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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 13 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Can you tape money back together?

Last episode we ended with President Moon telling Tae Joo and Kang Shim to switch posts. Tae Joo protests against being put in the mail room, but President Moon refuses to change his mind.

Back in President Moon's office, Kang Shim asks the president to take his order back. Still angered over how Tae Joo treated Kang Shim, president Moon tells Kang Shim she doesn't need to try to work with Tae Joo anymore. However, Kang Shim insists on her plea and the president gives her one month's time to work things out with Tae Joo.

Kang Shim walks out of the office and catches Tae Joo in the middle of trying to eavesdropping on their conversation. Kang Shim assures Tae Joo the President has reversed his order and she is going back to work in the mail room.

Dal Bong is about to die from being dragged by Seo Wool's grandfather on a early morning hike. Dying of thirst, the first thing Dal Bang does when they get back is to beg Daddy Cha for water. Hurriedly, Daddy Cha brings Dal Bong a glass of water, but when Dal Bong is about to down the whole glass, a lecture from grandfather about the virtue of respecting elders made Dal Bong hand the glass of water to grandfather. I love the music the show plays in the background whenever grandfather is around. Gives off the general is coming kinda feeling.

Just when Dal Bong thinks he can finally crawl back to bed, grandfather walks right into Dal Bong room and gives him another lecture on the importance of keeping one's living space clean. Finally letting Dal Bong off the hook, grandfather leaves Dal Bong's room and think back to the conversation he had with Seo Wool the night before

Grandfather "What do you like about Cha Dal Bong?"

Seo Wool "I don't know. I smile whenever I see him. I even smile when I see his angry face. I laugh no matter what he does."

The next morning, Seo Wool comes home to find grandfather has already left for the train station with Dal Bong. At the train station, grandfather takes the opportunity to tell Dal Bong that if he really loves Seo Wool then he will start by telling her the truth about the photograph. Dal Bong looks at Seo Wool's grandfather in shock.

Seo Wool rushes to the train station only to see her grandfather's train pull away. Seo Wool urges Dal Bong to tell her what grandfather had to say to him that he even sent her on an errand in order for two of them to speak alone.

Pulling Seo Wool in for a hug, Dal Bong tells her "He told me to hold you ... often."
Seo Wool is a bit doubtful that her grandfather would say something like that, but she still happily hug Dal Bong back.

A listless Madam Baek tells Eun Ho her honeymoon ended early due to the fact she and president Moon got into a fight over whether to let Eun Ho into Daeoh or not. Glad to hear president Moon's refusal to put him in the company, Eun Ho reiterate once again to his mother that he has no desire to join Daeoh. 

A sheepish president Moon shows up at Eun Ho's restaurant with the flowers Kang Shim suggested him to buy in order to get back on Madam Baek's good side. 

The Cha's family is in an uproar again when Kang Jae comes home with a wedding gift from Hyo Jin's family. Surprised and offended that Hyo Jin's family has just willy-nilly decided on a wedding date without consulting them, Auntie Cha protests but Kang Jae just calmly asks his family to quietly follow their plan. 

Kang Shim opens the marriage envelop and there is a collective gasp over the $200,000 amount it contains. 

Kang Shim and Kang Jae argues over his impending marriage.
Kang Shim "Because you are my younger brother, I'll tell you one last time. Think about this (the marriage) one more time." 

Kang Jae "I think of this as an opportunity. If it's an opportunity shouldn't I take it?"

Frozen by Kang Jae's words, Kang Shim slowly turns...
Kang Shim "How can you talk exactly the same as the man I once knew? 14 years ago, that man left me to purse his dream of success saying the exact same thing."

Stumping down stairs, Kang Shim tells her dad to give up trying to talk any sense to Kang Jae since he is too far gone to listen anyway.

An extremely happy Kang Shim goes to check out her newly purchased house and to meet her new tenant. Confidently Kang Shim struts into her house and finds... Tae Joo as her tenant. 

Shocked, Tae Joo demands that Kang Shim immediately return his deposit so he could move out. However, Kang Shim informs Tae Joo she has spent all the money on buying the house so she has no deposit to give back to him. Right then, a moving staff comes over and asks Kang Shim "Mrs. Where should I hang this picture?" Both Kang Shim and Tae Joo turns in unison, appalled at being seen as a married couple vehemently corrects the moving staff. 

Eun Ho bulks at his mom's suggestion that he should move into president Moon's house and threatens to live independently if his mom keep pressuring him. Unfazed, Madam Baek tells Eun Ho if he really wants to assert his independence then he should give his credit cards, car and the restaurant back to her. Without a come back, Eun Ho can only listen as his mom plea with him to go live with her one more time. 

Seo Wool bumps into Eun Ho and is once again bothered by Eun Ho seemingly unflinching staring. Convinced there must be something she did wrong, Seo Wool encourages Eun Ho to just come right out say it, since holding things in can make one sick. 

Eun Ho "If I don't hold it in, you might feel awkward."
Seo Wool assures that it's better for Eun Ho to just let it all out.
Eun Ho "I like you."
Awkward pause from Seo Wool.
Forcing a laugh Seo Wool replies "Look here, President, you shouldn't say things like this to your subordinate even as a joke."

Dal Bong leaves work to find Seo Wool waiting for him. Guilty with Eun Ho's words still ringing in her head, Seo Wool surprises Dal Bong with a giant hug and tells him "There is no one else for me but you Dal Bong. It's true, you can trust me." 

With a contemplative expression, Eun Ho watches the two love birds leave. 
Don't do it, don't do it Eun Ho. Be a nice guy... 

Dal Bong hears about the $200,000 wedding gift and the fact every members of the family is making a wish list of what they want. Dal Bong rushes home to ask for a cool scouter he has always wanted but ends up being the straw that broke the camel's bacl. Fed up with the incessant fighting among his family over the money, Daddy Cha grabs the $200,000 check and rips it up, much to his family's astonishment. 


Maybe Daddy Cha was ripping up fake paper? Ha ha, I highly doubt it, but dang ripping $200,000 it's sure gutsy but a very effective way of stopping all the greed. 

I am excited for Kang Shim and Tae Joo's story line to start in earnest. Things would be perfect if Tae Joo can be tortured a few more time by illusions of Kang Shim in the mean time. 

I am a bit nervous what the writer is going to do with Eun Ho's story line. I hope they go with some serious bromance between Eun Ho and Dal Bong, instead of inserting Eun Ho between Dal Bong and Seo Wool. Although, I am curious how Seo Wool will handle the fact Eun Ho is actually the one she saved, not Dal Bong. 


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