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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Apgujeong Midnight Episode 1-6 First Impression

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 Apgujeong Midnight Sun - The closest information I can get on this show is that the story follows three families in the entertainment industry. 

After watching 6 episodes... I have no idea what the story is about at all. The male lead (I think... always a bad sign when you have no idea who the male lead is) works in the entertainment industry but that has barley come up in the story so far.
 If you go by the poster, I think this is the two leads. If you go by the story so far, I don't think anyone is the lead. 
 Assuming this is the female lead Baek Ya who has thus far spent her time torturing her sister-in-law over her unnatural attachment to her brother and having weird run ins with the male lead's brother. The sister-in-law torturing is making this particular character quite unlikable to the point I am annoyed when she shows up and that's a terrible thing to do to your female lead. 
 Thus far I don't really know much about the male lead, other than he is not interested in girls. Oh, and he seems to work for some sort of entertainment industry. 
The male lead's little brother, Moon Eum. If it wasn't for all the poster showcasing the other guy as the male lead, I would have assumed this is the male lead since he seems to have a lot more scenes than his older brother. Of course, Moon Eum hasn't done much either other than a few runs in with the female lead and his obsession to hide his friend's dog in his room (his mom is allergic to dog). 

I am obviously not planning on watching this anymore... although I have to confess while getting this post ready I watched ep. 7-11 as well in hopes maybe a plot will emerge. Still not much, but we do find out out in episode 11 that the female lead and Moon Eum (as well as his older brother) are actually old acquaintances who didn't recognize each other until ep.11. So I guess maybe the plot might pick up the pace after all. 

Leave me a note if you are the brave one who actually watched this show and figures out what the plot is. 


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