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Friday, September 5, 2014

Surplus Princess Episode 5 Recap

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This episode was a hard one for me.  Don't get me wrong, the story was good but I kept going "don't go there, no, don't go there." I hate it when the ship I am on starts to sink.  Worst yet, it's when it's not quite sunken but I am finding myself jumping ship despite myself.

This week's episode doesn't feel weird at all to me.  So the show either found it's footing or I have gotten so use to it's brand of weirdness that it doesn't faze me anymore.

Episode 5

After Hyun Myung's super cool act of leaving his group of elites with Ha Ni, the whole group of roomie decides to celebrate together and officially starts on the quest to get hired by JH.  It just so happens Shi Kyung and Shin Ah is also having dinner right next door.  Of course, the two groups walks out of the respective diner at the same time and Ha Ni spots Shi Kyung.  It needs to be stressed that Ha Ni by this point is very drunk, thus in the first picture she is trying to find sea shells that would work as her bra.

Ha Ni runs toward Shi Kyung and hugs him.  A bit surprised (but really he should be used to it by now) Shi Kyung hesitantly says Ha Ni's name.  Ha Ni, pleased that Shi Kyung remembers her name grabs him, plants a kiss on him and squeezed his buttocks in one very practiced movement.

The next morning Shi Kyung sits in his office and plays with a recording pen that is playing Ha Ni's confession to him the other night.  "To me love is like a bomb that will explode in 100 days. I will either die or love.  I can only have one or the other."   Shi Kyung remembers the kiss in the Ha River and starts to put the truth together.

Ha Ni's roommate Hye Young (the one that think she is her fish reincarnate) tells her to strike while the iron is hot and takes her to a diner that Shi Kyung is reviewing the food for work so the two can have an "accidental" meet.  Shin Ah is surprised to see the two girls and would have turned them away, but Shi Kyung obviously feeling quite friendly towards Ha Ni invites them to sit with them.  Hye Young uses Hyun Myung as an excuse and gets Shin Ah to leave with her.  To give Ha Ni more time, Hye Young even pulls out tarot (I think) cards to see how Shin Ah and Shi Kyung's ending will be.

Insider the diner, Ha Ni is doing very well impressing Shi Kyung with her special brand of humor and her forthright opinions about the food.

All smiles, Shi Kyung bids Ha Ni goodbye but much to Shin Ah's chagrin he also promises to take Ha Ni out for a meal again.  As Ha Ni, Hye Young and Shi Kyung walks away in the friendliest atmosphere, a server from the diner comes out and hands Shin Ah the recording pen that Shi Kyung left behine.  Aahhh!!! No don't go there.  Don't hand that woman more weapons to use against poor Shi Kyung! 

At the boarding house, a successful ex-roommate comes to offer a job to Ji Young.  (The one who likes Ha Ni and a former classmate of the ex-roommate) But Ji Young, too embarrassed to accept a pity job offer starts to make up stories that he is working for JH and is currently a big shot as well.

Witch Ahn has an encounter with JH's CEO who comes to buy some takoyaki (squid balls).  Witch Ahn tells the CEO he is not selling any Takoyaki that night due to his judgment that the squid ball he made that night (with a change in the flour supplier) is substandard, thus not fit for his customer to consume.  Witch Ahn's attitude had a deep affect on the CEO since she was struggling with the same problem of having substandard food at one of her store.  Impressed, the JH's CEO promises to come visit With Ahn's food stall another night.

As par the show's practice here is the crazy song of the episode.  Ha Ni and her group is stumped over their collective ordinariness compare to all the other applicants.  Hyun Myung comes up with a plan that they could pretend Witch Ahn is sick and the group will sweep in to sell his takoyaki for him. This way they would have the glory of reviving a struggling food establishment to put on their resume.

Ha Ni tries to sneak out to go on a date with Shi Kyung while the group is preparing for their crazy scheme.  But Ha Ni is left sitting at the restaurant alone when one of the chef at JH gets injured and Shi Kyung has to quickly step in to take over the chef's cooking class.

The cooking class is made up of all the company's VIP but Shi Kyung has no way of telling the VIP apart since they are just blurry images to him.  The group comes to an awkward silence with all eyes on Shi Kyung waiting for him to say the VIP's name in order to show he remembers who they are.  

Just when the situation is about to turn from bad to worse, a white notepad shows up with the VIP's name scribbled on it in a corner that only Shi Kyung can see.  Saved, Shi Kyung used the notepad's answer to become the confident celebrity chef once again.

Shin Ah confesses to Shi Kyung that she has his recording pen and learned about his facial recognition problem by accident and that's why she knew to use the notepad to help him.  

Shin Ah goes on to say "Chef,  having a facial recognition problem is not a big deal.  You should just tell everyone instead of carrying this burden by yourself." Instead of comforting Shi Kyung, this angered him and he yells at Shin Ah that she has no right to interfere in his affair.  Crying now, Shin Ah says "I like you Chef.  You are my mentor and my ideal type.  I don't want to see you struggling."  Taken back, Shi Kyung has no reply to Shin Ah's confession and does not pick up his phone when he sees Ha Ni calling him.

Hyun Myung scolds Ha Ni when she comes home for ditching them while the group was hard at work.  Ha Ni, still upset about being stood up by Shi Kyung squats down to cry.  Immediately sheepish, Hyun Myung squats down as well to try to comfort Ha Ni.  A bit speechless that Ha Ni is only crying about Shi Kyung, Hyun Myung encourages Ha Ni to only think about getting a job.

A very awkward elevator ride between Shi Kyung and Shin Ah at their apartment building. In the middle of the awkward moment, Shi Kyung picks up a phone call from his grandma urging him to bring "that nice girl who picked up your cell for you" (she meant Shin Ah) back to see her.

Every member of the boarding house dressed as super heroes pitches in to help at the takoyaki shop.

The whole scheme is going quite well with a long line of customer lining up for takoyaki. Serendipitously, the JH CEO also chose this night to come try Witch Ahn's takoyaki again.  Curious at the commotion the CEO was told the pat story of how Witch Ahn is sick and the group is trying to help.  The lie soon become apparent however, when Witch Ahn shows up to check on his stall.  The CEO realizing she has been lied to, leaves in a huff.

Ji Young and Hyun Myung gets into a tussle when Ji Young spotting his old classmates from his university (all who are very successful now) coming towards the food stall decides to hide and Hyun Myung not knowing why tries to get Ji Young to go back to help the long line of customers.  

The end result = Ji Young pretending to faint and Hyun Myung trying to cover up for him by saying "Hyung, you got to go home to pack your bags to go to New York for your company."

Total failure is not the only cost of the group's escapade.  In the midst of Hyun Myung and Ji Young's tussle they also pulled the food truck out of park and caused the truck to crush.

Ji Young sits with Hyun Myung and wonders out loud what else is left in his life other than finding validation via video games.

Ha Ni "You ARE good at something.  You are very good at cooking Ramen." Ji Young "That's not really comforting you know. Even elementary kids know how to do that."

Landlord "Um... speaking of Ramen, are you going to cook some for us?" Ha, I love this group.  

While everyone heads back into the house for Ramen, Hyun Myung catches sight of Ha Ni still fumbling with her cell phone to make sure the phone have signal in case Shi Kyung calls her.

Hyun Myung "How many times do I have to tell you.  There is only one reason why a guy doesn't call you.  That's because he dislikes you."  In a huff, Ha Ni stomps off leaving Hyun Myung looking forlornly at his own cell phone that obviously hasn't received a call from Jin Ah either.

In the mean time, Shin Ah thinking back to what Hye Young's tarot card told her. "You will get a very sharp secret weapon into your hand.  Using it, you can get everything you ever desired.  But it might also hurt you in the process." 

A happy Ha Ni looks at her cell phone and excitedly says "Hello?"  At the same time we see Shi Kyung and Shin Ah both saying "Hello" on their phone as well.

Count Down... End of Day 23.


I don't know what I think!!!  I really like how Shi Kyung acts with Ha Ni.  He seems human and well... happy when he is with Ha Ni.  

But the cooking class clearly demonstrates that the person that can help him the most is Shin Ah.  Plus I have to admit my attitude towards Shin Ah soften considerably when she encouraged Shi Kyung to come clean about his illness.  I totally expected her to use Shil Kyung's secret to make herself indispensable to him.  Instead, I find myself actually quite touched my her confession to him and thinking maybe those two are a better couple than Shi Kyung and Ha Ni.   

When I watched the ending of this episode I thought "oh, Shi Kyung must be the one call Ha Ni, and Shin Ah is calling Hyun Myung" but as I was writing this recap the thought occurred to me maybe I got tricked and Shi Kyung is calling Shin Ah to go home with him to see his grandma.  I guess that would be a smart move on Shi Kyung's part since Shi Ah seems like a good choice but why does that thought makes me depressed.  Kinda like Shi Kyung would be bowing to life's pressure and giving in?  

I am also starting to really like the interaction between the boarding house members.  It was interesting to see how the members can pick each other apart in no time since they all know everyone else's short coming and painful history.  But they also rally around to cheer one another up when bad things happen.  I guess that's the definition of family. 

Hyun Myung and Ha Ni has an interesting thing going on with each other.  There doesn't seem to be physical attraction (yet) but the two are obviously very comfortable with each other.  Hyun Myung especially seems to have a natural tendency to take care of Ha Ni. Ahh... I think I might be jumping ship.  


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