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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 7

An awesome episode that made me laugh out loud. I am terrible at writing these preambles so I'll just cut right to the chase.

What Happens to My Family Drive By Recap

The whole Cha family is in an uproar over Kang Jae's assertion that he will follow Daddy Cha's wish to get married, but that means he will cut off all connection with the Cha family. Kang Jae continues on to tell Daddy Cha that his family has never done much for him while all the other doctor with wealthy and well connected family has been able to benefit from their background. Compare to those doctors Kang Jae has only been able to rely on himself. 

Auntie Cha bursts into the room, furious over Kang Jae's words to Daddy Cha, but Kang Jae seems to be completely unmoved.

After waiting in vain for Kang Jae's phone call, Hyo Jin decides to go on the offensive and brings a luxury lunch to the hospital. With an obvious inability to hide any secrets, Hyo Jin tells Kang Jae she has been waiting for his phone call and she really wants to know if Kang Jae has given up on her or not. Overcome with embarrassment, Hyo Jin starts to cry. 

A bit taken back by Hyo Jin's tears, Kang Jae sits down at the table and starts to eat the lunch Hyo Jin prepared for him. Appeased, Hyo Jin goes back home and tells her mom to "make Kang Jae mine."

At the company, Kang Shim's day is not going well. Tae Joo is holding onto his grudge against Kang Shim for making him go to dinner with his dad without knowing beforehand that Baek Seol Hee (Dad's girlfriend) would be there. 

A frustrated Kang Shim decides to find out once and for all why Tae Joo won't eat his meal with other people and decides to follow him during lunch time. 

Kang Shim successfully surprises Tae Joo at Eun Ho's restaurant while he is eating lunch but Tae Joo is so shocked that all the food in his mouth come spraying out getting all over Kang Shim. 

Tae Joo hurriedly tries to help Kang Shim wipe all the food off and ends up putting both of his hands on Kang Shim's chest. Kang Shim's reaction doesn't disappoint. Tae Joo sustains a bloody nose from Kang Shim's right hook punch. I laughed hard here.   

Eun Ho's restaurant manger informs him of the pervert adjusshi - Tae Joo's offending actions despite repeated protests from Tae Joo. While Eun Ho is considering calling the police to come handle the "pervert adjusshi", Kang Shim takes this perfect opportunity to broker a deal with Tae Joo. Kang Shim will help Tae Joo out of the mess if he would 1.Take back his words of wanting her to leave. 2. Have dinner with his dad. With Eun Ho's readiness to call the police, Tae Joo has no option but to accept Kang Shim's conditions.

True to his words, Tae Joo goes to have dinner with his dad but gets an unpleasant surprise when Eun Ho walks into the room. "Pervert Adjusshi?" "Annoying Kid?" The two men called out at the same time. 

Both President Moon and Baek Seol Hee look at each other and shake their heads together "and I thought getting married at this age would actually be easier" Seo Hee mutters. 

Leaving his mom totally confused at the restaurant, Eun Ho goes back to his own restaurant to catch Seo Wool before she leaves and hands her a cell phone. Seo Wool tries to refuse accepting the cell phone but Eun Ho tells her that is a company benefit. Just when the Seo Wool and Eun Ho is still in a tug of war over the cell phone, Dal Bong shows up and gets into an argument with Eun Ho. While the two boys are arguing, Seo Wool quietly goes to the side and calls her grandfather. The two man stops in the middle of their fighting when they hears Seo Wool's tearful conversation with her grandfather.

Dal Bong thoughtfully looks at Seo Wool's happiness over having a phone to call her grandfather then quietly clutches the bag that has a dress he bought for Seo Wool. 

A fuming Dal Bong stumps upstairs with Seo Wool close behind his heel. Dal Bong "Who would be angry over a cell phone? Why did you hide the fact you are working at Yoon Eun Ho's restaurant from me?" 
Seo Wool "I am not hiding it. You dislike him so much... but wait, this is strange. Why do I need your permission. Are you my boyfriend?"
Dal Bong "Who said I was?" 

Seo Wool finally turns her attention to the bag Dal Bong has in his hand. Overcome with curiosity Seo Wool tries to look at the content of bag and the two quickly ends up in a tussle... then falls in bed... just as Daddy Cha walks in. 

A very embarrassed Daddy Cha quickly exit Dal Bong's room and had to go out of his house in order to calm himself. Daddy Cha's timing is perfect since he is right on time to see Tae Joo standing in front of the house with Kang Shim. 


I really really hope Kang Jae has a better reason for all his resentment then what he told Daddy Cha. Because if all the resentment really came from the fact that he felt his dad should've been wealthy and well connected then I am afraid nothing the show can do to make me like this guy. 

I am also quite unsure what I think of Hyo Jin. The girl takes one look at Kang Jae and then just follow her daddy's words, ready to get married? I did find her honesty refreshing, but that really could either be cute or just plain missing a screw depending on how one looks at it. I actually would rather Kang Jae eat his words and beg his ex-girlfriend to take him back. Now, that would be an interesting story line. Sadly, I have yet see his ex-girlfriend in any cast lineup so I am afraid her story might be at the end now. 


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