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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

She's So Lovable Episode 3 Recap

Question of the hour: How many screen cap can I take of Rain??

She's So Lovable AKA My Lovely Girl Episode 3 Recap

We pick up from last episode when Se Na stops Hyun Wook dead in his track when she asked "Adjusshi, do you like me?"

Se Na goes on to tell Hyun Wook that's the only explanation she could come up with since why else would it matter to him if she is running away from her life or if she is being chased for debt.

Hyun Wook assures Se Na that he doesn't see her as a woman and tells her to show up at AnA the next day.

Watching Hyun Wook leave, Se Na scoffs "If I am not a woman then am I a man?" Without another backward glance, Se Na gets on the next bus and leaves.

After leaving Se Na a cool retreating back, Hyun Wook quickly ducks behind a bush to see what See Na would do. Hyun Wook shakes his head with defeat when Se Na leaves on the bus.

But never fear, Se Na's eonni pulls through for us and Se Na's bus breaks down and Se Na has no choice but to go back to Seoul.

Interesting side note, Se Na does get a phone call from the gangster that was chasing her for money for the last three years to say of all things goodbye and wish her good luck. That almost made me sad we won't see more of the gangster adjusshi. 

The next morning, Hyun Wook hears a knock on his door and smiles to himself, fully expecting it to be Se Na. To his disappointment it was only Hae Yoon there to make sure he put on a suit for work.

There is an uproar in AnA's upper management over the sudden announcement that Hyun Wook will be taking over the president seat temporarily, but all the dissenting voice dissipated when President Lee joins in the meeting via video conferencing from his hospital bed.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hyun Wook walks in and announced that since he doesn't like to be tired from working all the management will have to take on extra work.

Se Na shows up at AnA and is surprised when she sees Hyun Wook at the AnA president's office. Wasting no time, Hyun Wook enters into a verbal contract with Se Na. The contract states that in the next two months Se Na needs to produce songs that will be of the same value as the debt that was paid for her. If she can't achieve that, then she needs to repay the money.

Hyun Wook takes Se Na to Jae Yeong's recording office. Due to Jae Yeong's protest, the two of them come to an agreement that Se Na can only stay if she can pass the end of month testing which is only in a week. Hyun Wook then leaves Se Na there to fend for herself.

Jae Yeong, obviously very unhappy with Se Na's presence puts her on cleaning duty.

Hyun Wook's stepmom and his half sister Min Ah shows up at the company and Hyun Wook is surprised to learn that Min Ah is a trainee at AnA.

Hyun Wook goes to see his father and catches him in the middle of flirting who all the nurses. Hyun Wook expressed his displeasure over Min Ah being in AnA since it's obvious to him that Min Ah does not have what it takes to become a trainee if it wasn't for the fact she is the President's daughter.  President Lee dodge the question and instead tells Hyun Wook that he would not interfere in Hyun Wook's "woman issues" since he is just happy that Hyun Wook is actually interested in someone. Hinting he brought Se Na into the company over personal interest.
Hyun Wook "It's not a woman problem. Til the day I day, there will not be a woman in my life."

President Lee "Who does this kid take after? So faithful to his love."
Ha, obviously doesn't take after his father.

While stopping at a red light, memories of his girlfriend So Eun come rushing back at Hyun Wook. Taking the famous K-drama U turn, Hyun Wook goes back to AnA and tries to play on the piano but to no avail. The sound of a piano playing all the sudden starts and following the sound Hyun Wook sees So Eun sitting at the piano just like she used to. Closing his eyes to the illusion, Hyun Wook opens them again to see Se Na sitting at the piano alone.

Glad to see Hyun Wook, Se Na says "Adjusshi, I didn't know you are so famous. I listened to all your songs... by the way, they are all about one woman right? "
With a pretend calmness, Hyun Wook replies "It's none of your business. You should be hard at practice in order to pass the test next week."
Hyun Wook starts to walk away, but pause in mid stride and turn back "I am not adjusshi, I am the president."

The next morning, in the president's office all the members of Infinite Power showed up, except Shi Woo. Shi Woo rushes in and makes the excuse of being late due to traffic but Hyun Wook can tell Shi Woo's band mate probably purposefully omitted informing him about the meeting.

As the conversation go on, it is obvious that Hyun Wook and Shi Woo actually know each other from the past. But the relationship wasn't a good one, since Hyun Wook did not believe Shi Woo actually had the talent to become successful.

Shi Woo bumps into Se Na at the practice room and precedes to give Se Na a lecture on how she should grovel to him since he is the successful sunbae and all. Before the two can really get into an argument Se Na is called away to help with the company cleaning. Proving at once the difference in their status.

Hyun Wook is surprised to find out that AnA has just signed on Yoo Ra Eum, one of the popular idol. Hae Yoon warns Ra Eum that since the real reason she signed with AnA is to be closer to Kang Rae Hun (Leader of Infinite Power) than she should take care that no scandal should break out.

Ra Eum finds Shi Woo and wishes him happy birthday. Shi Woo tells Ra Eum that she doesn't need to be nervous around him since he doesn't like her anymore. Rae Hun walks in on the conversation and with a glare towards Shi Woo's direction takes Ra Eum away.
Ra Eum is the girl that turned down Shi Woo's confession in the last episode.

Relegated to cleaning and organizing Shi Woo's birthday presents, Se Na watches as a very distant Hyun Wook walks past her.

All the band member puts on a show of one big happy family for Shi Woo's fans, but the birthday party goes weary when Rae Hun purposefully shows a video containing the footage of Se Na slapping Shi Woo.

Shi Woo and Rae Hun gets into a physical altercation and Se Na stops the fight by reminding the two they still need to put on a show for the fan.

Before Shi Woo walks away he tells Se Na "Something bad always happens when you are around."

By group consensus, Hyun Wook is volunteered by all the AnA management to be the one to deal with a very lecherous investor.

Yoon Ra Eum gets a urgent phone call to show up at the club Hyun Wook is at with the foreign investor. The second Ra Eum walks in she can see she was obviously not called in for her singing talent. Sneering, Ra Eum takes out her contract with AnA, ready to rip it in half.
Not stopping her, Hyun Wook only says "If you do that you'll regret it. Why don't you wait just 5 minutes."

Just as Ra Eum is about to ignore Hyun Wook and starts to rip her contract, the door opens and a ... very impressive lady walks in. The foreign investor, like a mouse who just saw the cat straight away shrank into his seat.

Hyun Wook "Since you told me you would not make any large investment without your wife, I have invited your wife here..."
Ha ha, That was funny. Although kinda sad to think that was probably a realistic scene in the entertainment industry.

Hyun Wook's success with the investor was not the topic of the AnA meeting next morning however. Video of Shi Woo being slapped has become a scandal that requires everyone's attention.

Se Na meets with Hyun Wook on the rooftop and apologizes to him. Instead of chewing Se Na out for the scandal, Hyun Wook instead chews her out for doing everything around AnA except practicing and producing the kind of music that will be worth enough to repay her debt.

Hyun Woo left Se Na with "Maybe the opportunity I gave you was too much for you. In other words, I am really disappointed in you right now."

Although Hyun Woo's words might be harsh, but he still couldn't help himself when he sees Se Na stewing in the practice room. But when he finally puts his hand on the door handle, Hyun Woo paused because he remembered Se Na's question "Adjusshi, do you like me?"

Jae Yeong stops Hae Yoon outside of AnA and tells her that he doesn't like Hyun Wook because she still holds him in her heart.

Jae Yeong warns Hae Yoon if things keep progressing like this maybe she would lose him as a man and AnA would lose him as a producer.

The long awaited test is here and without any preamble, Jae Yeong tells Se Na she doesn't need to take the test but instead sends her on an "urgent" errand.

Se Na rushes back from her errand and barges into the testing room. Handing Jae Yeong the music file he obviously has such an urgent need for, Se Na then asks the opportunity to take the test.

Despite Jae Yeong's protest, Hyun Wook allows Se Na to play her song. When Se Na finished her performance there was a silence over the whole room. Jae Yeong of course takes the opportunity to degrade Se Na and suggests once again she should go to music school before showing her work again. Hyun Wook agrees on some of the short coming Jae Yeong pointed out but tells Se Na he looks forward to her future work.

Jae Yeong "Do you think she is some genius?"
Hyun Wook "What if she is?"
Jae Yeong "Okay, Then let's have a match. Your genius girl and me."
Hyun Wook "A match with what?"
Jae Yeong "Infinite Power's next hit"

Hyun Wook's stepmom leaves in anger because Hyun Wook publicly pointed out that Min Ah hasn't even learned the basic sing skill thus was undeserving of all the praise the judges piled on her.

Madam Lee (Stepmom) waits for Hyun Wook in his office and demands that he makes Min Ah a star no matter what.

A deflated Se Na walks on the street, sad over the fact that all the employees now avoids her after Hyun Wook publicly puts his support behind her.  While walking, Se Na's eye is caught be a red balloon that is hanging on some shrubs.

Hyun Wook walks out of a convenience store and finds Se Na standing by the side of the street with a red balloon in her hands.

Hyun Wook "What are you doing here? Someone who doesn't even have the basics should be practicing hard if you want to win over Seo Jae Yeong."

Se Na "I thought you were a nice person, but I don't know now. I really like AnA, even if I am just cleaning, moving stuff, helping other singers... because there I can hear music everyday and be surrounded by instruments. So I really wanted to stay and make friends but now because of you all that is impossible. Why would you agree to something like that?"

Hyun Wook "Who knows? Maybe there will be a miracle."

Se Na laughs " Impossible."

Hyun Wook "You are very special. At least to me. Because it has been a long time... it has been a long time that my heart started pounding at someone's singing."


I think it's safe to say words such as "you are special, at least to me" doesn't help when a guy is trying to convince a girl he is not interested in her. But at least you got to give the guy points in trying right? 

As far as Se Na goes though, I am impressed she is not head over heel in love with Hyun Wook yet. Sure, I think she was a bit confused by how nice Hyun Wook is to her but she hasn't lost her head and that is quite impressive in my book. Her brand of honesty is also cool. Not too honest to the extend she comes off naive, just more like "my life is complicated enough so let's just get it all out in the open" kind of honesty. 

I am a bit undecided on the supernatural element of the deceased ex-girlfriend. It always kinda jars me a bit when it happens and while I don't dislike that particular element of the plot in this show I can't say I really like it either. I think it's because this show doesn't feel like a ghost show like Master's Sun obviously is set up within it's frame work. 98% of the time, this show is your ordinary show about a man who still can't let go of his grieve and a girl who is also struggling having lost her only family. Then the other 2% you all the sudden have a ghost element. Oh, well, at least this way it does away the grey moral issue of falling in love with your ex-girlfriend's sister.  

So we are three episodes into this show and I really like it thus far. It falls into one of those show that makes me want to sit back with a cup of tea and just immerse myself in it. And that, my friends happens a lot less than I would like it to. 


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