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Friday, October 17, 2014

Apple In Your Eye Episode 11 Recap

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Question of the hour: Where is Yao Qi?! 

Ji Wei tells the story of an unknown band whose band members are all toiling away in life under heavy responsibilities but the members gives up their precious time to sleep in order to practice together. When a bystander asks why the band members would do such a thing, the answer comes back "You don't have a dream do you son?"

 Ji Wei goes on to wonder if we only ever see the front side of the moon that what is on the back side of the moon? What is the moon hiding?
It's Christmas eve and Yuan Fang, always willing to share his lovely view on the world tells Ji Wei "I have always disliked Christmas, because all the happiness is just a facade."
The next morning, still chained to the bed, Ji Wei wakes up to find a Christmas stocking by her. Just when Ji Wei is ready to put the stocking aside she notices something is in it. Reaching her hand inside, Ji Wei is stunned to pull out the key to her handcuffs.

Gathering her things and rushing to the door, Ji Wei finds her running shoes gift from Yao Qi right on the shoe shelf.
Waiting right inside his room for Ji Wei to leave, Yuan Fang comes out of his room to find a note on his counter. Along with the handcuffs the note reads "Now, You are free."
Running with excitement, Ji Wei calls Yao Qi the moment she could but no one picked up. Almost crying with frustration Ji Wei yells her message to Yao Qi's phone "Where are you?! Didn't you understand me?! How can you not understand? You are the one that told me to say goodbye to the one you love. And I DID! I said goodbye! How can you not understand me?!"
Ji Wei goes back to Yao Qi's house but finds it empty as well.

Ji Wei shows up at work and gets chewed up by Mei Xiu over how irresponsible she is and how hurt she is by how Ji Wei repaid all her kindness. Was she nice to her? Didn't she keep gossiping about Ji Wei? 

Without any way to explain herself, Ji Wei can only swallow the truth and takes all the blame. Ji Wei talks to A Bin and finds out after Yao Qi left Yuan Fang's house he almost rushed right back to kick down the door. Yao Qi asks A Bin "Do you think Zhou Ji Wei is someone that would say I don't want to see you anymore?" A Bin tells Yao Qi "If I was Ji Wei, I would choose the architect too."

In the end, A Bin took Yao Qi over to his restaurant so his friends could comfort him.

Quietly Yao Qi stews over his thoughts about Ji Wei while a bunch of his friends assume Shao Min is the one that broke up with him. Yao Qi's partners kicks the young kids out and proceeds to drink every available alcohol in the restaurant.

Ji Wei urges Yao Qi's friends to tell her every bit of what Yao Qi said the previous night. But the only thing they could tell Ji Wei is that Yao Qi keep asking them questions such as "If you are stuck with a tiger how would you get out?" or "If you could have called the police to tell them about the tiger but choose not to what's your reason?"

At the end, Yao Qi disappeared without his friend knowing where he went.
Ji Wei receives a call from Mama Zhou reminding her to come home the next day for her sister's wedding and to bring her architect boyfriend home. Just as Ji Wei is ready to break the news about Yuan Fang being in the past tense, she remembers the fact she was able to wear the  running shoes from Yao Qi from Yuan Fang's home.
Ji Wei goes to Yuan Fang's company party to ask him how the running shoes could have shown up at his house when he has already given it back to Yao Qi.

Yuan Fang admits that Yao Qi did come to see him at the company before. Not only did Yao Qi returned the running shoes to him but also wished him well. It turns out, Yao Qi was suspicious of Yuan Fang so his act of returning the shoes was only to placate Yuan Fang. Yao Qi tries to get into Yuan Fang's house again, but Yuan Fang had already warned the apartment security to look out for Yao Qi.

Undeterred, Yao Qi jumps the fence and was ready to threaten Yuan Fang to open his door when he came home.
Without changing his expression Yuan Fang tells Ji Wei that since he was warned by the security about Yao Qi's presence already, he had his knife ready when Yao Qi threatened him.

Calmly like discussing the weather, Yuan Fang asks Ji Wei "Didn't you hear his moaning that day? Oh, the music must have covered it up. Wait, didn't you see the blood stain by the front door when you left this morning?"
Okay, this guy is psycho no matter what anyone else says. Someone please just hit him over the head and lock him up. I thought the writer is going with the prodigal son with Yuan Fang but I guess we are going more with Silence of the Lamb. 
Ji Wei stares at Yuan Fang in disbelief and at the same time Yuan Fang's mystery Christmas gift has been revealed. The gift Yuan Fang brought was a single penny in a clear glass bottle. Yuan Fang explains since a single penny is often the culprit of being short on change ... like when you are getting on the bus, the best way to punish it is to save it forever. Okay, I get he is creepy, that's move on now... please? 

It makes no sense to me, but apparently this brought back memories of her returning a penny to Yuan Fang so Ji Wei demands "You are lying aren't you?"

Yuan Fang "I will give you one more chance then. Are you worried about Dai Yao Qi committing a foolish mistake or are you worried about me committing a foolish mistake?"
Ji Wei "60% and 40%" The cooler answer shoud've been "Neither. It's me 100% because I am about to wipe the floor with your face." 

Without another word, Yuan Fang walks back to his cubical. Ji Wei rushes after him while changing her answer "I mean 50% and 50%. Okay, okay 40% and 60%"

Ignoring her, Yuan Fang pulls out a cell phone and tells her "This is Dai Yao Qi's cell phone. I really don't know where he is."

Shao Min comes back to Yao Qi's house to finish packing her stuff. Ji Wei finds out that Yao Qi actually met with Shao Min to apologize to her and also took a punch from Shao Min's friend Sang Mi. Ironically, Yao Qi only suffered minor bleeding on his lips while Sang Mi ends up fracturing his hand from the punch.

While waiting for Sang Mi to get treated, Yao Qi takes the opportunity to apologize to Shao Min again and to wish her the best.
Ji Wei also tries to apologize to Yao Qi, but Shao Min refuses to listen to any more apology. Ji Wei tries to suggest maybe Shao Min should treasure Sang Mi more than a friend since they seem to understand each other so well, but Shao Min just laughs.

Before Shao Min leaves she tells Ji Wei "I guess you don't know Dai Yao Qi that well... or you would know where he is."

Shao Min's words all the sudden made Ji Wei realizes what she has been missing all along. Rushing to the train station, Ji Wei smiles at all the texts she is getting from Yao Qi's friends reporting their progress at checking every hospital in Taipei. Thanking Yao Qi's friends, Ji Wei tells them that she knows where to find Yao Qi now.
Camping by their secret wall, Yao Qi invites a boy who is sad over his dad's remarriage to sit with him in the tent. Yao Qi tells the boy that they share similar fate since his mom ran away as well.

Yao Qi "And my dad is as good as ran away. My grandma passed away as well."
Boy "You sound more pitiful than I am."
Yao Qi "But one saving grace is that I have a sister left."
Boy "Whew, at least you have her. I have a sister too."

Yao Qi leaves for a bit to let the boy have some space to cry if he wants to.
Bracing the rain, Ji Wei eagerly runs over to their secret wall only to be shocked to see a boy sitting by himself in a tent.

Thinking back to Yao Qi as a little boy sitting the same way, Ji Wei begins to to stutter "Dai Yao Qi... Heaven! Are you...."

Boy "Are you ... the sister?"
Ji Wei "Who are you?"
Boy "You don't know me."
Ji Wei "Oh, good. I thought he fell into the dark hole through the time portal and turned.... oh, never mind."
Ji Wei looks up to find Yao Qi standing right in front of her.
Immediately Ji Wei cries "Where did you go?! I thought I would never see you again!"

Yao Qi "Why are you looking for me? Didn't you say you are all grown up? Didn't you say it was all just pity? Didn't you tell me not to bother you again."
Crying louder, Ji Wei yells "I told the one I love "goodbye"!"
Yao Qi "I heard you, but there is a lot of different kind of goodbye. I have lots of different kinds of love. What kind of love is yours?"
Ji Wei begrudgingly answers "The kind that would fall over with you." (she is talking about the black hole thing again.)  
Yao Qi waves Ji Wei over to him and Ji Wei all but runs to him.

Yao Qi "Are you ready to fall over with me?"
Ji Wei mutters "I was ready at six years old."

With one swift move, Yao Qi pulls Ji Wei to him for a kiss (with romantic music in the background playing to boot) but Ji Wei halts the kiss. After unceremoniously dumping all her bags on the ground, Ji Wei puckers up ready for Yao Qi to resume his kiss. After a long suffering side glance ...
Yao Qi swoops in for the kiss ... again.
Until a voice sounds in the back ground "Kissing your sister.... disgusting!" With that, the little boy runs away.
Yao Qi "You are disgusting."
Ji Wei "Hey! You were disgusting first!"
Yao Qi "So what?!"
Ji Wei "So?!"
Yao Qi "You still want to be disgusting?"
Ji Wei "Yap."
Yao Qi "Come on"
Ji Wei "Come on!"
Yao Qi "Who's scared?!"
Ji Wei "COME ON!"

And we have another kiss... again. One thing I love about T-Drama. They know how to do kiss scenes. 
Ji Ru comes home with her new husband and two step kids to do their marriage bowing to the bride's parents.

Mama Zhou keeps a stoic face, but finally breaks down and tells Ji Ru's husband "Our Ji Ru always keeps a depressing expression on her face. She is not angry, she was just born with that kind of face." Ha ha, my favorite marital advice. 

Mama Zhou goes on to admonish her daughter now that she has chosen her own family she must never run away from it so her two new grandkids would always have the love of a mom.

Moved by Mama Zhou's words, Daddy Zhou wipes away all the makeup on his wife's face "Here is my wife! You, without all these makeup is the prettiest."
Yao Qi tells Ji Wei he was thinking all these bad things that could've happened to her such as her being kidnapped or being threatens. So everything that happened to her. 
Ji Wei "You watched too many Korean drama."

Just when Yao Qi starts to ask more questions, the pouring rain starts again. Yao Qi ducks into the tent with Ji Wei who is only in her underwear.

Ji Wei takes a pot to cover herself while yelling at Yao Qi to leave. Citing the pouring rain as the reason he can't leave, Yao Qi hands Ji Wei a big bowl to cover herself with. So cute! 
Busy at the wedding reception, Mama Zhou is stunned to see Ji Wei in all her messed up glory.

Putting aside her question of why Ji Wei looks like she just crawled out of a garbage can, Mama Zhou asks "Did you bring your boyfriend."
Sheepishly, Ji Wei waves her boyfriend in. And a even more sheepish Yao Qi smiles at Mama Zhou.
The wedding photographer captures the perfect moment when Mama Zhou yells "So Sad!" (That's a nod to Ji Wei's nickname."
Mama and Daddy Zhou checks on Ji Wei and Yao Qi who are both laid out by fever from being in the rain. When her parents left, a sleeping Ji Wei all the sudden jerks awake and immediately checks to see if Yao Qi is still with her. Seeing Yao Qi's sleeping face, a happy and content Ji Wei lays back down.
The eleventh sadness: Being afraid of being too happy, even in your dreams.


I was seriously considering skipping recapping the first half of this episode and just do frame by frame for the last 30 minutes. I spent pretty much the first half of the episode going "okay, okay let's just find Yao Qi and move on." 

I really could have done without the additional scene of Yuan Fang and I sincerely hope the writer is not setting him up to go all crazy on us again. Of course this episode did convince me that he is certifiable crazy and I would really rather Ji Wei tells at least one person about the kidnapping incident so someone would know who to suspect if something happens to Ji Wei again.

The cuteness overload in the last half of episode made up for all the waiting I had to do. Is it too much to ask if we just have all the cuteness for the rest of the three remaining episodes?

Speaking of the remaining episode, here is the preview for Episode 12.

Apple In Your Eye Episode 12 Preview

 Mama Zhou tells the two love birds that she wants them to wait three years before getting married. Ji Wei pleads for Mama Zhou to cut the time down to two years.
 Ji Wei tells Yao Qi he should do the princess hold on her so they could practice for their wedding night.
Yao Qi "Who said I was marrying you?"
Yao Qi does the princess hold despite Ji Wei's protest is not their wedding night yet.
Ji Wei "But hey you are strong enough to pick me up!"
Yao Qi "Are you happy?"
Ji Wei "I am really happy."
 Mama Zhou is trying to pack Ji Wei's cloth while Ji Wei whines "But the rice has already been cooked " (A Chinese saying referring to sleeping together.)

Mama Zhou "Well, I got to stop it before the switch on the rice cooker hasn't popped up yet."

As Mama Zhou walks out she tells Ji Wei "I am going home to choose a wedding date for you guys."
Ji Wei tells Yuan Fang "I am getting married."
Yuan Fang "Congratulation."
Yao Qi yells on the phone "What is wrong with you Dad?! You owe someone $900,000 NT now?! When are you going to live like a man?!"

A voice from the other side of phone says "This is the coroner's office. We wanted to let you know that your father's body was discovered this morning."


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