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Friday, October 24, 2014

Apple in Your Eye Episode 12 Recap

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Question of the hour: Is it really that important to be a good person? What if it means you have to give up the one thing you can't give up?

We start with yet another story from Ji Wei. A little boy watches as perfect strangers shows up to rebuild his home which was destroyed in a disaster. The reason why strangers would do this? Because they are good people and because after all this is a home (picture of Taiwan) we all share together.
Yao Qi is helping a neighborhood lady with her roof while Ji Wei spins the excuse that she was only over at Yuan Fang's home because she really wanted to end the relationship on a good note. (Made me laugh when she said that, since it was the extreme of not ending on a good note.) 

Staring at her without saying anything for a few seconds, Yao Qi says "You are not telling me the truth, but you must have a reason for it, so we'll let it go." Such a cool guy... but I still wish someone would just give Yuan Fang a good solid punch. 

While walking home, Ji Wei asks if Yao Qi would be able to do the princess carry on her for their wedding night.

With a sly smile Yao Qi tells her "I guess you and that architect might actually had an amicable breakup after all. I think he would be left with half of a life if he tried to princess carry you. Plus, I think you weigh more than him right?"

Affronted, Ji Wei yells after Yao Qi "Hey! He really really didn't want to break up with me okay?!" Muttering to herself Ji Wei complains "If it wasn't for the fact I can't tell you the truth then you would know how popular my fat is!" Ha, my favorite line.
The second Yao Qi and Ji Wei get back to the house, Mama Zhou sits them down.

Mama Zhou "So you guys have decided not to be siblings anymore right?"
Yao Qi "Probably... can't be.... siblings anymore."
Ji Wei "Oh, Yeah! We have already done what siblings can't do."

Mama Zhou slaps Ji Wei on the arm "How can you say such a shameful thing!"
Interjecting into Mama Zhou's blabbering of how shameful Ji Wei is Yao Qi clarifies "She is talking about kissing. You adults, how can you guys be so sinful." Ha ha! So hilarious. 

Back to the business at hand, Mama Zhou lists out her conditions for Yao Qi and Ji Wei.

1. They have to wait three years before they can get married. Ji Wei protests that in three years she would be over 30 years old, so she is trying to get that timeline down to two years.
2.In three years (Ji Wei says 2 years), Mama Zhou wants to see a savings account with $1,000,000 NT in it. (That's about $34,000 U.S. Dollars)
3. Every month they need to give Mama Zhou half of their salary for her to put into the saving for them. (So now they have to save $34,000 and also give Mama Zhou half of their income.)
4. Ji Wei and Yao Qi needs to come home once a month.
5. Yao Qi needs to find a job with normal working hours. (Planning for the day when they have kids) 
6. Yao Qi needs to change his quick temper.
7. Whatever Yao Qi does, he needs to put "If I am really Zhou Ji Wei's brother I would..."

Yao Qi agrees to all of Mama Zhou's rules and the two love birds can finally start their life together. Oh, and Ji Wei did get her princess carry after all.

Yao Qi washes Ji Wei's bra for her and takes the opportunity to remark that Ji Wei actually has a decent chest size. Ji Wei immediately tries to shield herself from Yao Qi's preying eyes but he just tells her "There is no point hiding since I have seen it all."
Ji Wei "All?!"
Yao Qi "Yap."
Took me a second to remember what they are talking about. Yao Qi is talking about him rushing into the tent to avoid the rain at their secret wall while Ji Wei is sitting inside naked. 
Things starts to get steamy between Yao Qi and Ji Wei but just when things are starting to heat up even more Mama Zhou's seventh rule sounds in Yao Qi's mind. "Whatever you do you have to think what would I do if I am Zhou Ji Wei's real brother..."

Sending Ji Wei off to bed and not forgetting to remind her to lock her door, Yao Qi lays in bed and mutters "Mrs. Zhou that was a low blow!"

In the bathroom, Ji Wei tries to figure out why Yao Qi would suddenly stop their kissing, but the only answer Yao Qi have for her is to sing patriotic song as loud as he can in his room.
Ji Wei goes to Mei Xui for advise and the only thing she got was a confession that Mei Xui is jealous of her and a challenge for Jei Wei to take down Yao Qi in three days.
Filled with guilt, Yao Qi goes to his partners to tell them that he has decided to look for a day job instead of working at the restaurant. One of Yao Qi's partner takes the news with understanding, while the other takes it as a betrayal.
Apologetic, but firm in his decision Yao Qi leaves for his first job interview.
Ji Wei shows up at the restaurant that night and is stunned to hear from Yao Qi's friend that he has pulled himself out of the partnership.

Ji Wei hurries home and tell Yao Qi she doesn't want him to change for her, but Yao Qi is again firm on his decision.

Yao Qi's firm decision to leave the restaurant partnership did remain true but his other decision to not touch Ji Wei ... didn't. Literally yanking Yao Qi's cloth off while pushing him into the bedroom, Ji Wei has her way with Yao Qi while he is still feebly protesting.
Yao Qi finds out that working at a "normal" job (selling insurance) is indeed difficult but thankfully his friend comes through and gets Yao Qi an insurance contract with his dad.

The insurance contract didn't come free though. Yao Qi's friend had to pay the price of agreeing to study abroad but Yao Qi's friend admits that this could be turning point for him in life.
After lovingly packing lunch for both of them, Ji Wei seductively asks Yao Qi "Do you want to do ...something..."
Turns out the "something" is video games, which Ji Wei won despite Yao Qi's sabotage.
Watching Ji Wei with a slight smile, Yao Qi asks "Are you happy?"

The next morning, Yao Qi groggily picks up Ji Wei's phone when he couldn't wake Ji Wei up to do it herself. In a daze, Yao Qi gets up to open the door only to suddenly realize Mama Zhou was the one on the phone. Quickly waking Ji Wei up, the two rushes around trying to make the house look like Ji Wei is still sleeping by herself like the good little girl she was suppose to be.
The jig is up when Mama Zhou finds Ji Wei's hair in Yao Qi's bed. When Mama Zhou is about to leap frog onto Yao Qi to beat him up, Ji Wei quickly yells "I am the one that started it! I am the one that seduced him."

Mama Zhou starts to pack Ji Wei's luggage to drag her home but Yao Qi changes her mind by showing her his bank savings. Only surviving on the bare minimum Yao Qi has almost saved up the amount Mama Zhou demanded in less than a year.

Moved, Mama Zhou tells Ji Wei that she is going home to pick a wedding date. Overwhelmed to finally have Mama Zhou accepts him, Yao Qi hugs her and refuses to let go even when she pretended to be angry.
Yuan Fang shows up at Ji Wei's work to mail a package, and Ji Wei takes the chance to talk to him. When Ji Wei starts to smile over the mention of Yao Qi, she quickly apologizes to Yuan Fang.
Yuan Fang "You have nothing to apologize for. My unblissful life is not your fault. Bliss has never come from someone else but from myself."
Ji Wei "Then you need to find bliss soon."
Yuan Fang"I will... once I eat you..."

Oops, that was only my imagination. He really said "I will."
Yao Qi and Ji Wei shows up at the restaurant to find the place packed to the brim with customers. Without another word, Yao Qi and Ji Wei jump in to help.

Yao Qi's friend who has gotten over his sense of betrayal, tells Yao Qi to come around more often.
Just when things are going well, Yao Qi finds out that his dad has not only racked up a $9000000 N.T (About $300,000 U.S ) debt but he has taken the cowards way out by committing suicide.

Taking his dad's ashes to the sea like he asked, Yao Qi angrily yells "I have long had nothing to do with you. The only thing I inherited from you is selfishness."

Yao Qi goes to meet with a lawyer who tells him that from a legal and moral point of view his dad's debt has nothing to do with him and by singing away his right of inheritance his dad's trouble will have no affect on him.

However, Yao Qi finds out that all of his dad's debtors has connections to his grandfather. One of the debtor is the kind man Yao Qi remembers from his childhood that gave his grandmother money while they were struggling.

Yao Qi visits the man and finds out that not only is the man trying to renovate his old dilapidated home, he is also taking care of a special needs granddaughter.

Sitting at the same bench his grandmom and him sat on so long ago, Yao Qi thinks back to his grandmom's words "I think is okay being poor, and is okay to not be good at school, but one must have a good heart."
Yao Qi finally gets home after avoiding Ji Wei's phone call for two days. Kneeling by her and watching her sleeping face, Yao Qi asks "Zhou Bi Ai (her nick name for sadness), what should I do?"

In her sleep, Ji Wei answers "The fridge is the lunch box" Yao Qi only laughs at her answer.
Yao Qi takes Ji Wei to a glamorous steak restaurant despite Ji Wei's protest that they should save money. Over lunch, Yao Qi casually mentions seeing a report on a guy who scammed bunch of people their retirement money, leaving the debtors struggling with illness and losing their home while the scammer himself is enjoying life... eating steak.

Ji Wei quickly responds with anger over someone who would be so lacking in basic human decency.
Walking out of the restaurant, Yao Qi gets on his scooter, steals a kiss from Ji Wei and causally tells her "See you later." As Yao Qi rides away with all the airs of someone leaving Ji Wei for good, memories of every instances when Ji Wei had stood by him through thick and thin come rushing through Yao Qi's mind.

Choking back tears, Yao Qi calls Ji Wei on the phone and leaves her a message "I didn't get to say bye just now... so bye. Also, I need to go see a client down south today so don't wait up for me...." 
The Twelfth Sadness: Being in love with a good person.   


Couldn't we just have 5 more episodes of just watching Yao Qi and Ji Wei being in love?? 

It was really gratifying to watch Yao Qi and Ji Wei finally being able to just be in love and for once their love is finally accepted by those around them as well. I am a bit shaky on the part of Yao Qi quitting his partnership in the restaurant and working as an insurance salesman. There was nothing wrong with him working as a restaurant owner and to be honest, he probably actually had better financial security with the restaurant than as a sales person. Plus he just didn't look that excited to be selling insurance... I would argue that very few people could. 

I do find it funny and educational that Yao Qi's friend calls him to the carpet on the fact he refused to change himself during all the time he spent with Shao Min but for Ji Wei he is willing to abandon the things that was suppose to be unchangeable. Dryly, Yao Qi other friend comments "That's the difference between not loving enough, and being really in love." I do find it sweet that Yao Qi is trying to change for Ji Wei's sake... I just don't agree with him choosing a vocation he has no passion for. 

As far as taking his dad's debt on himself goes... I am torn. That's A LOT of money to take on. For most people that's a life time of debt so I really don't see how realistically Yao Qi can repay it all. On the other hand I do understand why he has a difficult time leaving the debtors high and dry... especially to the man who was so kind to them so many years ago. 

I just hope whatever Yao Qi does he doesn't do the disappearing act and showing up years down the road but instead choose to battle this head on with Ji Wei by his side. 
Hint: In the preview for next weeks episode, Yao Qi asks Mama Zhou to give him two more years... so maybe he will choose to stick it out with Ji Wei after all.

So gang, last episode next week!!! I really wish it was a whole lot longer, but this drama has been one of the best T-Drama I have seen so I guess I wouldn't want to change it.


  1. Only in dramaland would Jia Wei be considered fat. I'm so glad I found your blog. I have to rely on subtitles so these recaps have really helped fill in the gaps in the unsubbed parts. I hope the angst is solved early in the last episode, and the rest is spent on our two lovebirds being lovey-dovey. They're so cute together.

    1. It is funny they keep referring her as fat, but no fear, in reality the actress that plays Ji Wei is usually refereed to as "Sexy goddess" whenever her news come up.

  2. Hi!!! Just finished watching this episode and reading your recap. As always, thank you! I can't believe there's just 1 episode left :( but I'm glad they didn't extend the drama and made the plot go nowhere [like so many other t-dramas] although I wouldn't have minded a few more episodes of Ji Wei & Yao Qi's lovey-dovey scenes xD
    I really hope they don't pull the 'Yao Qi disappears to carry the burden on his own and appears years later while Ji Wei firmly waits for him' kind of plot. Like you said, it'll be better if he faces it head on with Ji Wei by his side.

    1. I totally wasn't paying attention to the episode count so it caught be by surprise that this was the last episode... I was just in denial.

  3. This drama has 14 episodes so two more to go. Because episode 13 CAN NOT end the way it did. Am looking so much forward reading your recap on ep 13. Thank you so much for your subbing and thoughts :) Love this drama <3 I am not a big fan of taiwan dramas but this one is unique, totally in love with it. Also Down with Love was an excellent taiwan drama.

    1. Oh, in the way back machine. Down With Love is a good one. I really like Jerry and Ella in it. This is probably too late, but for anyone else lucky enough to have not watched episode 13 yet.. DON'T. Just pretend the show ended 2/3 way through episode 12. :-(