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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tofu Roll from Apple in Your Eye

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Tofu Roll From Apple in Your Eye (烫面蒸豆腐卷)

This is the tofu roll dish from episode 4 of Apple in Your Eye when Grandma Dai and Ji Wei made it together in Yao Qi's home. Later, Grandma Dai sent Shao Min and Ji Wei to take it to Yao Qi. Yao Qi and his friends at the restaurant fought over it 

2 Cup of Flour mixed with 11/4 Cup of Boiling Water. Add last 1/4 cup of water a bit at a time since you might not need all of it. 

Form the dough into a ball. The ball should not be too wet but not too dry either... I know that sounds like I just typed a totally useless sentence but I am not sure how to describe it other than that. Think of it like making pasta, it should not be so sticky that you can't form pasta out of it, but not so stiff that the resulting pasta would be too tough either.

Make the filling: I treated it kinda like a dumpling filling = anything you like goes. Mine had the following: cubes of medium firm tofu, shredded carrots (I used a peeler to peel carrots into the mix so the carrots would be thin enough), cooked clear bean thread noodle (for ease of eating I cut my noodles a few time), garlic, green onion, diced bamboo shoots (I had this around the house so in it went), soy sauce, sesame oil. 

Flour your counter just enough so when you roll the dough out it wouldn't stick. It really doesn't matter how big or small you make your rolls. They just need to be small enough to fit into your steamer container. Place the tofu filling in the middle. 

Pinch the tofu roll close. I just kinda folded the ends and made sure to pinch them good. It's not going to look pretty but never fear because you can always just...

Flip them over. Voila! 

The traditional recipe for this is steamed. I steamed mine in a rice cooker but if you have a bamboo steamer that is probably a better way of doing it. The one on the left is steamed and the one on the right is pan seared with a tiny bit of oil. All the ingredients inside are cooked so it really doesn't take long to cook these. (I think I did about 4 minutes each side on medium heat)

This is what I had for breakfast today. I ate them with some soy sauce and chili sauce. I liked the pan fried one much better. So the above picture is actually the steamed tofu roll that I re- heated it by pan frying it.


  1. This looks yummy and easy!!! By the pics, the pan fried one looks better...but I guess I'll try both! Thanks for sharing the recipe^^

    1. I liked the pan fried one a whole lot better than the steamed one, although you could just steam a whole batch and put them in the fridge and just reheat them by pan frying them. If you are a skilled dumpling maker than I would recommend more filling in them. I am not... so mine needed more filling.

    2. Oh,I'm not either. I'm a beginner xD I'm making them next friday for my family, hope they like them^^

    3. Did you catch the tip Ji Wei gave in Ep. 8? The part where Yao Qi was frustrated with the fact his tofu roll didn't taste like Grandma's? Ji Wei said you are suppose to pan fry the tofu until they are fragrant. That made me think if you pan fry the tofu first with a dash of sesame oil (if your family likes them that is) and soy sauce, it might help the filling with having a bit more flavor, instead of being totally dependent on the dipping sauce.