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Friday, September 19, 2014

Surplus Princess Episode 7 Recap

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Ha Ni crying over Shi Kyung

Surplus Princess Episode 7 Recap

I have officially been infected by the Surplus Princess bug. The wackiness doesn't faze me anymore... in fact I find them super hilarious. Now, if this show would be nice enough to share that bug with Blade Man...

Hyun Myung comes home from his grandma's funeral and thank his landlord Sun Kyu for giving his family a large funeral donation. (In Asian funerals the attendee will usually put money in white envelopes and give them to the family.) 

Tired but glad to see Ha Ni sitting with her back to him in the loft, Hyun Myung thank Ha Ni for comforting outside of the funeral home. Hyun Myung is greeted by a very somber and sad Ha Ni. With concern, Hyun Myung asks Ha Ni what is wrong, but Ha Ni only walks into her room and close the door.

Not sure what to do Hyun Myung is pushed to action when he starts to hear loud sobbing noise from Ha Ni's room. Just as Hyun Myung puts his hand on the door handle another hand stops him. Jerking in surprise Hyun Myung sees a very unfriendly Witch An staring at him. 
"I just wanted to go comfort her."

Witch Ahn tries to comfort Ha Ni to no avail. Ha Ni tells Witch Ahn that it's useless, she is running out of time. "What can I do? I don't have long to live. How long do I have? Two month? I should just die now." 

A shocked Hyun Myung overhears the whole exchange outside of Ha Ni's door. 

Frustrated with Ha Ni who is wallowing in despair, Witch An once again throws her over his shoulder and taker her to some unknown building. (Do you guys think throwing a princess over their shoulder is the mermaid form of a princess hold?) 

Ha Ni's despair vanish the moment she sees who Witch Ahn has taken her to see "Oppa!!" Apparently Ha Ni's mermaid Oppa has came to see her. Sitting in the bath tub Ha Ni's oppa eagerly greets Ha Ni. I died laughing when I saw Ha Ni's oppa. 

Shi Kyung sits in his office and sighs over the fact Ha Ni's phone is still turned off. With a rare determination, Shi Kyung gets Ha Ni's address from the food tester information and goes to pay Ha Ni a personal visit. Unfortunately for Shi Kyung, Hyun Myung is the only one home to receives him and he makes it clear that Shi Kyung's presence is not welcomed.
I don't think Hyun Myung is acting out of jealousy here quite yet. Or is he? His roommates did tell him that Ha Ni is crying over the fact Shi Kyung is dating Jin Ah already, so in his view Shi Kyung has no business coming to visit Ha Ni.

Over friend chicken and beer, Ha Ni's oppa alternates between fuming over Shi Kyung and cheering Ha Ni up. 
"If you like him, then go for it! Hey! Who are you?! You are the product of Mom and Dad getting drunk, resulting in the 18th child. They thought you were the worst luck, but then they forgot about the rest of us. Because you are like dad, you are the best in school, but also the worst in temper. Aren't you the girl that makes everyone shake in their boots? Why are you letting other people take your man? Just act like you would do in the ocean! Take him back! Just take him!" 

I luv him! Can we have a story about oppa becoming human to find true love??

Ha Ni comes home to find Hyun Myung pretending to exercise while waiting for her to come home. Over dosed on beer and friend chicken, Ha Ni takes the digestive meds Witch Ahn gave her. Watching Ha Ni clutching her stomach in pain then taking a mysterious medicine, Hyun Myung confirms his suspicion that Ha Ni is truly sick. 

All pumped up from taking to her oppa, Ha Ni jumps at the news from Min Kyo (the one that has a crush on her) that there is a contest to come up with an idea to push Korean food to the international stage. The four job seekers decides to once again unite and strive for their dream of job employment through winning this contest. 

The next day Hyun Myung casually gives Ha Ni a file of food contest winners to help her come up with ideas. Ha Ni drools over a picture of BBQ Bacon and laments she has never tried it before. 
Hyun Myung "You have never had BBQ Bacon?" 
Ha Ni "Nope. Eating it is one of my wish." 
Hyun Myung "I am going out for some research and you can come along if you can get ready soon."
It just so happens Hyun Myung is doing research at a Korean BBQ place with plates of bacon. Hyun Myung tells an extremely happy Ha Ni that he is paying for the meal since she is poor and all. 

Hyun Myung waits anxiously for Ha Ni who is throwing her guts out in the bathroom. Hyun Myung gets even more nervous when Ha Ni tells him "I feel like I am dying now." 
Hyun Myung "Let's go to the hospital. Let's not give up. We can find a way. I know you are sick. I heard everything you said to your uncle."
Realizing Hyun Myung's misunderstanding, Ha Ni starts to laugh heartily and tells Hyun Myung it was just an exaggeration over Shi Kyung. 
Taken back, Hyun Myung mutters "How much money did I spend on that crazy woman. Plus I even missed working at my part time job for her." Despite Hyun Myung's complaining, a happy smile starts to spread over his face over the news Ha Ni is not dying. 

JH's President Hong gets an unpleasant phone call from an ex, asking her to please hire his new wife's sister into her company. President Hong hangs up the phone in a foul mood and cancels all her meetings for the rest of the afternoon.

President Hong wonders the streets and ends up at Witch Ahn's food stall. After ordering two orders of Takoyaki, President Hong had to hide when one of her department head, Woo Sun shows up at Witch Ahn's food stall too. Without any idea her boss is just squatting on the other side of the food truck, Woo Sun makes familiar chats with Witch Ahn about President Hong's lack of dating life and the true fact that everyone should date... hint hint. Fed up, President Hong sends Woo Sun a few texts and sends her scrambling back to work.

Min Kyo, Big and Hye Young has found a big secret about their landlord Sun Kyu. According to a rare photo on the internet, Sun Kyu might be the mysterious "God" who can teach anyone to get a job. Except this "employment god" is very secretive and refuse to reveal his identity. 

The threesome decides to work together and uncover Sun Kyu's secret. 

Hyun Myung walks into the loft and sees a sleeping Ha Ni. Smiling and seemingly without much thought, Hyun Myung sits down by Han Ni and traces her face with his hand. Suddenly Ha Ni starts to wake and Hyun Myung in a panic turns his caress into a pinch then yells loudly "If you sleep like this your mouth will start to slant. You fool!" 

Hyun Myun and Ha Ni sit down to dinner (since the everyone else is on a reconnaissance). In Ha Ni's excitement over the soup she burns her hand on the stone pot... twice. Laughing, Hyun Myung calls Ha Ni a fish, since she has no short term memory. Pouting, Ha Ni complains a stone ware should really have a something that will prevent burns. 

A flash of idea goes through Hyun Myung and he suggests a stone pot with protective components that will help people not to burn themselves could be their idea for the competition. 

Back to our reconnaissance mission. The threesome follows Sun Kyu to a dark ally with crowds of young people coming out of woodwork treating Sun Kyun with the highest respect. 

When Sun Kyu and his group walk past Hye Young and Big without giving them time to hide, Hye Young grabs Big for a fake kiss in order to avoid being recognized. A shocked Big looks accusingly at Hye Young "What if our lips touched, my first kiss could have been gone!"

Ready to catch Sun Kyu in a lecture with all his students, the threesome jumps out into the alley only to find it completely empty. A van pulls up behind the threesome and all the sudden a hoard of people dressed in funny outfits starts to run towards them. 

Hye Young watches with disbelief as her perfect oppa jumps up and down cheering at the appearance of a girl idol group. Silently, Hye Young walks away from the fan gathering. 

Big chases Hye Young who seems to be too shocked to pay attention to her surrounding. Big finally catches up with Hye Young in the middle of the road and pulls her into a hug. 

After the crowds of young fans bids Sun Kyu goodbye, Sun Kyu gets into a car and asks the driver "What is going on?" 
"The reporter that was chasing the "employment god" has succeed."
"Which station?"
"It's KY Station"
"I will take care of it. Seems like there are still pictures of me on the internet. Let me off here."
Ha, that's a funny turn of events.

Hyun Myung and Ha Ni is walking home. Ha Ni tells Hyun Myung that if they can be successful with their venture then she can proudly confess to Shi Kyung. 
Hyun Myung "Do you really like that man that much?"
A energized Ha Ni "Yes, very much! Shi Kyung! I miss him."
Hyun Myung looks at Ha Ni with a forlorn expression. Poor kid to lose TWO women to the same guy.

Drip! All the sudden Ha Ni feels a drop of rain. In a complete panic, she looks at Hyun Myung who just pulls out an umbrella "Told you it would rain today."

As the rain drop starts to come down fast and hard, Ha Ni races towards Hyun Myung with all her might and...

jumps right onto Hyun Myung. With both her arms and legs wrapped tightly around Hyun Myung, Ha Ni says "Let's just go home this way." 

Up on the hill a very dejected Shi Kyung watches the two while holding the flower he has brought for Ha Ni. 

Day 69 


I am a yo-yo. I love Hyun Myung in this episode but I really liked Shi Kyung the last episode. I really can't remember a single show that has made me swing back and forth between two male leads so much. 

Usually I am the faithful type. I pick which ship I will be on and I don't switch even if that means I have to ... um... stop watching the show because it's not going the way I wanted it to. (I know, I know. It's a terrible thing to do, and I don't always bail on every show that doesn't go my way and really this would happen a lot less if the writer would just follow my wishes.) 

This time though, I am truly stuck. It does feel like Hyun Myung is probably the one that is going to get the girl in the end, but maybe they will just be really happy taking turns feeding Ha Ni?? 

I think this hour cemented the fact Hyun Myung likes Ha Ni, but when did he start to like her? I am trying to figure out if he started to like her at the funeral home? When he starts to watch her every action because he thought she was dying? Or did it start even earlier than all of above? 

The side character's romance has been fun so far and I think the show has done a good job of not dragging those out but still make them interesting. 


  1. I really hope that she ends up with Shi Kyung. They are perfect for each other. She has to end up with him after those butt kisses. You just can't give us kisses as hot as those and expect us to believe that he is not the one she is going to end up with. I really hate the other guy. I hate his face, it's ugly. She better not end up with him.

    1. You really think Hyun Myung is ugly? He seems so cute when he smiles. Although it does seems to go with the drama land rule that the guy you keep kissing is the one you end up with...

  2. I like Hyun Myung better!! Aw, he was too cute believing that she has a terminal illness...haha also I think he fell for her before it all as in before episode 7, whenever she used to mention Shi Kyung he was all -.- but maybe that was because of his ex...on that note, I absolutely hate her ex :@
    THANKS for the recap! I am so so grateful. I had to talk to someone about it and yay for finding your blog. :D

    1. Ha, the way he was treating her like a fragile doll was really funny. I kinda wish they played that card for a bit longer since it was so funny to watch.

  3. I really like this show, it's cute and wacky and not a typical plot at all :D
    I ship Shi Kyung although I think she will end up with Hyun Myung the way things seem to be going :((((( Like Shi Kyung is just her crush but the true love she has to find to prevent her imminent death will be Hyun Myung. Both guys have such small eyes compared to her large ones hahaha so cute. Can't wait for the next episode!

    1. I did notice Shi Kyung's small eyes, but I am going to have to go back and look at Hyun Myung's. Now you raise an interesting question. True love from which angle? Does she just need someone to love her or does it need to go both way? Plus, I have wondered in secret if the mermaid from before didn't die, but they will come up with some wacky explanation for it.