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Friday, October 10, 2014

Apple In Your Eye Ep 10 Recap

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Question of the hour: How many psych tests should you administer to your daughter's boyfriend as to make sure he is not a psycho?

Ji Wei tells a story about a painting depicting Greed demanding gifts from Santa Clause. As a little kid, Ji Wei used to hang stockings every year, but each time the stockings remain empty.

Back to the actual story. Ji Wei opens her door to reveal Yuan Fang ready to help her move to his house. Ignoring a hesitating Ji Wei, Yuan Fang starts to pack Ji Wei's luggage and urges her to cook him dinner at his house.  
Yao Qi waits patiently at their secret wall. Ji Wei tries to text Yao Qi that she needs to apologize to Yuan Fang but Yuan Fang's sudden appearance stops Ji Wei from sending her text. Worse, Yuan Fang finds Shao Min's letter. 
Mama Zhou sits alone (still holding to her cleaver mind you) and thinks back to Yao Qi's tearful confession. Mama Zhou finally snaps out of her daze and picks up the phone (assuming she was planning to call Ji Wei) but ends up getting interrupted when Ji Ru walks in with her boyfriend to inform Mama Zhou they have reserved a reception center. 

Looking at Mama Zhou's blank face, Ji Ru assures her mother that she will be happy. Mama Zhou shocks Ji Ru and her boyfriend when she breaks down and starts to cry "This is not at all how I imagined!"  
At an extremely awkward dinner Ji Wei finally gets the courage to tell Yuan Fan that she has something to tell him after Yuan Fang tells her the disturbing story of how he received hand cuffs from his company Christmas party last year. . 

Yuan Fan "Are you still going to say it?"
Ji Wei "You know what I am going to say?"
Yuan Fan "That you don't want to come live with me or that you decided to be with Dai Yao Qi?"
Yuan Fan takes out Ji Wei's phone memory card and Shao Min's letter to show her that he knows everything.
Unmoved by Ji Wei's apology, Yuan Fang tells her "There is only one way to punish unfaithfulness."
That night, Yuan Fang sits and reads through every single one of Ji Wei's letter to Yao Qi. 

The next morning, Yao Qi walks up at the train station after waiting for Ji Wei all night, but there is no sight of Ji Wei. 
Yuan Fang shows up at Ji Wei's parent's house bearing gifts that Ji Wei supposedly asked him to bring. 
Ji Wei sits at Yuan Fang's house chained up by the handcuffs. In her despair, Ji Wei starts to throw Yuan Fang's book at the wall and ends up finding a card with Yuan Fang's writing in it. In the card, Yuan writes "I heard you are getting married. I don't know if I should be angry or pat myself on the back. You probably has no idea how much I tried to convince myself that you didn't lie to me..." 

Yuan Fang shows up at Ji Wei and Yao Qi's wall and tells Yao Qi he is there because Ji Wei asked him to return the running shoes to him. 

Yuan Fang goes on to tell Yao Qi that Ji Wei has moved in with him and to demonstrate how lovey dovey they are, Yuan Fang starts to name off all the memories Ji Wei and Yao Qi shares. 
Daddy Zhou can't warp his mind around what Yuan Fang has told them. Puzzled, he tells Mama Zhou that the girl Yuan Fang described to them just doesn't sound like his daughter. Mama Zhou insists that Ji Wei has just gotten smarter and decides to listen to her words by choosing Yuan Fang. Unconvinced, Daddy Zhou walks away. Once Daddy Zhou walks away, Mama Zhou sits down without the certainty she showed to her husband and stares at the cake Yuan Fang brought for them.
A Bin calls Yao Qi to tel him that Yuan Fang has come to Ji Wei's work to hand in her resignation for her and has also dropped the bomb that they are getting married. 

Yao Qi sits on their wall and mutters "I guess there was never a black hole so of course we can't fall in."
Ji Wei sits and reads one of Yuan Fang's book. In one of the pages, Yuan Fang has highlighted "I am going to fall in love with that girl as soon as I can. Her vitality can heal me. Her naivety can redeem me. Her and her are completely different." 
Yuan Fang comes back to his apartment and Ji Wei begs him to let her go. Ji Wei pleas with Yuan Fang not to destroy his own life and promises she will treat this whole thing as a mistake. 

Instead of being moved, Yuan Fang hands Ji Wei her cell phone and tells her that he will give her a last chance to call Dai Yao Qi to tell him that she no longer has feelings for him. 

Surprisingly Ji Wei calls her mom instead and talks as if nothing is wrong. Mama Zhou reminds Ji Wei that her sister's wedding is only three days away and to be sure to come. Ji Wei worries that she might not make it and tells Mama Zhou that she wish she could be eating dinner with them.  
Ji Wei hangs up the phone with a somewhat final sounding "Goodbye" and starts to sob. 
Yuan Fang "Well, you have used up your last chance."
Ji Wei screams after him "I gave up my chance to YOU!" I think referring to the fact Yuan Fan now still have a chance to let her go.

Mama Zhou finds Yao Qi still sitting at the wall.
Mama Zhou "What so good about Zhou Ji Wei. She is so clumsy and dumb."
Smiling, Yao Qi "That's true. Her legs are so thick, she has no waist, and she is like a table with legs." Ha, ha... 

Yao Qi "But Zhou Ji Wei, she cried with me, comforted me and told me she would fall in (the black hole) with me. I still don't believe it. I will not believe until I hear Zhou Ji Wei tell me herself." 
Yuan Fang moves Ji Wei to the kitchen (still chained) so she can cook dinner for him. As Yuan Fang focus on plating his dinner, Ji Wei can't help but stares at the knife on the counter. But in the end, Ji Wei wasn't able to get hold of the knife. 
A Bin picks up Yao Qi at the train station. Yao Qi tells A Bin that his gut instinct is telling him Ji Wei is in trouble. A Bin wasn't too convinced but decides to show Yao Qi where Yuan Fang's grandparent's place is anyway. (Remember he followed Yuan Fang and Ji Wei on a date once) 

Ji Wei asks Yuan Fang if he ever hung stockings in hopes Santa would come. Ji Wei's stocking has always remained empty so she wondered if maybe she is a bad kid, but Yao Qi convinced her that he was the one to steal all her present. Yuan Fang coldly comments that no wonder Ji Wei and Yao Qi like each other, since they are both fools. 

The mood turns tense when Ji Wei angers Yuan Fang by bringing up the fact Yuan Fang is just using her to get over his ex-girlfriend. 
A knock comes to the door and with a cold stare Yuan Fang picks up the knife on the counter. 
In her hurry to stop Yuan Fang, Ji Wei jerks the handcuff by accident and finds that in Yuan Fang's distraction he has not locked the other end of the handcuff. 

Just when Yuan Fang gets ready to open his door with the knife in his hand, he feels Ji Wei putting the other end of the handcuff on him. 

With a determined stare, Ji Wei tells Yao Qi through the door "I don't like you anymore because I have grown up. You need to grow up too. Don't come bother me anymore."

Taking a deep breath, Yao Qi replies "Can you come out? Just let me see you are safe then I'll leave."
Slowly, Ji Wei cracks open the door and Yao Qi can only see Ji Wei tightly holding onto Yuan Fan's arm. From behind the door we can see that Ji We is grabbing onto Yuan Fan's hand that is holding the knife with a death grip. 
Ji Wei quickly close the door and locks it once Yao Qi has seen her face. Yuan Fan reaches for the door and Ji Wei pulls him back, pleading with him not to hurt himself or Yao Qi.

Moved by Ji Wei, Yuan Fan says "Don't make me so moved. What if I really fall in love with you?" Um... if you would kidnap a girl you don't love, I shudder to think what you would do to one you love... 
Standing in front of a store, Yuan Fan calls his ex-girlfriend and congratulates her on her upcoming marriage.
Ex-girlfriend "How are you doing lately?"
Yuan Fan "I think I finally fell in love again with a girl. I thought there is no way I would fall in love with her. I miscalculated."
Ex-girlfriend "That great!"
Yuan Fan "But she doesn't love me..."

The tenth sadness: What traps us, in actuality, is our heart.

This was an extremely hard episode to watch. A great episode but I felt like I was sitting on pins and needles. I spent the whole time wishing the icky Yuan Fang would just disappear. 

I thought it was an awesome twist that Yuan Fan didn't actually love Ji Wei. He just figured if he picked one that was naive like Ji Wei then she can't possibly disappoint him. When she did disappoint him, he treats punishing her as a way of punishing the whole fickle world. 

Personally, I would not have hesitated to knock him out with a pan or something. Worrying about his future would be the last thing in my mind. In my opinion, Yuan Fan needs some serious help not just a simple go your way and be healed. Someone who would resort to kidnapping over a girl he doesn't even love is obviously beyond your garden variety emotional problem.

That last few scenes with Ji Wei using all her courage to protect Yao Qi is so awesome. That silly girl. Like always, Yao Qi comes first no matter what even if that mean putting her own life in danger. 

I was really afraid that this whole kidnapping thing will drag on for a while, but the preview for episode 11 gives me hope!

Apple In Your Eye Episode 11 Preview

Mama Zhou is asking everyone where Ji Wei is. (I am assuming they are at Ji Ru's wedding) A timid voice come from the door and Ji Wei shyly says "I am here." 

Surprised at Ji Wei's disheveled appearance, Mama Zhou says "Why do you look like that?!" 

Ji Wei "It was raining so..."

Mama Zhou "How about your boyfriend? Did you bring him?"

Waving her hand to signal whoever behind the door to come out, Yao Qi sheepishly shows his face.
Yeahhhhh!!!!!! There is hope! 


  1. I had been waiting for your comments on 10 this is the first drama i have seen completely without subtitles. warm regards from Dominican Republic. ReynaRoma

    1. Wow, without subtitles? That's awesome!

  2. seee he is creepy and reads her letters... I don't like him bc he's in love with the idea of being with ji wei as if it's her job to fix him. I also hope this kidnapping won't drag on. yuan fang is creepy and it's so unsettling to watch that unfold. I hope Yao Qi saves her. Can't wait to watch the next ep.

    1. I really hope Yao Qi beat him up ... but I don't see that happening...

  3. As you said, this was extremely hard to watch! I kept thinking Ji Wei should've just grab a pot and hit him in the head or something. I wouldn't have worried about him in the least, but our heroine is too kind I think. The ending got me thinking they wanted the audience to sympathize with Yuan Fan, though why would anyone sympathize with Yuan Fan is still beyond my comprehension xD
    I'm glad the preview shows this traumatic episode is over, and that the show is finally moving on in the direction I have been waiting for all this time ^^
    Thanks for the recap!!

    1. It was SO hard to watch. I think I cringed the whole time I was watching it. I am just crossing all my fingers that the preview is real and not some dream sequence (gasp! I can't believe I just wrote that).

      I do agree they might be going towards redeeming Yuan Faun in which case I wonder if he'll actually let Ji Wei go himself... but I am still hoping someone kick his behind.

  4. yesh yesh yesh omaigar... look at that preview. i know they gonna get together. patience is a virtue.

  5. Thank you for your recaps. I am watching this drama without subtitles too. Honestly you can call me stupid but I wish Ji Wei can heal Yuan Feng's heart. Yes, he is creepy and definitely has problems but I think the way Ji Wei is, the way her character is built, she is the perfect person to heal his emotional and psychological wounds. Which clearly he has.
    Also they call her stupid but Yao Qi is not bright one either since it took him more than 10 years to master his courage and figure out what he needs to do. I think he's perfect for her as she's not going to places either.

  6. OMG I totally feel you while watching this episode. The intensity was so high, I almost couldn't take it. And yes hope in ep 11, really looking forward to it!!