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Thursday, September 11, 2014

What Happens to My Family Ep 6 Recap

The story is finally set up and everyone's story line is taking off in earnest. This post was suppose to be a drive by recap... it ended up pretty much a regular recap. Oh, well. I'll try again next week.

Episode 6

After the musical Kang Jae meets with Mrs. Kwon and her daughter Hyo Jin. Mincing not words, Mrs.Kwon laids out what a marriage with Hyo Jin would mean. ie, Kang Jae needs to marry into their family but gets wealth and power in return. Mrs. Kwon asks Kang Jae to think it over before getting involved with Hyo Jin. A stoic but very polite Kang Jae assures a nervous Hyo Jin that he is in no way offended and that he appreciates her mother's honesty.

Kang Jae goes home find his girlfriend waiting for him along with a very curious family. An extremely angry Kang Jae leaves with his girlfriend and informs her that their relationship has ended.

Seo Wool tells Dal Bong that marrying him used to be her dream, but now she is confused what her next step should be. Dal Bong tells Seo Wool that she is lucky since she avoided marrying a good for nothing guy like him. Hesitantly, Seo Wool asks Dal Bong if he would not be so adverse to marrying her if she was accomplished and cultured like Kang Jae's girlfriend. Dal Bong looks at Seo Wool and tells her with much feeling that the one he has a problem with is himself.

At 3 a.m. sharp Kang Shim wakes up ready for a new day of battle. Tae Joo is once again greeted by a bright Kang Shim. The only response Tae Joo has for Kang Shim is that she shouldn't smile so wide in order to avoid getting more lines on her face.

Kang Shim is tasked with the job of making an appointment with the president for Tae Joo but Tae Joo refused every appointment she makes citing he is busy. Finally, Tae Joo tells her that he will not accept any appointment that coincide with any meal time since he refuses to eat any meal with his dad. On the other hand, the president asks Kang Shim to please help him make his wish of sharing a meal with his son come true. Apparently, Tae Joo has not eaten a meal with his dad since his mom died fourteen years ago.

An interesting side note comes from Tae Joo's previous secretaries. As far as anyone knows, Tae Joo has not share a meal with anyone.

Caught between the two men, Kang Shim stands outside of Tae Joo's door trying to figure out what to do. At the same moment Tae Joo opens his door right into Kang Shim's head, causing Kang Shim's head to start bleeding. Result: A very surprised Tae Joo.

The president's girlfriend - Baek Sul Hee meets with her son Eun Ho and tells him that she has been proposed to. Turns out the president is actually Eun Ho's mom's first love.

A very nervous Tae Joo stands in his office watching the medics attends to Kang Shim. When the medics leave, Tae Joo is quick to tell Kang Shim to go ahead and rest in his office.

A very distracted Hyo Jin is waiting for Kang Jae's phone call, but the call might never come since Kang Jae has already thrown her phone number away.

Kang Jae's now ex-girlfriend accuses Kang Jae of being a dirty scumbag when she overhears other doctor teasing Kang Jae for his good luck in being set up with the department head's daughter. Kang Jae doesn't refuse her charge and even allows her to slap him multiple times, telling his ex-girlfriend now that she has finally see his true color this should really be the end of their relationship.

Seo Wool goes to Eun Ho's cafe hoping to find a job but bumps into Eun Ho instead. Eun Ho drags Seo Wool to a ball game, and the two gets caught on camera and the scene is of course televised throughout the whole nation. Dal Bong is shocked to see Seo Wool with Eun Ho together on TV and takes off to find them.

Tae Joo comes back to his office to find a sleeping Kang Shim. Thinking back to the guard telling him Kang Shim has been coming in to the office extremely early in the morning Tae Joo carefully close the door behind him.

Kang Shim wakes up to find she has slept her work day away and becomes very agitated over her oversight. Instead of using this chance to assert his authority of Kang Shim, Tae Joo ends up agreeing to have dinner with his dad. Kang Shim happily do a victory dance outside of Tae Joo's door.

Coming out of the ball game, Seo Wool nags at Hun Ho about the wisdom of not driving under influence and the importance of saving money by taking the public transportation. Watching Seo Wool with obvious curiosity, Hun Ho tells her that he has known her since that incident by the river. Narrowing her eyes, Seo Wool tries to remember but then tells Hun Ho she has no recollection of him.

Seo Wool and Eun Ho's conversation is cut short by a very angry Kang Jae who immediately swings a punch at Eun Ho the minute he gets close enough. Eun Ho and Kang Jae gets into a fight and cause a big commotion right on the sidewalk.

The fight doesn't last long before the police shows up and the threesome find themselves on a run from the authority. Both Kang Jae and Eun Ho each grabs Seo Wool's hand during their escape. Out of breath, the three finally manage to avoid the police and a very exhilarated Eun Ho takes the other two to dinner.

Tae Joo goes to meet his dad for dinner but immediately leaves when his dad's girlfriend showed up. Kang Shim chases Tae Joo to his car, asking Tae Joo to give his dad a chance. Angrily, Tae Joo tells Kang Shim to stay out of his family's business.

Daddy Cha bolstered up by beer, finally decides to confront Kang Shim about going on a marriage meet and Kang Jae about marrying his girlfriend. An angry Kang Jae tells Daddy Cha if he wishes so bad for him to be married, then he will get married but once he gets married he will cut off all contact with Cha family.

This is actually the ending scene but I REALLY wanted to end with the two pictures below.

Seo Wool passes out from drinking wine and the two boys has a man to man talk.
Eun Ho "What to do? I am starting to get interested in Seo Wool. I don't remember her being this interesting 12 years ago."
Kang Jae "Are you back to that again?"
Eun Ho "So? Are you nervous? I will keep the secret for now, but why don't we switch roles."
Kang Jae "Switch roles?"
Eun Ho "I heard Seo Wool thinks you are me. If you are me, then I'll be you. I'll be the Eun Ho who has been secretly in love Seo Wool. Who'll win? The man who was fated to be? Or the man who secretly loves her?"

Now I am sure something happened with the Cha family. Kang Jae's reaction to Daddy Cha is one of pant up anger and from the looks of it has built for years. Both Kang Jae and Kang Shim has swore off marriage so I am assuming something happened between their parents to make them distrust marriage so much. Parental issues sure abound in this show... but it is a Korean family show so I really shouldn't be too surprised.

I am really liking the chemistry between our three young adults. Eun Ho is pretty much bored out of his mind so I think Seo Wool is just a nice distraction for him and strangely it feels like he is using Seo Wool to get close to Dal Bong. We haven't solved the mystery of what happened between the once two best friends but Eun Ho obviously likes the fact Dal Bong is in his life once again.


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