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Friday, September 26, 2014

She's So Lovable Episode 4 Recap

Hyun Wook's triumphant grin over getting his ice pop away from Se Na 

Question of the hour: Can your dead exgirlfriend really be an ex when she keep calling you on the phone? Okay, fine, it's not technically her that's calling...still...

 She's So Lovable or My Lovely Girl Episode 4 Recap

Se Na sits on the roof top of AnA and smiles to the memory of Hong Bin telling her that "You are special, at least to me."

Hae Yoon brings a coffee to Se Na and advise her to give up on the contest, and instead go beg Jae Yeong to train her. Hae Yoon's idea dies a quick death though when Jae Yeong shows up on the roof top as well and tells Se Na not to expect help from anyone.

Se Na returns to her locker to find a melted ice cream cone on top of her belongings. Things are made worse when a fellow trainee gives Se Na a "knowing" smile when she caught Se Na talking with Hyun Wook.

Frustrated, Se Na asks Hyun Wook not to pay special attention to her when they are at AnA.

Hyun Wook tells Shin Woo to solve his problem with his Infinite Power band mates but Shi Woo calmly tells Hyun Wook that the conflict doesn't originate with him.

Hyun Wook is summoned home to see his dad who has been discharged from the hospital. President Lee warns Hyun Wook not to push Jae Young too much since he is the kind that would stab you in the back.

Se Na is stopped by three of Shi Woo's fans to give her a warning to stay away from their Shi Woo Oppa. Just when the girls and Se Na's confrontation is about to escalate into a fight Shi Woo steps in and put on his act of caring oppa towards his fans. 

When Se Na accuses Shi Woo of being on his fans' side even if they are the one in the wrong, Shi Woo tells her that only by treating Se Na badly would his fan leave her alone. If he was to take her side in front of them, then Se Na's situation would only worsen.

Lacking any inspiration to work on her song, Se Na is desperate enough to turn to her housemates, but they prove to be of no use to her.

Sitting at home, Hyun Wook tries to valiantly focus on reading but ultimately gives up by asking Dal Bong to bark if he thinks Se Na is going to win the contest. Dal Bong obediently gives a bark gaining him a fierce petting on his head. Hyun Wook bends down and listens to Dal Bong "What? You think we should go visit Se Na? Oh, well, in that case we have to go."

Off the dog and Hyun Wook go and serendipitously meets Se Na on her way to buy an ice bar. Hyun Wook and Se Na gets into a competition when they both grab the same coco flavored ice pop. An exasperated store owner comes out to tell them that there should really be other coco flavored ice pop in the freezer if they just look. Hyun Wook yanks the ice pop out of Se Na's hand and wins the ice pop that really should've melted from how hard they were grabbing it. 
This is where I made a run for my own freezer and got an ice pop as well. Yes, I am that easily influenced. 

Hyun Wook walks Se Na home, insisting this was Dal Bong's favorite route to go on a walk. As the two talk, Hyun Wook is shocked to realize Se Na is living with her friend and a MAN. Laughing, Se Na accuse Hyun Wook of being behind the times since house sharing is common now days. 

We have a random scene of Madam Lee (Hyun Wook's step mom) running her car into an AnA director Kang Tae Min's car and gets "saved" by Tae Min when she had a dizzy spell. 
Are they trying to hook Madam Lee up with the director? Hmm... interesting.  

Yoo Ra Eum's (Shi Woo's crush) conversation with Hae Yoon is not going well. In fact the two women is starting to get into a yelling match when Hyun Wook steps in and placated Ra Eum with one mention of the shoes they have bought for her. Hyun Wook asks Hae Yoon to step outside for a minute with him. In response, Hae Yoon quickly fusses with her clothing. Laughing, Ra Eum asks Hae Yoon to take off her high heel. Ra Eum then gives Hae Yoon's high heel a hard smack so the heel almost comes off. Shocked, Hae Yoon asks "Are you crazy?" Ra Eum "You like that guy don't you?"

Hyun Wook tells Hae Yoon that all celebrities are really like kids at heart and one has to have the patience to deal with them. Hae Yoon nods and turns to leave but her heel gives out causing her to fall right into Hyun Wook's arm. Jae Yeong, obviously quite unhappy with the scene, watches the two leave. 

Jae Yeong sits in Hyun Wook's office and taunts him by saying since all the professionals in the company are essentially his people, Hyun Wook is the only one left to help Se Na. 

Jae Yeong "You have completely forgotten about So Eun now that you are so enthralled by this new face."

Hyun Wook "Shut up! I can't stand to hear So Eun's name from your mouth."

Jae Yeong "Don't make me laugh, the one that killed So Eun is not me."

That last sentence sent Hyun Wook over the edge and he slams into Jae Yeong, choking him until his friend Sung Jin steps in. 

Shaken and angered at the same time, Jae Yeong vents his anger on the innocent Se Na "You just watch the price Lee Hyun Wook is going to pay for protecting you."

Obligatory fan service scene. Your welcome. 

While taking a shower, Hyun Wook hears the phone ring and he comes out to find it's So Eun's phone ringing again. 

In silence Hyun Wook listens as Se Na pours out her happiness over Hyun Wook's trust in her and her fear of disappointing him. 

The next morning, Se Na takes a "walk" right to Hyun Wook's door and ask him "When do you have the most inspiration to write songs?" 

Instead of answering, Hyun Wook kidnaps Se Na for a day.

Hyun Wook takes Se Na to an art museum first. When Se Na keeps chattering on the fact she is too busy to be wasting time in an art museum, Hyun Wook forcefully takes her head in his hand and turns her head towards the art pieces.

Hyun Wook and Se Na's day ends in an abandoned amusement park. Hyun Wook points out all the memories that have been created in the once popular park and tells Se Na to find the one point in time that etches mark in her heart. Take the emotion in that memory and turn it into songs.  

Se Na "Adjusshi has a memory here don't you?"
Hyun Wook doesn't answer but remembers a smiling So Eun on the merry-go-around. 

On the stair way to Se Na's house, Se Na tells Hyun Wook one of her memory is her sister's favorite game of sliding down the banister. As Se Na slide down the banister, Hyun Wook can't help but sees So Eun instead. 

"Adjusshi, you haven't answered my question. When do you find it easiest to write songs?"

"When I am in love." Hyun Wook calmly answers Se Na and leaves after wishing Se Na a good night. 

Taking out the box that contains So Eun's phone and earring, Hyun Wook starts to recite everything he did with Se Na that day. 
Finally overcome with emotion, a sobbing Hyun Wook says "I should not have held onto you."

Hae Yoon calls Ra Eum for more tips like the broken high heel, only to have Ra Eum give her a very cryptic answer "Coffee." 

Hae Yoon's phone rings and to her great disappointment it's only Jae Yeong asking her out for a drink. Jae Yeong presents Hae Yoon with a ring box, but Hae Yoon gives it back to him without even opening it. 

Jae Yeong "That girl that Hyun Wook likes... I have a feeling you and I will have the same ending." 

The next day, Hyun Wook sees a smiling Se Na sitting in the practice room. Hyun Wook walks in to check her progress, making sure to stress he is there as a president checking on a trainee. 

Se Na "I feel my song is not too bad, thanks to my neighbor."
Hyun Wook "I guess this neighbor is a great guy."
Se Na "Not entirely. He is the Seems Like Man. He seems like really nice, but then seems like not so nice after all."
Hyun Wook "Wait, Can it be your song is called Seems Like?" 

Se Na refuses to answer Hyun Wook's question, which leaves Hyun Wook with no alternative but to steal her music sheet. The two gets into a tug of war with Se Na getting extremely close to Hyun Wook's body. Realizing how much their body is touching, Hyun Wook quickly gives Se Na back her music sheet and promise not to peek again. 

Jae Yeong's mention of Se Na as the girl Hyun Wook likes bothers Hae Yoon. Over coffee, Sung Jin assures Hae Yoon that Hyun Wook is only interest in Se Na's success and nothing else. Assured, Hae Yoon set off with coffee in hand, ready to ambush Hyun Wook with an accidental spill on her white blouse. 

However, Hae Yoon's perfect plan goes wary when an assistant comes up behind her and shocked her into spilling her coffee all over herself. Hyun Wook only walks by shaking his head at Hae Yoon's high pitch yells "That's why they all call you witch Seo."

Se Na is running into a wall of Jae Yeong connection everywhere. No one is willing to chance Jae Yeong's wrath by helping her. Although she was able to make the song editor help her a little since he was too afraid she would break his equipment. 

Shi Woo laughs at Se Na's failure to get a single Infinite Power member to sing for her demo. Se Na "I won't get you to sing, since Rae Hun (the leader) says you are really bad at singing."

Shi Woo "Who says!" 
Without any surprise, Shi Woo ends up singing a demo for Se Na.

Shi Woo walks into the recording studio, totally not taking Se Na's song seriously but he suddenly snaps to attention when he starts to read Se Na's lyric to her song. 

Shi Woo looks at Se Na and asks "It's this your first time?"
Seeing Se Na's confusion, Shi Woo laughs and starts to sing.
First time what!!! In love? 

Jae Yeong walks into AnA's director meeting and drops the bomb that he is resigning and moreover other than Shi Woo, he is taking all the other members of Infinite Power with him. 

Hyun Wook tells Jae Yeong there is no way Infinite Power members would be able to leave with him since they are bound by the iron clad AnA contract.

Smiling, a very assured Jae Yeong sends Hyun Wook a picture telling him that's his present to him. 
Hyun Wook opens the picture file to see his smiling dad with a woman and a boy. 

Se Na comes out of the recording studio to find the whole company awash in shock over Jae Yeong's departure and Infinite Power's disbandment. 

A trainee looks at Se Na and tells her "Somehow, I think this is all your fault." 

Leaving the whole company in chaos, Hyun Wook rushes over to his father's house to confront him about the new family his dad all the sudden have. 

Hyun Wook "Who is the woman? Please tell me. Is she a trainee? Did you touch a trainee?"

Calmly, his father responds "It's that the card he had hiding? No fear, she is of age. Plus I have hidden card of my own too. Leak the information that Jae Yeong was using heroin three years ago while vacationing in India." 

Hyun Wook crying now "Is this the only kind of man my father amounts to?! I will not see you again, nor will I have anything to do with AnA again." 

Se Na sits alone at home with thoughts of what Jae Yeong told her circling in her head "You just watch the price Lee Hyun Wook is going to pay for protecting you." 

While stewing over her guilty feeling, Joo Hong's (her friend) boyfriend walks in with a puppy dog costume. Staring at the puppy head, Se Na all the sudden has an idea. 

Looking tired, Hyun Wook comes home and sits outside on his bench in the yard. Without warning, Hyun Wook hears a "Hello" and looks up to see a puppy head staring at him. 

Se Na "I am a friend of Se Na's, my name is Dal Fu. Se Na is too embarrassed to come so she sent me. She said she is really worried. She feels like everything was messed up because of her. She really worked hard on her song. But she is sad that you won't hear it. If the contest went on as planned, she would have defeated that jerk Seo Jae Yeong in one shot."

Se Na "Se Na told me to stay with you for a while, since it's not good to stay alone at these kind of time." 

Looking at the puppy head, Hyun Wook "It's your friend Se Na okay?"
The puppy head nods. 

Skip Beat flash back anyone?! In case that was just total gibberish to you: Skip Beat - Japanese Manga and a Taiwanese live action with Choi Siwon from Super Junior. 

Hyun Wook takes the puppy head off Se Na. 


Ah, a daddy long leg. Every girl need one of those. I am glad that the show has been pretty upfront with the fact Hyun Wook will have a romance with Se Na. If they haven't done that I am afraid I might be tempted to just cheer on Hyun Wook to stay purely as a daddy long leg and to start eyeing Shi Woo as a possible Mr. Right.  

The issue being it seems fairly realistic that if So Eun hasn't died then the three of them really could have had one happy family. Currently, Hyun Wook is still seeing So Eun when he spends time with Se Na, but I think the magical phone calls from Se Na has a way of forcing Hyun Wook to see her as herself. Plus what can you do when your dead ex-girlfriend obviously won't let you leave her sister alone. 

Like I said before, this show doesn't put me on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next, and I think that's okay since I am not sure this show is so much about what is happening but how it affects the character development of the two leads. And I am definitely invested in seeing how our two leads will develop, individually and with each other.  


  1. I feel like Shi Woo's character is compelling, because he makes you want him to do well.

    1. I am not totally invested in Shi Woo yet, but I think the next episode might make us feel really bad for him with his whole band ditching him like that.