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Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Happens with My Family Ep 9 Drive By Recap

 sick EuAn Ho
Question of the hour: Can one really choose one's own family? If so, then at what cost?

What Happens with My Family Ep 9 Drive By Recap

After insisting that changing a flat tire is something he is quite capable of, Tae Joo gives up after hours of fruitless work. Kang Shim is so frustrated at the time that was wasted, her temper starts to flare and tells Tae Joo exactly how she feels.

Tae Joo "I think we should call the insurance company."
Kang Shim "Didn't I tell you from the very beginning that's what we need to do? Why couldn't you even follow the direction from the GPS? You are so stubborn."
Tae Joo in a rather pathetic tone looks at Kang Shim "I wanted to do well too. Look! My hand is even hurt."

I love that Kang Shim is the perfect secretary until her temper gets the bests of her. 

Dal Bong finds a very drunk Seo Wool at Eun Ho's party. Dal Bong loses his temper when Seo Wool tells him that she has extracted a promise from Eun Ho to hire him as the restaurant's kitchen help. 

Fed up with Dal Bong's complex over Eun Ho, Seo Wool tells him "You know what kind people are most useless in this world? The kind that wallow in self pity by blaming their parents and the society. Your hatred for Eun Ho is like weeds in your life. Just ignore the weed and step right over it! You, who are perfect healthy but spends your time whining and Eun Ho who thanks to his successful mother spends his time drinking are both really bad." Can you repeat that to Kang Jae?

Eun Ho stands at the stair case listening to the two arguing mutters "Seo Woo wins..."

Kang Shim is trying to scope out her house to find the best way to sneak in but instead of sneaking in she ends up finding her cousin Young Sul. Just as Young Sul convinces Kang Shim to keep her presence a secret, Young Sul's husband Joong Baek catches her and drags her away to ask her about the gambling debt. 

Distracted by Young Sul's fiasco, Kang Shim walks home without another thought and runs right into Daddy Cha who has been waiting for her.

Faced with a worried Daddy Cha, Kang Shim finally confess that Tae Joo is not some potential suitor but is her superior who she is working under now.

Next morning at work both Tae Joo and Kang Shim are listless. Tae Jooo is unhappy over his father's impending nuptial, while Kang Shim's family is also in an uproar over Kang Jae's. Both Tae Joo and Kang Shim decides to inquire into housing options in order to move out.

Eun Ho tells Seo Wool that he is sick. When Seo Wool suggests Eun Ho take a trip to the hospital, Eun Ho refuses to go unless Seo Wool go with him. Seo Wool ignores Eun Ho by telling him "you call yourself an adult when you can't go to the hospital by yourself." Eun Ho puts Seo Wool's hand on his own forehead telling her that if she can just hold her hand there for a minute then he would feel better. 

Outside of the restaurant window, Dal Bong watches a smiling Eun Ho with Seo Wool's hand on his forehead and think back to the conversation he had with Eun Ho.
Dal Bong "Stop playing Seo Wool."
Eun Ho "I am not playing. Can you not tell I am more serious than ever before? You better start getting nervous or I might really take her from you."

Kang Shim gets a surprise visit from Hyo Jin. After listening to Hyo Jin's invitation to stand on her side on the marriage issue, Kang Shim suggest if Hyo Jin is from such a great family as she heard then Hyo Jin should know that paying a visit to the groom's family first is the right order. 

Shocked at Kang Shim's forthright words, Hyo Jin tactlessly asks if Kang Shim is acting this way out of her jealousy that her little brother is marrying before his spinster sister? 

Severely offended, Kang Shim become even more incredulous when Kang Jae phones her to ask what she has done to offend Hyo Jin. 

Hyo Jin's mom, furious over Kang Shim's remark that questions Hyo Jin's upbringing, sends Hyo Jin right over to meet Kang Jae's family. Unfortunately, Hyo Jin arrives just in time to see Kang Jae's family in a fight with the gangsters that has came to collect on Young Sul's (Auntie's daughter) debt. 

In the chaos, Daddy Cha is hurt by the gangster just as Dal Bong arrive home from being let go at work. Kang Jae rushes home to see a horrified Hyo Jin watching Dal Bong in a punch out fight with the gangsters.Without another word, Kang Jae marches up to Dal Bong and punches him in the face, much to the shock of his family and yell "Stop! Everyone just stop!" 


Gosh, the writer sure is making Kang Jae and Hyo Jin more and more unlikable. I know the whole premise is about Daddy Cha's kids not treating him right but I am afraid if they make Kang Jae a totally selfish bastard I might get so annoyed with him that I will stop caring about his story line completely. 

It doesn't help that the show has also introduced Young Sul who I am afraid is going to be another annoying character. 

Oh, well. At least I am liking all the other character's development. Seo Wool is such a fireball with her honesty and perceptiveness into human nature that she is sometimes the only one with some sense. Although I have wondered if Seo Wool really is so clueless in Eun Ho's true identity as being the actual boy she rescued so many year ago as she appears. 


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