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Monday, September 22, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 10 Drive By Recap

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Question of the hour: Is Tae Joo ever going to win against Kang Shim?

Last episode we ended with Kang Jae punching Dal Bong and yelling at everyone to stop at once.

Obviously very embarrassed, Kang Jae takes Hyo Jin away from the scene. 

Dal Bong volunteers to go buy some medicine for Daddy Cha whose back has been hurt from taking a nasty fall when the gangster pushed him to the ground. 

While walking home with the medicine, Dal Bong sees Hyo Jin putting some medicine on Kang Jae. Dal Bong asks Hyo Jin if she really meant to come all this way without visiting his dad. Dal Bong's words promotes Hyo Jin to ask Kang Jae to take her to meet his family.

A very awkward family meeting ensues. Auntie Cha mutters to herself "The last one was much better." 

Hyo Jin goes home and smilingly tells her mom that Kang Jae's family are all very friendly. But back in her room all pretense falls and Hyo Jin mutters "What am I to do?" Back tracking a bit, when Hyo Jin was putting medicine on Kang Jae he did asks her if she was very shocked. Hyo Jin smiled and said that she is just impressed to see a very manly part of Kang Jae. What? Impressed by the fact he totally ignore the gangster and punched his own family? 

Kang Shim informs President Moon that Tae Joo is looking for a house so he can move out. President Moon reacts angrily, but Kang Shim calms him down and suggests maybe the thing to do right now is to push his wedding date back. 

Seo Woo finds Eun Ho unconscious in his office and takes him to the hospital. Madam Baek rushes to her son's bed side only to find him all focus on getting Seo Wool to stay by him. When the restaurant manager tells Madam Baek that Seo Wool was hired through the back door per Eun Ho's instruction, Madam Baek tells the manger to figure out a way to get Seo Wool away from Eun Ho.

Out looking at houses, both Tae Joo and Kang Shim were unhappy with what they saw. Walking out of the realtor's office, a man stops Kang Shim and tells her that he has a house he is trying to sell for cheap.

Stopping at a restaurant to eat, Kang Shim is disappointed to find out that the dish she really wants to eat only came in two-three people portion. After ordering a beef rice soup, Kang Shim is surprised to find Tae Joo sitting not too far from her. Tae Joo spots Kang Shim as well, calls her on the phone and accuse her of stalking him again. Pleading innocence, Kang Shim walks over to Tae Joo and is over joyed to see that Tae Joo's dinner is exactly the menu item that was too large for her to order.

Kang Shim sits down without another pause and starts to dig in to Tae Joo's food telling him that "I really wanted to eat this today. You don't mind me taking a few bites right?" Incredulous, Tae Joo can only look at Kang Shim with shock then finally gives in by moving to the next table and eats the beef rice soup Kang Shim had ordered. 

Dal Bong sits on the roof top after waiting in vain all night for Seo Wool to come home. (She left her cell phone at Eun Ho's office in her hurry to get him to the hospital.) 

Seo Wool wakes up in Eun Ho's hospital room and immediately realize how much trouble she is in. Before Seo Wool rushes off though, she puts her hand on Eun Ho's forehead again to make sure his fever is gone. Without warning, Eun Ho's heart starts to pound and he is puzzled at the strange reaction he has towards having Seo Wool's hand on him. 

Eun Ho takes Seo Wool home and shows himself when Seo Wool gets in trouble with Dal Bong for spending the night out. Dal Bong sends Seo Wool while he has a man to man talk with Eun Ho.

Dal Bong "So you are actually serious about Seo Wool?"
Eun Ho "Isn't it funny about people's heart. Who would've thought I would end up liking the country bumpkin from 12 years ago."
Dal Bong "So you don't care if she finds out about your prank from 12 years ago?"
Eun Ho "Why wouldn't I care? We would both lose her if she knew."
I keep wondering if Seo Wool already knows. She just seems more perceptive than that. 

Kang Shim gets a renewed resolve to move out when Young Sul taunts her by saying a spinster sister has no place at a marriage meet for Kang Jae. Kang Shim calls the number given to her by the man that stopped her outside of the realtor's office and arranges a time to meet.

President Moon tells Tae Joo that on Kang Shim's recommendation he has decided to push the wedding date back since Tae Joo seems so against it. Perplexed by Kang Shim speaking up for him, he decides that this is all Kang Shim's trick. Yet, Kang Shim seems genuinely shocked when Tae Joo tells her that President Moon has decided to push the wedding date back. Kang Shim puts on a great show of being concerned over the amount of things that will need to be cancelled and how disappointed President Moon must be. Relenting, Tae Joo tells Kang Shim not to cancel anything and asks her "What is the next step I need to take now?" 
Tae Joo makes me laugh. He tries so hard to outwit Kang Shim but fails every time.

Pulling up by the curbside in Tae Joo's car, Kang Shim hands him a ear piece so she can help him by telling him the appropriate things to say. 

Seo Wool calls out a customer order to the restaurant kitchen but stops in shock when she sees Dal Bong standing in front of her. Seo Wool rushes to ask Dal Bong what made him change his mind and accepts a job at Eun Ho's restaurant. Dal Bong thinks back to his conversation with Eun Ho:
Dal Bong "I am accepting this job for you. (referring to Eun Ho) I am going to be here to make sure you don't get any closer to Seo Wool."
Eun Ho "Do you like her that much?"
Dal Bong "Yes."

Snapping out of his memory, Dal Bong looks at Seo Wool and tells her:
Dal Bong "I am only going to work here for a month. After that I will have money to repay you then you can go home."
Hearing his answer, Seo Wool's excitement visibly wanes "That's your reason for working here?"

Eun Ho greets his visitor "Perverted Brother?" 
Angered by the greeting, Tae Joo turns to leave, but immediately Kang Shim's voice sounds in his ear "Don't let him get to you. Stay." 
Obediently, Tae Joo turns around and force a smile to his face.

Kang Jae calls home and takes great care to tell Daddy Cha to be sure to take a cab to the restaurant since Professor Kwon is very sensitive about being on time. Daddy Cha agrees, but when the time comes we see Daddy and Auntie Cha get off a bus. Daddy and Auntie Cha gets lost and has to back track to find the hotel the family meeting is being held at. Things are made worse when both of them gets soaked by the hotel's sprinkler system.

In the mean time, a very stoic Kang Jae sits alone facing the obviously unimpressed Kwon family. 


I really hope the marriage between Kang Jae and Hyo Jin doesn't go through... or maybe it should go through and they could happily live their snobbish life out of my screen. 

I am loving the dynamic between Kang Shim and Tae Joo. Obviously the two is starting to tolerate each other and Kang Shim is starting to know Tae Joo so well that she can get him to do just about everything. 

As far as Dal Bong I am a bit confused on where he is at with Seo Wool. He seems quite willing to admit his feeling to Eun Ho but is that just a ploy to get Eun Ho away from her or does he actually realize his own feelings? He obviously has a sever case of "I am not worth of loving anyone" so I wouldn't be surprise if he actually knows his own feeling but is refusing to admit it to Seo Wool. 


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