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Friday, September 26, 2014

Surplus Princess Episode 8 Recap

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Question of the hour: WHY!!! Did you cut the show?! (Cry!)

Surplus Princess Episode 8 Recap

Hyun Myung wakes up in the morning, fresh with the memory of Ha Ni's embrace. Surprised to find a goofy smile pasted on his face, Hyun Myung mutters "What am I doing?"

Channeling the Steve Jobs in him, Hyun Myung presents the idea of a Korean stone bowl with heat resistant handles to his group. Excite by their idea coming together, Hyun Myung and Ha Ni pour over their data. Min Kyo (the housemate that has a semi crush on Ha Ni), whispers to Big "When did they get so close?"

As Hyun Myung and his group get up to leave, the elite group walks into the same room. The two groups gets into a jeering match, ending with Ha Ni ready to knock some heads together but trips on the ground instead.

Ha Ni's group's grand plan of taking the contest by storm hits a snag when Ha Ni loses the USB that contains all their data. Unfazed, Hyun Myung assures Ha Ni and the group that his document is password protected and that he has another copy saved on his computer. Assured, Ha Ni and the group goes to bed, leaving Hyun Myung pulling an all-nighter to reproduce the data he obviously didn't have a copy of.

Tired but smiling Hyun Myung looks at his computer and says "All these suffering for Kim Ha Ni..."

Hye Young comes home and drops the bomb that she is moving out of the house. Ha Ni tries to convince Hye Young to stay, but Hye Young explains her oppa that was her one and only in the world has disappeared so she can't stay in a house that is the tomb of that lost love.

The rest of the housemate, including the one and only oppa (the landlord) crowds at the stair case hoping Hye Young can change her mind. Big is especially upset at the thought Hye Young might be leaving.

Standing in his office, Shi Kyung tries again to call Ha Ni but is disappoint that she is still not picking up her phone.
Hmm... I am guessing we are suppose to ignore the whole end bit in Episode 7 when Shi Kyung saw Ha Ni jumped into Hyun Myung's lap. So, let's just all assume we have already watched 2 episodes of Shi Kyung having a misunderstanding that Ha Ni likes Hyun Myung. 

Shi Kyung's grandma calls him and ask again if he would bring the nice lady who speaks Jeju Island dialect to see her. Surprised, Shi Kyung stops Jin Ah in the hallway and asks her about speaking Jeju Island dialect with his grandma. Realizing this might be opportunity, Jin Ah wonders if Ha Ni is the one that spoke with Shi Kyung's grandma.

The ever sly Jin Ah calls Ha Ni out and gets the whole story of Ha Ni's conversation with Shi Kyung by simply asking Ha Ni what on earth she said to grandma to make her so angry.

Doing a last minute learning of the Jeju Island dialect, luck is with Jin Ah again when she runs into Shi Kyung telling his grandma that he will meet her at the sauna bath.

Shi Kyung shows up at the sauna bath to see Jin Ah chummy with grandma. Especially since grandma was so glad to find the nice girl is also from Jeju Island.

Hyun Myung's contest idea officially dies a painful death when the group realize the elite group has indeed stolen their idea as their own.

Ha Ni is in a deep despair over that fact she is the cause of their failure. Hyun Myung tries to comfort Ha Ni, but his smile soon fades when Ha Ni starts to mention her loss of hope to get close to Shi Kyung. Frustrated, Hyun Myung sternly tells Ha Ni that while this was something to chase after a guy for her, the contest was vital to the rest of them.

JH's president Hong is trying hard to focus on practicing her putting skill in her office, but all she can imagine is Witch Ahn putting his arm around her and whisper golf advise to her.
Doesn't that seem more like a nightmare than a sweet fantasy? 

With Hye Young still insisting to move out and Hyun Myung being mad at Ha Ni, the boarding house is shrouded in a depressing mood.

In the early morning, a blaring alarm wakes all the boarding house members. Everyone rushes out, thinking the house is on fire. But it was only Sun Kyung (the landlord) telling everyone they are going on a trip together.

Confused, the boarding house members arrive at a farm house with the farmer telling them how grateful he is that they are here to do cleaning for him.

Still mourning her lost love, Hye Young runs off with Big and Sun Kyu chasing after her. The chase finally ended when both Hye Young and Sun Kyu take a tumble.

Sun Kyu to Hye Young "Go, If you want to go, go. If you want to stay, stay. If you want to sing and do musical, then do them. If you want to, do it."

Hye Young "Just like Oppa being a "Pop-Adjusshi"?"

Sun Kyu "Where ever you are and what ever you do, you will still be family to me."

Hye Young starts to tear up over Sun Kyung's words and Big steps in to tease her until all three are laughing together.

The trio goes back to the farm and finds Ha Ni and the two boys already hard at work.

No surprise, Jin Ah is invited home for dinner with Shi Kyung and Grandma. Jin Ah pulls her most innocent and pure side for Grandma but gets an interesting stare from Shi Kyung when she tells grandma that while she did save Shi Kyung she doesn't really remember how she did it.
I think he already knows Ha Ni is the one that saved him.

Watching the two women in front of him, Jin Ah's face all the sudden turns into Ha Ni's in Shi Kyung's mind. Shi Kyung, with a dopey smile on his face, imagines Ha Ni happily eating a fish while grandma approvingly says a girl should have a good appetite. Does Shi Kyung think Ha Ni is a cat instead of a mermaid?

The vision of Ha Ni makes Shi Kyung quickly excuse himself from grandma and Jin Ah's company and head straight for Ha Ni's house.

Looking at the completely dark boarding house, Shi Kyung wonders if Ha Ni is gone.  Shi Kyung jumps when Witch Ahn appears out of no where and tells him to drive an hour to go see Ha Ni at the farm house.

Meanwhile, the boarding house group is having a blast dancing to music by the fireside.

Hye Young sits with Big and their teasing mood takes a sudden turn when Hye Young gets hurt while trying to open a can with her finger. Without thinking, Big takes Hye Young's bleeding finger tip and puts it in his mouth.

The group is having fun trying to out gross each other by coming up with the oldest and the most used "inspiring" phrases. 

When it is Ha Ni's turn though, Ha Ni takes the opportunity to apologize to everyone for messing up their project. The group laughs it off and vows to try again. 

After driving all the way from Ha Ni's house, Shi Kyung finally gets to the farm house. It just so happens, Ha Ni walks by and sees Shi Kyung standing in the front entrance. Ha Ni's joy in seeing Shi Kyung is tamed when she remembers Jin Ah is suppose to be Shi Kyung's girlfriend. Always forthright, Ha Ni asks Shi Kyung if his words at JH defending Jin Ah from any fault in the dating rumor means that he was trying to play both girls. 

Happy to finally have an explanation of why Ha Ni has been avoiding his phone calls, Shi Kyung takes Ha Ni's hand and tells her Jin Ah is just a coworker, nothing more. Over joyed at Shi Kyung's words, Ha Ni promises to call Shi Kyung once she gets back to Seoul. 

Sun Kyu sits down by Hyun Myung and gives him an apple. At first Hyun Myung tells Sun Kyun everything is great, but slowly starts to admit he is actually feeling lousy since Ha Ni apologized when he really should've been the first one to apologize.

Sun Kyu "Why?"

Hyun Myung "Because I acted like a jerk and yelled at her."

Sun Kyu "Why?"

Hyun Myung "Because she keep mentioning that cockroach guy. Her every sentence ended with Shi Kyun Si. What is so good about that two-timing guy. I just got so frustrated."

With a small smile, Sun Kyu asks again "Why?"

Hyun Myung pausing, thinks back to all his interaction with Ha Ni then wordlessly gets up and tells Sun Kyu "Hyun, thanks for the apple." 

Hye Young and Ha Ni is sitting by the swimming pool while Ha Ni is enjoying playing in the water with her tail. Loving the feel of the water, Ha Ni sends Hye Young to bed first while she stays behind.

Sitting in the dark, Ha Ni all the sudden hears a plop sound. Looking around, Ha Ni calls for Hye Young and when no one answered her, she decides it might be best to dry her tail so she could leave. 

Drying her tail quickly, Ha Ni raises her towel to reveal her tail that has changed back into their human leg form. 

Hyun Myung's look of shock. 


He knows! He knows! I guess everybody is going to find out soon since we only have two episodes left (sob!).  I really have no idea how the poor writer is going to finish up the story. So far, it doesn't seem right for Ha Ni to actually get together with either Hyun Myung or Shi Kyung. At most, she is in the "I like you, let's date" stage. As far as "true love" go, I think we are still miles away from it. Don't throw rocks at me, but this is one ending where I wouldn't mind if Ha Ni ends up being friends with both guys and just see where that leads to. 

My secret guess is that "true" love can come in many form and the love Ha Ni has with her housemate should really count so this way she doesn't really have to end up with either guy and still stay human. 

ps. The show usually have a date counter as the last scene but it's missing in this episode. I think with the four episode cut they are not going to be able to go with their originally planned dates.


  1. Thank you for the recap! I looked everywhere to find someone who recap the show. Its really sad that they cut the show. I looked forward to every week... sighh. I just hope for a sastisfactory ending now the Writer has not much to write about anymore. Till next then.

    1. I am glad you found me! It took me a few episode to get into this show but I love it now and then this happens...