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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 11 Drive By Recap

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Cha family trying to spy on Kang Shim and Tae Joo
Question of the hour:What is Kang Jae thinking? Curious mind finally would like to know...

After meeting Eun Ho, Tae Joo goes back to a very proud Kang Shim.
Kang Shim "You did a good job!"
Taken back, Tae Joo stars at Kang Shim thoughtfully.

Daddy and Auntie Cha finally shows up at the two families' meeting late and wet. The two families exchanged the necessary pleasantries, but the talk sours quickly when Auntie Cha takes offense at Madam Kwon's offer to let Daddy Cha be the hospital tofu supplier.

As the Kwon family starts to be more and more startled at Auntie Cha's forthrightness, Kang Jae can do nothing but sit in stone silence.

The next morning Madam Kwon tells her husband "You are going to take care of things with Cha Kang Jae right?" Meaning the professor will tell Kang Jae that the marriage is a no go. Somewhat frustrated, the professor acquiesced. Hyo Jin reluctantly follows her parents' decision.

Seo Wool brings a healthy fruit smoothie to Daddy Cha and tells him that since the month they original agreed on is upon them she will be leaving next week. Daddy Cha assures Seo Wool she is welcomed to stay longer but Seo Wool turns him down.

Tae Joo tells Madam Baek and his dad they should hold their wedding as they originally planned. While both Tae Joo and Eun Ho still have some reserve about the wedding, both of them are willing to accept the marriage. However, both sons asks their respective parent to allow them to move out and live on their own. 

Eun Ho tells his mom that he feels sorry for Tae Joo since he has no idea the whole pushing the wedding date back was just a ploy. Madam Baek rolls her eyes and complains about the extend they have to go for their sons. Before, Eun Ho leaves he turns serious and warns his mom not to try to fire Seo Wool anymore. Not listening to his mom's protest, Eun Ho turns back to his joking self and bids goodbye to his mom.

Professor Kwon walks past a group of doctor observing Kang Jae operating on a patient and is pleased to overhear the doctors' amazement over how perfect Kang Jae's skill is. 

Kang Jae walks out of the operating room to see Professor Kwon waiting for him. Patting him on the arm, Professor Kwon tells Kang Jae how proud of him he is and not to worry about the family meeting since he will smooth everything over with his wife. 

Kang Jae watches Professor Kwon leave with a slight sneer. At least I think it's a sneer. It was a really slight movement but it certainly wasn't happiness. 

Hyo Jin walks into the kitchen to see her mom decked out in protective gear and breaking every piece of the china. When Hyo Jin inquires the reason her mom is taking out her anger on the china yet again, Madam Kwon tells Hyo Jin her dad has told her to set a date for the wedding. 

Over joyed, Hyo Jin calls Kang Jae to tell him the good news. Not too surprised, Kang Jae's only reply is "Is that so? Alright." The phone calls gets interrupted when Kang Jae's ex, Lee Yon Jin shows up with a drink for Kang Jae. Without waiting for Hyo Jin's response, Kang Jae tells her a quick goodbye and puts the phone down. Apparently, in his hurry Kang Jae didn't actually hang up the phone because just as Hyo Jin tries to tell Kang Jae they will talk later she hears Yon Jin's voice:

Yon Ji "You were really great in the operation room today. Sunbae, I really dislike you as a man but I can't dislike the doctor side of you." 
Kang Jae gives a small laugh in response. 
He laughed! He is human after all.

President Moon tells Kang Shim how much he appreciated her help and the fact he is impressed how she was able to get Tae Joo to go along with the whole thing. Watching the elevator door closing behind President Moon, Kang Shim mutters "Why do I not feel too happy about this whole thing?"

Kang Shim walks away, and the camera turns the corner and we see Tae Joo has heard the whole exchange between Kang Shim and his father. 
That expression on Tae Joo is soooo sad.

A very stoic Tae Joo attends President Moon and Madam Baek's wedding. Kang Shim sends the happy couple on their way to the honeymoon but can't help but feel bad again when she thinks back to Tae Joo's expression at the wedding.

Seo Wool waits for Dal Bong to get off from work and drops the bomb that she is leaving the next day. 

Tae Joo shows up at Kang Shim's house unannounced and invites her to have beer and fried chicken with him. While eating, Tae Joo tells Kang Shim the reason why he doesn't eat with other people.

Tae Joo "When I was little, my divorced mom had to work from morning til night in order to make enough money to raise me. I have always ate cold meals by myself. From some point on, it became strange to eat with other people."

A bit taken back by Tae Joo's willingness to share, Kang Shim "Oh, is that right..."

Tae Joo "But it's not true I don't ever eat with other people. I eat sometimes with women, sometimes with friends and sometimes with business associates... but they are all with people who I will never meet again..."

Pause from all around. (Including Kang Shim's family who has been ear dropping on the whole conversation.)

Kang Shim "What do you mean sir?"

Tae Joo "I am in the process of firing you, Cha Kang Shim."


Wow, the man is fighting back! I didn't think he'll find out so soon about Kang Shim manipulating him but I guess now is as good of time as any. I don't really expect Kang Shim and Seo Wool to go anywhere since things are just barely starting to become interesting on both relationships. I do wonder on Seo Wool's front if this will push Dal Bong to finally admit his feelings to her. 

So, I am FINALLY curious about Kang Jae's feeling about this whole wedding thing. I just can't figure the guy out. He is such a cold jerk 99% of the time but something just doesn't seem right. He is acting like he wants to marrying into the Kwon family for wealth and power but his facial expression when no one is watching makes him seem like he could careless about all this. Does he have a real reason for being such a jerk all around? I really really hope so. 

One note about Son Dam Bi's character Hyo Jin, I really hope they have some serious character development in store for her. Right now she is just a spineless rich girl who is rather good at put on an act when she deem necessary. 


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