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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ox Bone Soup from Glorious Day

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This dish is from Glorious Day (K-Family Drama) Episode 28 about 2.07 minutes in.  Mama Jung is treating Uncle to a meal and she buys him a 설렁탕 (Seolleongtang/ Ox Bone Soup) which apparently according to Uncle is pretty cheap.  They didn't actually show the dish in the show but the piqued my interested so I had to go figure out what the dish was.

Cheap or not, the dish looked really good and I wanted to try my hand at it.

I used Ox Bone Recipe from Maangchi as the main base for this dish but also threw in some herbs that is often used in Korean soup such as wolfberry and jujube.  According to few other recipes I saw, the herbs were common in this dish as well.  I didn't have ready access to these herbs so I raided some of the Korean herb soup packages I had around the house.

The beef bones boiling for I swear like 2 days. It took a LONG time.

Without thinking I cut my beef in large cubes. If I do it again, I would stick with large chunks of beef rather than cubes. I think that would make it easier to shred. (The recipe does tell you to leave the beef whole, I just did it without thinking)

The layered of fat that gathered at the top of the soup after it cooled in the fridge. (ps. I didn't start boiling this soup until mid afternoon so by the time I was ready to go to bed it wasn't ready yet, so I had to put in in the fridge. De-fat the next morning and put it back on the stove again. In the end I actually did the de-fatting process twice.)

The de-fating process 

Shredded beef, sesame oil, soy sauce, and green onion. (The green onion in my opinion is essential.. unless you really hate the taste, it really made a huge difference to the taste of the dish. 

To be honest, the soup was quite disappointing at first. I boiled this thing for two days and what I got really had very little taste to it... BUT once I added the beef mixture and rice into it, it was great. 

For those who are familiar with Asian beef balls (the kind that is often used for hot pots), I also threw those in while making the beef mixture on my second meal using the stock and it was a great addition. 


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