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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rain's Gentleman Pose in She's So Lovable

Remember this scene? This is bts shots from Episode 3 when Hyun Wook ran into his step mom and half sister outside of AnA. Through out shooting this whole scene Rain stood with his leg apart in consideration for the two actress that are much shorter than him. 

Apparently this gesture has earned some praises for Rain from his fellow actors and filming crew since it's probably not easy to shoot like that.  

You know, for some strange reason I always thought Rain is on the short side... but obviously I was very wrong. 

Updated on 9/28
So back to the part I thought Rain was on the short side, I went back to look at one my favorite clip of Rain and lo and behold he IS taller than most people around him. Not much taller mind you, but still taller. 

Anyhow, I love this video of when a show played a prank on Rain and Kim Sun Ah. They went to Rain with a newspaper clip with the title that Kim Sun Ah wants to date Rain, then went to Kim Sun Ah with a newspaper that says Rain thinks Kim Sun Ah is his ideal type. Awesome stuff and show case some of their personalities. 

I love Kim Sun Ah's answer when they asked her "So you don't think of him like a little brother?"


  1. Don't know why, but I kind of thought he was short too. He's 6"2" though which isn't short at all.

    1. I really could swear he seemed on the short side on his other drama... the magic of military service maybe? Buff you up and make you grow taller... even if you went in way past the growing age?