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Sunday, September 28, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 12 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: I was laughing too hard at Tae Joo to have any questions.

We pick up from where Tae Joo just dropped the bomb on Kang Shim by firing her. The rest of the Cha family hulls Daddy Cha off before he jumps in to beat Tae Joo up. Auntie Cha convinces Daddy Cha to pretend they know nothing of what went on since Kang Shim would be too embarrassed if she found out they heard everything.

Kang Shim tells Tae Joo he can't just fire her for no reason, but Tae Joo counters that playing her boss as a joke certainly counts for a reason.

Surprised that Tae Joo found out, Kang Shim tries to explain, but Tae Joo Would hear none of it.
Tae Joo "For the first time, I wanted to trust someone. Thank you for disappointing me in such a spectacular manner."

Tae Joo storms out of the restaurant when Kang Shim tries again to explain herself. Walking towards his car, Tae Joo couldn't help but pause and steals a glance at Kang Shim on the other side of the restaurant window standing frozen in shock.

The Cha family sends Young Seol in to test the waters with Kang Shim. Young Seol tries to act upbeat but is shocked to find Kang Shim in tears.

Taking a big sip of her beer Kang Shim mutters "I feel like crap."

Dal Boong is having a hard time processing Seo Woo's words that she is leaving the next morning. Again and again, Dal Bong asks Seo Woo if she is for sure leaving, but each time Seo Wool answers in affirmative.

That night, Dal Bong paces his room trying to figure out a way to make Seo Wool stay but instead gets more frustrated when Eun Ho calls him to ask that since Dal Bong is not holding onto Seo Wool then could he like her and try to make her stay.

Kang Shim, back in her fighting spirit goes back to work only to be met with Tae Joo who tells her that she has no business in his office anymore since she is now assigned to the mail room. Kang Shim tries to get Tae Joo to forgive her by apologizing, but Tae Joo still would not hear any of it.

On the verge of tears, Kang Shim storms out of Tae Joo's office.

Having chased Kang Shim from his office with his yelling, a look of concern shows on Tae Joo's face as he watches her leave.

What a teddy bear. He acts all mean and tough when Kang Shim is around then he gets all concern about how she feels when she is not looking. 

Seo Wool bids a tearful goodbye to Daddy and Auntie Cha, but the sobbing stops when Seo Wool hears her grandfather hollering her name from outside. A very considerate Eun Ho explains to Seo Wool that since she "accidentally" left her cell phone at his office, he was the one that picked up the phone when grandfather called to tell her he is coming to Seoul. Eun Ho even personally went to the train station to pick grandfather up.

An awkward pause descends when Seo Wool's grandfather confidently looks at Eun Ho and say "Oh, he must be Cha Dal Bong. He looks a lot like his childhood picture."

Eun Ho and Dal Bong exchanges a nervous look while Seo Wool quickly assures grandpa that Dal Bong is the one on her picture, thus the one she saved not Eun Ho. Ironically, Seo Wool even apologizes to the guys for her grandfather's bad eyes.

Hyo Jin can't stop thinking about the conversation she overheard on the phone between Dang Jae and his ex-girlfriend. Making an excuse to her mom she is going to see Kang Jae, Hyo Jin instead met with Yon Jin (the ex). Using the excuse she is there to ask Hyo Jin to please help Kang Jae in his work, Hyo Jin takes every opportunity to show Yon Jin how in love Kang Jae is with her. Seeing right through the facade, Yon Jin bluntly asks Hyo Jin "If you know Doctor Cha so well, then you should know the thing that person dislike the most is what you are doing now. Didn't you say you trust him? Then why are you here? Do you have so little confidence?" 

Madam Kwon meets with Kang Jae and presented him with two requests: 1. After their marriage, don't let Hyo Jin have too much interaction with Kang Jae's family. 2. Have Kang Jae and Hyo Jin live with them after their marriage. Without much hesitation at all Kang Jae assures Madam Kwon he is fine on both request.

Walking out of the hospital, Kang Jae and Madam Kwon sees a pale Hyo Jin sitting on the hospital bench. When Madam Kwon worriedly inquire what's the matter, Hyo Jin instead of answering her turns to Kang Jae and asks him when is his next available day off is. 

Kang Jae "I can't this week, but I should be able to spare a day next week."
Hyo Jin "Then let's get married that day."

Surprised, Madam Kwon tries to protest and asks "Are you hurt?"

Hyo Jin "Yes, I am hurt. I like this person so much that I feel like I might die from hurting." 
Umm... you are standing right in front of the hospital. I am sure they have a psych ward. 

Throughout this whole exchange, other than a slight widening of his eyes when Hyo Jin suggests they marry the very next week, and when she said she is hurt, Kang Jae maintained his stoic expression the whole time.  

Tae Joo's day is not going well. He keeps calling his replacement secretary "Chief Secretary Cha" and he can't understand why his replacement secretary is no where as competent as Kang Shim. Muttering at the vast difference between his new secretary and Kang Shim's ability, Tae Joo enters into his office and sees a shocking sight. 

A seductive Kang Shim sits on his desk and breath out "I guess you missed me, director?" Tae Joo stumbles and bangs his head on the door when Kang Shim blows him a kiss "Yoo-Hoo..."   Rubbing where he banged his head, Tae Joo looks up and finds the image of Kang Shim gone. 

Flustered and confused, Tae Joo looks around his empty office but gets shocked again when another image of Kang Shim appears on his sofa blowing him another kiss "It's true after all that you miss having me here." 

Tae Joo's poor new secretary calls Kang Shim "Cheif secretary, I am really scared! The director keep calling me "Cheif Secretary Cha" and he is yelling and talking to himself."

I was dying from laughing so hard. Poor Tae Joo. 

Dal Bong receives an urgent phone call from Seo Wool telling him grandpa has decided to come check out his work place. With some quick thanking, Dal Bong welcomes grandpa to Eun Ho's restaurant wearing the Chef's outfit and the whole kitchen staff respectfully praising their "Chef's" skill. 

Grandpa's good impression of Dal Bong in his shiny Chef's outfit didn't last long though. The gig blew up when the real chef walks in and yells at Dal Bong to take off the chef outfit. 

Tae Joo tells his realtor agent that instead of buying he wants to rent.The realotr then calls Kang Shim to tell her her the good news that the house would be rented if she buys the house. 

Wait, that realtor is actually legit? I thought for sure he was a con artist. 

Seo Wool waits for Dal Bong to come home, worried that he might have been scolded by the chef. 

Seo Wool "Why did you put on a act like that?"
Dal Bong "Because I didn't want to feel small. Eun Ho picked your grandpa up in his nice car but I am only a kitchen helper in his restaurant."
Seo Wool "Why would you want to look good for my grandpa?'
Dal Bong "Because I wanted to hold on to you, that's why."

Finally!!! Took the boy long enough.

Moved to tears by Dal Bong's confession, Seo Wool throws her arm around Dal Bong and the two embraces. 

Seo Wool's grandpa standing on the other side of the fence watching the two, gives a heaving sigh. 

A car pulls up to Daeoh (the company Kang Shim works at) and before the chauffeur can even open his door, President Moon jumps out of the car and marches into the company. Walking with Daeoh's high level managers, Tae Joo is surprised to see his dad walking towards him. 
Tae Joo "President? Shouldn't you be on your honeymoon? Why are you..."
President Moon "Director Moon! Did you fire Cha Kang Shim from her post?!"
Tae Joo "Huh?"
President Moon "On whose authority? On whose authority!" 
Tae Joo "President, Let go somewhere else and discuss this."
President Moon "You Punk!" And the most hilarious chase starts. 

President Moon kicks Tae Joo while yelling "Who told you to fire my people!" 
Tae Joo starts to duck but his dad is too angry to stop and chases him all around. 

I looove the dad! He is hilarious. 

In the middle of thanking her dad for agreeing to loan her the money to buy the apartment, Kang Shim is surprised to see a sheepish Tae Joo coming into the mail room. Kang Shim is even more surprised to see President Moon following Tae Joo. 

Obviously still mad, President Moon curtly tells both Tae Joo and Kang Shim "Let's solve you two's problem today. From today on, you two switch positions. Chief Secretary Cha you will come back to the President's office, and Director Moon, this will be your desk from now on."

Tae Joo "Aboji!" 

On the other line, Daddy Cha does the happy dance when he hears what President Moon said, but pauses when he hears Tae Joo said "Father!" In confusion he mutters "What does he mean by father?" 


What a hilarious episode. I am loving Tae Joo and Kang Shim's story line. 

The show has kinda done a switcheroo on the two couples and it's kinda refreshing. Tae Joo and Kang Shim is the fun and bickering relationship even though they are the oldest out of the three couples. While Dal Bong and Seo Wool's relationship seems quite a bit more angst filled even though they are the youngest. 

As for Kang Jae and Hyo Jin... I have no idea what to call that relationship. Maybe an example of why it is stupid to think just by marrying a guy you all the suddenly owns him? I guess she kinda does but has the girl never heard of cheating husbands? 


  1. I found your blog recently while looking for stuff about this show and just wanted to write a quick comment to show my appreciation. I'm really loving your drive by recaps! Keep up with the good work, please.
    Oh, and I also love Kang-shim and Tae-joo! Happy to see another fan who's enjoying the over-the-top humor. This episode was definitely one of my favorites so far with all the great moments between KS and TJ.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! It helps to know that actual people really do read my recaps. I was a bit hesitant about recapping a long family drama, but I like this one too much to not do it.

    2. I know what you mean! I just blog for myself really but it's always nice to know your work is appreciated. There are just so many blogs available, but even then, a lot of them are a bit hard to find. Well now you know that you have at least one solid fan out here for these posts!
      I hope you keep up with recaps even though it's long. No pressure though, since I know how hard it is to do them. Hopefully the show will stay humorous and fun!

  2. Kang Jae's attitude toward every person is really frustrating. He seems to mainly focus on how he feels, and other people's feelings don't matter to him. I thought your comment about her thinking she owns him was spot on. She is basically buying him and is delusional enough to think he should have real feelings toward her.

    I love the other two couples though.

    1. I really hope they have something in mind with Kang Jae's and Hyo Jin's story because neither of them are very likable at this point.