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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 8

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A very happy Dal Bong thinking about Seo Wool
What Happens to My Family Episode 8 Drive By Recap

Daddy Cha races home to tell Auntie Cha that he has figured out that the stranger Kang Shim kissed last time is actually someone Kang Shim knows. Things become "clear" when Kang Shim tells Daddy Cha that Secretary Hong is the one that drove her home. Daddy Cha figures anytime Kang Shim says she is with Secretary Hong it means she is spending time with the "stranger".

Seo Wool finally gets hold of the black bag in Dal Bong's hands and is extremely touched to see that Dal Bong  has not only bought a dress for her but has bought the exact one she was looking at in the shopping mall. 

Dal Bong tries to act cool but can't hide his happiness over Seo Wool's obvious pleasure with her present. 

Madam Yoon goes to see Kang Jae at the hospital and before leaving she shows Kang Jae the car she and her daughter has picked out for him. 

With boxes of gifts being moved into the house, Kang family can no longer deny the fact Kang Jae has chosen to join the Moon family. 

Daddy Cha tries to plea with Kang Jae not to go through with his decision, even going as far as apologizing to him, but Kang Jae remain unmoved. 

Auntie Cha wakes a very sleepy Kang Shim telling her to go mediate between Daddy Cha and Kang Jae, but Kang Shim tells Auntie Cha "Kang Jae is the smartest out of the three of us so whatever decision he makes will be carefully thought out. Plus, who says as an older sister I have to interfere with everything my younger brother does." 

Tae Joo wakes up on the Sunday morning to an unpleasant surprise of finding Mrs. Baek in his house acting all cozy with his dad. 

An extremely sleepy and frustrated Kang Shim picks up a phone call from Tae Joo to find out that Tae Joo has suddenly found an urgent need to go check on a manufacturing plant.   

Auntie Cha goes to a sauna bath in order to confirm a rumor from her neighbors that her daughter who is suppose to be in Philippine has come back to Seoul. Turns out, Auntie Cha's daughter, No Young Sul has indeed sneaked back in town after wracking up a gambling debt of $120,000. 

At the same time, Daddy Cha and Auntie Cha's son in law, Joong Baek gets a surprise visit from Young Sul's debt collectors.    

Kang Jae asks Hyo Jin if she can accept him even if his family is filled with bunch of people that is severely lacking. Hyo Jin replies "I am stronger than I look and I can fill the parts you lack."

Gosh, they better do some major overhaul on these two characters. 

A mildly perplexed Tae Joo stops his car and gets out to look at it while Kang Shim calls her dad to tell him she won't get home until early next morning.

Tae Joo comes back into the car and starts to say something to Kang Shim. Daddy Cha hears Tae Joo's voice and starts to yell "Kang Shim! Are you with a man?!" 


I am super excited for the romance to get underway for Kang Shim and Dal Bong but I am not too sure about Kang Jae. I keep hoping the writer will some how make it so Kang Jae has some redeeming qualities for me to care about what happens to him... but so far the writer has gone the other way. Still, two couple out of three is not a bad ratio when it comes to K-Family Drama. 


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