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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Patbingsoo from What Happens to My Family

This is my take on Patbingsoo (shaved ice) from What Happens to My Family. The picture below is the the shot from Episode 5 when Eun Ho took Seo Wool out for a treat and used that opportunity to get all the info he could on Dal Bong. 

I am actually not too sure what the slice of dessert on the patbingsoo is. It looks a lot like flan to me, but probably more like creme caramel. 

I cheated majorly on my shave ice. I know someone that owns a ice shaving machine and they even supplied the milk ice so that part was super easy. I have never had a patbingsoo before but I think the ice are usually plain ice, but since I had access to milk ice so I used that instead. I bought the flan from a Hispanic grocery store, so I didn't even make that part. On top of the ice, I drizzled caramel and chocolate sauce. 

To be honest, it was a bit weird to eat the flan with the ice. I like both of them, but felt like I should enjoy them separately not together. Still, it was a super fun dessert to make. 

ps. The flan has a firmer consistency than creme caramel and that kinda didn't go with soft fluffy ice, so I wonder if I had used creme caramel it would go together better. 


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