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Friday, September 12, 2014

Surplus Princess Episode 6 Recap

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Love is in the air! Unfortunately they are surprise pairs than the ones we expect. 

Episode 6

We pick up where we left off in episode 6 when Shi Kyung is making a phone call... to Jin Ah. Ha Ni did get a phone call as well, but it's from Witch Ahn demanding to know what happened to his food truck.

Shi Kyung asks Jin Ah when the movie she invited him to is showing. A happy Jin Ah smiles and says "Chef..."

In the morning Witch Ahn shows up at the boarding house to demand the group go work and pay for the damages on his food truck. Despite the very feeble protests from the group that they are too "busy", Witch Ahn is adamant that they work to pay him back. 

The group of four ends up working in a grocery store in order to pay Witch Ahn back and a discussion ensues about the group being "left over" = those who wants to work but cannot find work. 

Ha Ni finally gets a long awaited phone call from Shi Kyung asking her to come to his company and be a tester.

Shi Kyung takes Jin Ah out to dinner and tells her bluntly that while he is thankful for all the help she has given him, he hopes that he could remain as a work sunbae to her. A very graceful Jin Ah accepts his suggestion and even happily suggests that they take a picture together as a celebration of their good mentor-intern relationship. 

Over lunch, the guys are reminiscing how great Hyun Myung's grandma's food is and how much she spoils them when they go to visit her. 

Ha Ni invites all three guys to go be food testers with her at JH but Hyun Myung declines since he knows Jin Ah would not want to see him. 

Shi Kyung thanks the three food testers and even prepares a gift for each of them. Seeing how happy Shi Kyung acts with Ha Ni, Jin Ah silently observes him with a dismayed expression. 

Just before Ha Ni leaves, Shi Kyung invites her back again the next day to be his personal tester. A extremely happy Ha Ni agrees.

Hyun Myung finds out that his grandma is in the hospital waiting for a heart surgery. 

Hyun Myung takes Ji Youg to go visit his grandma, but stops when he overhears his uncle complaining to his grandma about how Hyun Myung is a free loader. Hyun Myung smiles when a angry grandma chastises his uncle "Don't talk about my baby like that. My Hyun Myung will achieve great thing one of these days. He has to, since he has a large pepper." 
Upon hearing grandma's reference to Hyun Myung's "pepper" Ji Young looks down. Ha ha, so hilarious but so touching at the same time.

Hyun Myung and Ji Young quickly hides and leaves the hospital when the still angry uncle starts to walk out of gramdma's hospital room.

Big finds out the girl he has a crush on (incidentally also his friend's girlfriend) is about to move over seas. Hye Young tells Big to just confess his feelings and volunteers to help him practice his confession. As part of his practice confession, Big pulls Hye Young into an embrace... as his friend and girlfriend walks up to them. 
Friend's girlfriend/Big's crush"You have a girlfriend?! Did you call us here to show off?"
Big "No... this is... not..."
Hye Young "No..., we just live in the same house."
Friend "You guys are living together already?"
Big "No... not like that..."
Big's crush "You two looks really good together."
Needless to say the confession didn't happen. Hye Young teases Big until he gets out of his depressed mood. I think Hye Young is about to move on from her crush on the boarding house ajusshi. 

Ha Ni is sitting in the bathroom drying her mermaid tail while waiting for Hye Young to bring her some cloth. Thinking the bathroom is vacant, Hyun Myung walks into the bathroom to see Ha Ni in all her mermaid glory. Shocked, Hyun Myung walks out of the bathroom not sure if what he just saw was real. A extremely quick thinking Hye Young walks right pass Hyun Myung and says "Go away, we are trying our mermaid outfit for my web show."

Hyun Myung laughing, compliments Hye Young and Ha Ni how great their costume is. Relieved but unsure if they really fooled Hyun Myung, Ha Ni asks Hye Young if she thinks their secret is really safe.
Hye Young "Don't worry. Hyun Myung might be good looking but he is not too sharp in the upstairs department." Ha!

In a very calculating move, Jin Ah posts her and Shi Kyung's pictures on the web and calls the busybody of her company to tell her "omo, what do I do, I accidentally posted my picture with chef."

The next day, the rumor mills explodes all over the company. When Ha Ni shows up at JH to be Shi Kyung's personal tester, Jin Ah's co-worker shows the perfect timing by asking her how the chef and Jin Ah ended up dating. Jin Ah acts all shy and tells her co-worker she will tell her everything later, then turns around and tells Ha Ni that she should not mistaken Shi Kyung's nice gestures since the chef already has someone he likes. Ha Ni calls Jin Ah a fox and goes to meet Shi Kyung.

A very friendly Shi Kyung meets Ha Ni. Seeing Ha Ni's pearl necklace gives Shi Kyung a flash of memory of her rescuing him in the river. With some deliberateness Shi Kyung asks Ha Ni "Do you believe in supernatural things such as the existence of aliens or mermaids?" 

A shocked Ha Ni quickly tries to compose herself and laughingly says "Ha, mermaids? Who would believe such a things." Changing topic, Ha Ni asks Shi Kyung what's on her mind.
"Shi Kyung, do you have a girl you like?"
Looking at Ha Ni Shi Kyung says "I have a girl I am interested in. She makes me laugh."

Shi Kyung starts to cook and the two have a grand old time being together with lots of joking around. At the end of the cooking session just as it looks like Shi Kyung might be asking Ha Ni out on a date, Jin Ah burst into the room and tells Shi Kyung she made a terrible mistake of posting their picture on the web and now the whole company thinks they are dating.

The JH CEO, President Hong comes to Witch Ahn's Takoyaki food truck again and finally gets to try the food this time. In the middle of complimenting With Ahn's food, President Hong chokes on a Taykoyaki. Quick to act, Witch Ahn performs the heimlich maneuver then flips President Hong in his arm to ask her if she is okay. A bit shaken, President Hong sits down and looks at Witch Ahn with stars in her eyes. 

Jin Ah's team leader calls her in and chews her out for being the star of the company's rumor mill. To Jin Ah's great happiness Shi Kyung steps in to tell the team leader that he is the one to invite Jin Ah out and there should not be any problems even if two of them are dating. 

Jin Ah's coworkers are shocked since they takes this to mean Shi Kyung is indeed dating Jin Ah. Ha Ni also takes Shi Kyung's words the same way and leaves JH in tears. 

In the middle of working at his part time job, Big finds Hyun Myung to tell him that his grandma has passed away. Shocked, Hyun Myung goes to the funeral home and almost gets beat up by his uncle for not visiting his grandma in the hospital even though he was all his grandma talked about. 

A dejected Ha Ni goes home to find a note posted on the door with details of Hyun Myung's grandma's funeral. Ha Ni arrives at the funeral home to see Hyun Myung crying on the stairs. Sitting down by Hyun Myung, Ha Ni asks "Are you alright?"
Sobbing Hyun Myung tells her "I haven't done a single thing right."
Crying as well, Ha Ni holds Hyun Myung.

End of day 23


I love love the relationship developing between the boarding house members. In fact I might be okay if Ha Ni actually doesn't settle down with a "true" love after all if she just keep learning to find true friendships around her. (Actually no, I am not okay with that. I really dislike open endings) These guys are all misfits in the society but when they are together they can forget them for a while. 

The two new romance plot lines that started in this episode makes me laugh and I am gamed for them to go all the way... with lots of hijinks of course. The two couples seemed like such a weird combination on paper, but when I see them together I think "this might actually work!" 

The stunt Jin Ah pulled this week really made me dislike this character. When she accepted Shi Kyung's suggestion of remaining friends with such aplomb I thought "Hey, maybe this girl is cool after all." But, nope, I really dislike her now and she should not get Shi Kyung or Hyun Myung. Of course this brings in the next question... Who should Ha Ni get? I really don't know. I don't often find myself unsure of which character to ship... but I am in one now. 


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