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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Aim High (T-Drama) Episode 1 Recap & First Impression

This is a new T-Drama that probably is catching a lot of attention since it's really more a less trying to capture the same audience as In A Good Way. (They even give you Lego Li to help the transition.) Aim High attempts to answer the question "Dream are all good during the university days... but can you still hold onto them in the real world?"

The story opens with Xu Yi Fen (Summer Meng of Sweet Sweet Bodyguard) whose whole world has just opened up when the speaker of a presentation imparts a life wisdom "You can live for nothing or you can die for something."

Hint: the speaker is also one of our male lead, Yu Qi Feng (Chris Wang).
Pumped up by her new found belief to not live for nothing but to die for something, Yi Fen decides that her dream will be to help other people achieve their own dreams. Supportive of Yi Fen's goal, her friends suggests that she develops an App to help others realize their dreams. Loving the App idea, Yi Fen pulls her three best friends in to enter into an App competition so she could develop an App call Dream Life.
We go to a time jump where we find Yi Feng working at various part time jobs when she gets the phone call that her Dream Life App has been accepted into an App competition hosted by a company called SIC.

Yi Feng shares her good news with her roommates who is developing the app for her. (The roommate is not one of her three collage best friends) Yi Feng roommate tells her the good news that the app is almost ready but also tells her the bad news that the computer has just died and it will take $10,000NT to fix it. (That's about $1000 US dollars) With the App contest so close Yi Feng bits the bullet and wires her roommate the money to get the computer fixed.
Next person up is our hero (or one of them anyway) Qi Feng. Sorry, my hand slipped on the first picture... here is his face. 

Qi Feng is working as SIC's app developer and has just finished diving in the water to test out their new underwater app. I did mention before T-Drama is extremely good at fan service right? 
Yi Feng gets home with food and beer to celebrate with her roommate only to find an empty apartment. Stunned to realize that her roommate had scammed her money, Yi Feng can only pretend everything is going peachy when her mom calls.
Next up is Yi Feng's friend Yan Mao Tang (nick name Mao Mao). Mao Mao's dream was to become a flight attendant but obviously that fell through since we find her working as an insurance sales trainee and trying hard not to cringe when she forces herself to put up with a potential client's inappropriate advances.
Two down and two more to go. We find Tian Ming Xiang, Yi Feng's friend whose dream was to become a poet driving taxi in order to gather inspiration from her passengers.

Qi Feng ends up in Ming Xiang's taxi and she uses her poet observation on him.

Min Xiang "I have never had a passenger so nervous in the car. Since you are on your way to a driving school but you are so nervous to be in the car, you either don't know how to drive or you are afraid of driving."

After getting very little response from Qi Feng, Ming Xiang shrugs and turns back to her driving.
Qi Feng's fear of driving gets a turn for the worse though. When Yi Fen finds out from her boss (the owner of the driving school Qi Feng ends up at) that he just spotted her roommate on her way to the train station, she jumps into the nearest student driver car (with Qi Feng in it) and speeds off to chase her roommate down.

Yi Fen luckily catches her roommate in time but is crushed to find out that her roommate has been lying to her all this time about developing her Dream Life app.

Yi Fen's roommate tells her to wake up and smell the roses since SCI's competition probably has an insider winner chosen already and that her dream will never go anywhere. Qi Feng surprises both girls when he crawls out of the car on shaky legs to tell Yi Fen's roommate off for questioning other people right to live their dream. Furthermore, Qi Feng assures Yi Fen that SCI's contest is fair and tells her the good news that he has recently changed the requirement of submitting a finished app, instead Yi Fen just need to have a proposal ready.
Yeah! Time to meet Lego Lee. At the train station, Mao Mao is in a daze but a man from the platform across from Mao Mao stares at her with shocked recognition. Dao Yuan (Lego Lee) sprints all the way to Mao Mao's platform only to barley miss her.
As it happens it looks like our two male leads are actually good friends. Angry over his boss's unwillingness to publish an app his has treasured for a long time, Qi Feng calls Dao Yuan out for a drink and a round of darts. However, both guys are super dart players so they had to flip a coin to see who pays for the drinks. Qi Feng ends up with the bill.
Last but not the least, we find Yi Feng's friend Hao Mei at a wedding for their professor. Hao Mei obviously has a crush on her professor but she still ends up helping at his wedding.

Short of Yi Feng, the rest of the foursome gathers together. Right away, Ming Xiang takes the initiative to apologize for handing in their Dream Life App late to the contest so all their work went down the tub years ago. However, Ming Xiang also recounts how both Hao Mei and Mao Mao were only focus on their own things back then too.

The three friends decides to put all the bad feelings away by each drinking a whole bottle of wine.
Yi Fen runs into Qi Feng at SCI contest when he picks up her lucky super ball she dropped. AS Qi Feng walks away, Yi Feng takes the chance to quickly say "Thank you for being by me all this time."

Puzzled, Qi Feng turns back to look at her, but Yi Fen covers up her thanks by telling him that she was just talking to her lucky ball.
The three friends finds out from their professor that Yi Fen is missing the wedding because she is still chasing her dream by participating the contest at SCI that very moment. Totally drunk, the three girls decides to go to to SCI and cheer Yi Fen on. 

Completely ignoring Yi Fen is in the middle of her presentation, the girls gather around Yi Fen and goes on their drunken rambling about how much they missed her.

Qi Feng gets up on the stage to ask the girls to leave but Mao Mao ends up pushing Yi Fen right on top of him.
Just when Yi Fen is about to climb off Qi Feng, Hao Mei ends up stumbling right on top of her again and we have a kiss! 
After settling the three girls in a hotel room, Yi Fen and Qi Feng awkwardly faces each other in the hallway. 
Yi Fen "That kiss today didn't mean anything... um... I don't mean kissing a boy doesn't mean anything... I just mean is something... but not really. Anyway, I am making this worse."
Looking more calm after Yi Fen's stuttering explanation, Qi Feng says "I understand. It was an accident."

Yi Fen sheepishly asks "I guess after what happened I have no chance of winning this contest. But I did find my friends once again."
Qi Feng "Finding your friends again is indeed a gain. After all you did start this dream with them."
Quickly Yi Fen replies "No, My dream started with you. If it wasn't for your presentation and your encouragement I wouldn't even be brave enough to apply. Thank you." 

With a slight pause, Qi Feng says "You already thanked me. Didn't you tell me that you were thankful that I was with you all this time?" 

Qi Feng and Yi Fen smiles at each other.


Not bad. This was obviously a set up episode and with so many characters to go through the story did feel a bit scattered. But I am liking the chemistry between Yi Fen and Qi Feng.

I am not so sure about the "Be brave and chase your dream" theme though. The drama seems to be hammering that to no end the whole hour and that could get old fast if they keep that up. I am also a bit worried about having what looks like two male leads and two female leads PLUS two fairly important side characters. Still, I think this one has potential if they don't try too hard to be In A Good Way 2. 


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