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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 5 Recap

Another great episode and I am liking the pacing of the story. Always such a nice treat when one finds a good family drama.  

I am going to have to start doing drive by recap for this show though.  For some reason, this show's recap always takes me like 5 hours to do. That or I just need to be better at not wanting to show every scene... but they are all so good...

Episode 5

In front of his tofu store, Daddy Cha is looking anxiously at the rain, wondering if his three kids will come home safely.  Auntie comes over to Daddy Cha, laughing at his anxiousness and compares his feelings towards his kids as a one sided crush. Daddy Cha heistantly promises Auntie that he will close shop and go home.

Caught in the middle of a show down between Dal Bong and Eun Ho, Seo Wool is completely confused.  When Eun Ho suggests that Seo Wool calls him later to give back his jacket, Dal Bong jerks the jacket off Seo Wool and drags her out of the cafe.

Seo Wool halts Dal Bong in mid stride and demands to know why she can't be polite to someone who helped her. Dal Bong tells her that Eun Ho is not someone she needs to be polite to. I wonder if he is referring to Eun Ho lying to Seo Wool about his name. 

Seo Wool asks Dal Bong again who Eun Ho is. Dal Bong answers "Someone one who was once closest to me, but now is someone I can't stand the most." In a flash back, we see a young Eun Ho snatching Seo Wool's picture from Dal Bong's hand and taunting him and the two ends up in a fist fight.

The president asks Kang Shim again if she is sure about becoming his son, Tae Joo's secretary. Kang Shim answers with a firm yes. Elated, the president tells Kang Shim that she has every ounce of his support to change Tae Joo's stick in the mud personality. I love how the president openly admits his son is a stick in the mud.

One of the secretary that works under Kang Shim receives a mysterious phone call from Tae Joo asking for them to meet. At a cafe, Tae Joo takes out a piece of paper and a pen and asks the secretary to write down every thing he knows about Kang Shim. Shocked, the secretary says "Are you asking me to betray Secretary Cha?" Tae Joo replies "Think of it as a start of you and I working together."

Rewind back to 30 minutes ago. The secretary is standing in front of Kang Shim's desk asking her what he should do when he meets with Tae Joo. Snickering, Kang Shim tells her subordinate that Tae Joo will ask him for every possible information on her and he should just go ahead and tell him everything truthfully. Secretary "But, doesn't that mean Manager Moon (Tae Joo)will know all of your weakness?" Kang Shim "If we are going to play with Manager Moon, who has only been at the company for two month then this is only way to level the playing field." I love how every employee is on Kang Shim's side. 

Kang Jae leaves the restaurant to bid goodbye to his professor and the professor's family.  The professor's daughter with obvious interest in Kang Jae bids him goodnight.  Through out the whole exchange, Kang Jae was polite but stiff.  Noticing this, while the family is driving home the professor's wife express some doubt about having Kang Jae as her son-in-law.  The professor counter that he has done in depth research into Kang Jae and Kang Jae is the best choice for a son-in-law since not very many people would be willing to marrying into the girl's side of family.

(The professor is talking about having Kang Jae marrying into the professor family, thus becoming his son.  Not the traditional kind where the woman usually marry INTO the man's family, becoming the man's family member.  Is there an English word for this?  I can't think of one right now. Anyhow, the professor likes the fact Kang Jae also has a younger brother.  He is hoping Daddy Cha wouldn't mind losing a son to him, by having Kang Jae becoming part of his household.)

Despite Daddy Cha's promise to Auntie that he will close his shop early and go home, Daddy Cha finds himself waiting in front of his store for his kids to come home.  Kang Jae is the first to come home and coldly greets his dad.  What is this guy's problem? Does he have a hidden grudge? Kang Shim is the next to come home.  Her attitude is a bit better than Kang Jae, but she also doesn't spend more time with her dad than it takes to answer his questions.

Dal Bong and Seo Woo are the last to come home.  After the usual question from Daddy Cha about dinner and if they were caught in the rain, Seo Woo asks the question that no one else asked "Have you eaten dinner yet?"  After hearing Daddy Cha's answer that he hasn't eaten, Seo Woo gets on Dal Bong's case that in such a time as this a son should offer to close the shop so Daddy Cha can go home and eat.

 Sheepishly, Dal Bong agrees to close the shop and urges Daddy Cha to go home and eat.  After some hesitation Daddy Cha finally leaves.  Seo Wool scolds Dal Bong "Why do I have say these kind of things so plainly?  A son should know how to do this naturally." Ha, I love her.

Kang Shim gets up at 3 am to go to work and proceeds to change Tae Joo's office from head to toe.

More than reorganizing every file in Tae Joo's office and deep cleaning his office, Tae Joo's every move is also under Kang Shim's thumb.  The second Tae Joo drives off from home, the President's driver calls Kang Shim.  When Tae Joo steps into the lobby of the company, the receptionist calls Kang Shim.

Tae Joo gets off the elevator to find Kang Shim acting the perfect secretary and finds his office spotless.

Not willing to give an inch, Tae Joo tells Kang Shim that he likes his office as it is and orders Kang Shim to put everything back the way it was.

Tae Joo thinks back to the "secret" info he received from Kang Shim's subordinate.  The secretary tells Tae Joo that Kang Shim strives for compliments and is a workaholic so Tae Joo decides to focus on criticizing Kang Shim and demean her role as a secretary. The secretary did leave a very cryptic warning "Be careful of not pushing Secretary Cha (Kang Shim) too far or she will explode.  And when that happens, even the President has to step aside." With a shrug, Tae Joo dismiss the warning, saying "what can she do? I am in charge here." If I have ever seen a foreshadowing...

Auntie tells Daddy Cha that she thinks Kang Shim is finally sending out a SOS that she is tired of being single.  She came to this conclusion due to: 
1. Kang Shim's supposedly demotion= She is disillusioned with work.  
2. Kang Shim kissing a random stranger while drunk = She wants a man really bad.  

The two things obviously are her cry for them to help her find a man.  Auntie offers to set Kang Shim with the man in the picture. Daddy Cha complains the man is too old.

Kang Jae gets a surprise visit from Kwon Hyo Jin (the professor's daughter) and gets pushed along by the professor to go with Hyo Jin and her mom to see a musical since something "unexpectedly" came up.  Kang Jae's girlfriend looks on with unease.

Tae Joo calls Kang Shim to his office and gives her piles of work all to be finished in a few hours before the end of the work day.  Unruffled by the impossible task, Kang Shim goes into her super secretary persona and comes up with a plan.  I love that they have the Sherlock Holmes theme song playing in the back ground. 

Seo Wool goes to find Eun Ho to get the pair of shoes she forgotten back at the cafe.  Eun Ho demands Seo Wool treat him to some ice for all his help.  During their meeting, Eun Ho casually asks Seo Wool how she and Dal Bong meets.  Seo Wool tells Eun Ho about saving "Dal Bong" and Eun Ho realizes Seo Wool is the girl that saved him.

Eun Ho calls Dal Bong to tell him that he knows who Seo Wool is now and Dal Bong goes to find them.

Tae Joo can't believe how Kang Shim can sit so leisurely at her desk when he has given her so much work.

Kang Shim casually drops all the files Tae Joo demanded in their respective color coded and organized sections.  Tae Joo shocked, asks Kang Shim how she could have possibly finish all these work. Kang Shim "I am sorry, Sir.  That, is my professional secret."

Victory Dance VS Loser's Shame

Dal Bong goes to find Eun Ho and is shocked to find out that Eun Ho is the owner of a restaurant.  Eun Ho taunts Dal Bong that he is lying to Seo Wool.  Dal Bong counters that Eun Ho is the one that started the lie.  The two boys is about to get into a fist fight when Seo Wool walks in on them.  Dal Bong storms out when Seo Wool tries to get the two boys put their differences behind them.

When Seo Wool tries to chase after Dal Bong, Eun Ho stops her and tells her that he has something to tell her.

The ever stoic Kang Jae is at the musical with the professor's family.  After the show, the professor's wife asks to have a private meeting with Kang Jae.  In the mean time, Kang Jae's girlfriend is getting more uneasy by the second.

Auntie and Daddy Cha brings up the marriage meet to a incredulous Kang Shim who reminds them that she has long decided against marriage.  Auntie mutters about her kissing strangers.  Angered and embarrassed, Kang Shim thinks about moving out on her own again.

Seo Wool waits for Dal Bong to get home.  Dal Bong with forced casualness asks Seo Wool if Eun Ho told her anything.  Seo Wool tells him no. (Her eyes looks a bit shifty though).  

Bolstered by the fact Eun Ho didn't tell Seo Woo the truth, Dal Bong starts to scold Seo Wool for going to meet Eun Ho.

Seo Wool yells back at Dal Bong that the reason she went to find Eun Ho is to get back the pair of shoes she bought at the mall.  Seo Wool then asks Dal Bong "What kind of son doesn't even look at his father's shoes?"  Pushing Dal Bong towards the tofu shop, Seo Wool gets him to go give Daddy Cha the new shoes.

Feeling awkward, but still willing to follow Seo Wool's command, Dal Bong goes to his dad and gets Daddy Cha to try the shoes on.  Daddy Cha is very touched by Dal Bong's gift. 

Perhaps realizing for the first time how much a simple thoughtful gesture means to his dad, Dal Bong looks at Seo Wool through the shop window and silently tells her thank you.

A very anxious girl friend means trouble. Kang Jae's girlfriend shows up at Daddy Cha's shop and greets Daddy Cha as brightly as Seo Wool once greeted him. I love how Daddy Cha turns to look at Seo Wool like didn't I see this scene once before? Ha! 


I thought I would be most interested in Kang Shim and Tae Joo's battle of wits but surprisingly the high light for me this week was Dal Bong and Seo Woo's interaction.  Don't get me wrong, I find Kang Shim and Tae Joo's fight hilarious and thus the reason for way too many screen shots of them but Dal Bong's interaction with his dad and his obvious crush on his childhood goddess just melts my heart.  

I am still wondering if there is some serious back story behind Kang Shim and Kang Jae's treatment of Daddy Cha.  Not sure about Kang Jae since he is pretty stoic all around, but Kang Shim seems to have a pretty soft heart so it seems strange she would treat her father with an underlying frustration.  

Speaking of Kang Jae, I am really hoping they are going to make this boy human sometime.  The robotic expression and coldness is starting to turn me off.  According to the casting list, I think Son Dam Bi's character Hyo Jin is the actual girl that will stick around to be a romantic interest for Kang Jae.  But so far neither her nor Kang Jae is too likable so I am hoping the writer have some way to save them from my fast forward fingers.  (I am not fast forwarding yet... )

ps. I want to eat this: (This is the ice treat Seo Wool bought for Eun Ho but ended up finishing all by herself.  Does that look like flan to anyone else?  It looks too soft to be cake or cheesecake.)


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