just stick with the first name with sausage and glutinous rice.

Takoyaki (たこ焼き- Japanese street food: Squid balls)(Surplus Princess Ep. 4) Witch Ahn's Takoyaki cart. I just bought a Takoyaki pan today so I am going to try my hand at it sometime!

Strawberry Cake (Love at Second Sight Ep5) That is an amazing looking cake. It doesn't look too difficult to reproduce so I am also going to try this sometime. I am thinking a strawberry crepe cake with whip cream frosting. I am not quite sure what those two white things on top are though.  Seems a bit too thin to be chocolate curls but it will be kinda weird if it's like a fried clear noodle.  Anyone with any ideas?  


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