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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Apple of Your Eye Episode 9 Recap

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Question of the hour: Yao Qi, is it really a good idea to be that honest?

We open with another story. This one come from Daddy Zhou, about two ladies that writes to each other across continents and become each other's support in their depth of despair.

Back to the actual important stuff. Strangely, the story that Daddy Zhou told a long time ago is what came to Ji Wei's mind as she made the mistake of kissing Yao Qi. Specifically, Shao Min's tear stained face.

The kiss comes to an abrupt end when Ji Wei knocks over a bottle. Fumbling with the bottle Ji Wei quickly mutters "Sorry, I am sorry I complicated things."
Yao Qi "It's my fault. Sorry... Why don't you move out."
Ji Wei "I don't want to."

Yao Qi tells Ji Wei that he is feeling better and really, he is not her responsibility. Just as Ji Wei says "But I want to fall in with you!" Yao Qi opens the door to see Shao Min thrusting a bag containing all of Grandma Dai's things. Shao Min hugs Yao Qi and tells him not to ever get mad at her like that again, but Yao Qi's only reply was to pull away from her to walk out of the door with one simple sentence "I need some time alone".

Ji Wei tells Shao Min that her love for Yao Qi is selfish since she doesn't love the people around him or the pain he feels. Not taking kindly to Ji Wei's words, Shao Min yells back "Trying to get to him through all those things are you, but so what, he still doesn't love you."

Thinking back to a tearful Yao Qi crying "I am so afraid of falling into the black hole by myself." Ji Wei yells at Shao Min "If you can't love him properly, then please give him back to me!"

Shao Min "Fine, if Dai Yao Qi can like someone such as you."

Daddy Zhou calls Ji Wei to tell her that she can now kiss Yuan Fang, but only on the face. Hesitantly Ji Wei asks Daddy Zhou would it be okay if it turns out she doesn't really like Yuan Fang all that much. The ever awesome Daddy Zhou tells Ji Wei that she is the most important factor in her own romance so don't be concerned about other people ... especially her mother.

The next morning Yao Qi comes home with breakfast and gets both girls to eat at the table. Shao Min can hardly contain her happiness and excitement over her accidental find. Taking the ring Yao Qi bought for her out, Shao Min tells him to put it on her. Yao Qi does what Shao Min asks with a stiff expression. 

Ji Wei sits stiffly through the whole thing and finally jumps out of her seat with a mumbled excuse that she will be late for work. In her hurry to get away Ji Wei trips and dumps everything in her purse on the ground. Bubbling with happiness, Shao Min skips over to help Ji Wei pick up her things. Shao Min picks up a little clear bottle with a chipped tooth and wonders out loud what it is.

Ji Wei, even more flustered now that Shao Min pointed out her silly keep sake of Yao Qi's chipped tooth right in front of Yao Qi, runs out of the door. In the mean time, Yao Qi keeps the same expressionless face he has worn throughout the whole morning.

Yao Qi packs up Grandma Dai's things and takes the opportunity to have a talk with Shao Min.
Yao Qi confesses to Sha Min about the kiss.

Shao Min "I will forgive you. I know you were feeling fragile, plus you were angry with me ...and I know it was Zhou Ji Wei... "

Cutting her off, Yao Qi interrupts "It's not. It was not feeling fragile, it wasn't anger and it certainly wasn't because of Zhou Ji Wei. It was because of me. Because I already loved Zho Ji Wei from a long time ago. It was so long ago I don't even remember when it started. I also knew right from the start those letters were from her. I was just too scared to admit it, because Mama Zhou was against us. If I keep running away from all this I will just be a worse jerk than I am now. Do you know, only Zhou Ji Wei makes me not afraid."

Screaming through her tears, Shao Min tells Yao Qi "I will not just make it so easy for you. I will stay and watch how you two will end."

Yao Qi "There is really no ending to this. I will get out of both of your lives. I can't stay with you while being in love with Zhou Ji Wei. And I certainly don't have the courage to be her stumbling block."

With that, Yao Qi picks up Grandma Dai's things and walks out.

Holly Molly... extreme example of "it's not you, it's me" break up. 

Ji Wei meets with Yuan Fang ready to confess that she really doesn't like him enough to be in a relationship with him... but the words somehow refuses to come out when she found out Yuan Fang has been sleep deprived for the last 40 hours due to backlog of work from when they visited Ji Wei's parents.

Ji Wei takes Yuan Fang home and he takes the opportunity to pull her in bed with him. Yuan Fang "Will you stay the night? I promise I won't get touchy feely."

Extremely uncomfortable, Ji Wei jumps out of the bed to leave and all but runs out the door when Yuan Fang tells her to just move in to his house.

Yao Qi meets with A Bin to give him the puppy to take care of.  A Bin reminds Yao Qi that everyone will die so why not give your best shot at love. This way onr will die without regrets. Yao Qi pauses and seems to be really pondering A Bin's words.

Yao Qi's friends from the restaurant calls Ji Wei to tell her that Shao Min has drank herself into a stupor. Ji Wei gets kicked off the taxi when Shao Min ends up needing an emergency stop to puke by the sidewalk. Without any alternatives, Ji Wei piggy back Shao Min all the way home. Starting to get some of her sense back, Shao Min tells Ji Wei they'll make it a night of truth sharing.

Back at home, Ji Wei tells Shao Min the whole story of how she found out she is actually Yao Qi's exgirlfriend and the fact he bought the running shoes for her ten years ago.

In return, Shao Min tells Ji Wei "Yao Qi confessed to me about what happened that night. He cried and begged for my forgiveness. Even though I knew in my heart that I will forgive him and that it all happened because he was angry at me, I still forced myself to kick him out because I thought of you. I thought you said I was too selfish, I didn't love him enough. That there should be someone that love everything about him. So I forced myself to leave him. This is my way of loving him. Zhou Ji Wei, I gave him back to you."

Shocked to hear those words from Shao Min, Ji Wei tells her "Shao Min, I am sorry!"
Shao Min "I will accept your apology, because we are finally friends."

Looking at Shao Min's closed door Ji Wei keeps muttering "I am sorry."

The next morning at their breakfast table the Zhou family is surprised by the sudden appearance of Yao Qi. Without any explanation, Yao Qi sits down for breakfast after taking Mama Zhou's rice bowl right off her hand.

Looking at Yao Qi sleeping soundly in Ji Wei's bed, Mama and Daddy Zhou wonders what is wrong with Yao Qi.

Standing in her friend's jewelry store, Shao Min hears her friend telling a customer how the ring the lady is trying on is called courage because every woman should have the courage to reward herself with the things she buys for herself since only she knows how hard she is working. I don't get how this is helping her to figure things out, but hey, it is so I won't argue the point. ps. I think the ring the lady is trying on is the same ring Yao Qi bought. At least it looked the same. 

Sitting in her room, Shao Min spins the ring on her finger and cries. 

In the kitchen chopping vegetable for making dumplings, (they sure like dumplings a lot in this family) Mama Zhou greets Yao Qi warmly and tells him to eat the tofu roll she has prepared for him since she used Grandma Dai's recipe. Touched by the familiar sight of the tofu roll, Yao Qi all the sudden kneels down right in front of Mama Zhou and says "I promise I will never let Zhou Ji Wei turn into my mom."

Surprised, Mama Zhou turns to look at Yao Qi then calmly turn back to her chopping with one simple answer "No."

Undaunted, Yao Qi says "I knew you would say that. I have always listened to you since I was little, because you were like my other mom after my mother left."

Mama Zhou "You have a girlfriend, she has a boyfriend, why can't you just let things be. Why can't you just stay as a brother?"

Yao Qi "Because I don't want to look down on myself anymore. I have never had the guts to go after anything."

Hearing Yao Qi's refusal to back off, Mama Zhou gets so excited in her frustration that she raised her cleaver and just held it in the air. 

Without sparing the cleaver a glance, Yao Qi continues "If I don't go after this I will have nothing. My mother, my dad, grandma, I can't lose Zhou Ji Wei. I don't want to live in fear. Please let me be selfish just this one time. Please?! Zhou Mama, give Zhou Ji Wei back to me please!" 

Relenting, Zhou Mama replies "If Zhou Ji Wei is ever living unhappily I will chop you up"

Yao Qi "Don't worry, I will come stand in front of you to let you chop me if that day comes."

Ji Wei meets with Yuan Fang and asks him to help her look for a house so she can move out. Yuan Fang immediately tells her that he will come that night to help her move stuff to his house and she is not allowed to give him rent. Ji Wei tries to protest against the idea, but Yuan Fang only turns back to inform her that she is responsible for dinner that night.

I keep thinking how funny it is that with the right guy the same words could make one's heart skip with happiness but with the wrong guy, it just comes with ... foreboding. 

Ji Wei goes home to tell Shao Min that she will be moving out, but what she found instead is an empty room with a note and Yao Qi's ring. 

On the note, Shao Min tells Ji Wei the story she didn't know, such as how Yao Qi sold the presents his mom gave him to buy her the running shoes. 

At the end of the note, Shao Min confess that the "truth" she told Ji Wei the night before was false. 

Shao Min "The jerk Dai Yao Qi's actual confession is that he has always loved you. He even had the guts to tell me the truth that the connection between him and me only came from the fact I was part of your world. Making you cry all night yesterday was my kindest revenge, because we are not friends after all." 

Still in a daze after reading Shao Min's note, Ji Wei gets a text Yao Qi "Together, let's fall down."

Ji Wei's joy over Yao Qi's text didn't last long. The door bell rings and Ji Wei opens the door to reveal Yuan Fang ready to move her to his house. 

The ninth sadness: Regret, comes from, things being out of order.


Dang, how much more can they fit into one episode. I am completely surprised by Yao Qi's confession to Shao Min. That was a brutal confession that just lay everything out without an ounce of excuse. How gutsy is it to tell your girlfriend that not only have you always loved another girl, but the only reason she attracted you the first place was because she was part of that other girl's past? Talk about stripping away any lingering fantasy. But I guess this is the surest way to make a clean break. 

I am glad that Shao Min turned out to be cool after all. I was quite scared when she spun the whole lie about how Yao Qi begged for her forgiveness but I am glad she was able to come clean so soon. To be honest, it's probably quite understandable if she had chosen to prolonged the whole "punishment" to vent her anger, but this way she is freeing everyone and most of all herself. 

Let's move on the the episode 10 preview because I am too excited to write anything else until we covered that part.

Apple In Your Eye Episode 10 Preview

Yuan Fang comes to the secret wall and tells Yao Qi that Ji Wei sent him to give the running shoe back. 

Yuan Fang "I asked Ji Wei what I should say to you but she said no words are necessary since you should know what she meant simply be receiving the shoes from her." 

Yao Qi "Where is she?"

Yuan Fang "At my house, she moved in last night."

Daddy Zhou to Mama Zhou "This is not like our daughter."
Mama Zhou says she doesn't see any problem.
Daddy Zhou "The problem being the person Yuan Fang is describing sounds nothing like our daughter."

Yao Qi to A Bing "I think Zhou Ji Wei is in trouble."
Obviously thinking Yao Qi is over reacting, A Bing "I know lately..."
Yao Qi "Trust me. Something is wrong."

Raising her head like she has been forced to sit in a chair too long, Ji Wei looks at Yuan Fang.
Yuan Fang "You know the easiest way to take care of betrayal? Is to make sure that person never leaves you."

Yuan Fang grabs Ji Wei's hand and Ji Wei flinches in fear. 

Thoughts ... again.

Ha!!! He is creepy. I am glad that Yao Qi knows Ji Wei enough to not fall for Yuan Fang's lie though. But then a girl who has kept your chipped tooth in a bottle for more than ten years is probably not someone that would move on overnight. 

Sooooo.... I have a fear. Where are we going, show??? Yao Qi has not only admitted his feeling but also received Mama Zhou's blessing... albeit reluctantly but a blessing nonetheless. Ji Wei's feeling is obvious. Shao Min has moved on. 

We still have a crazy boyfriend to take care of. But that can't possibly take more than two episode right? With how fast this show is going I almost expect the kidnap thing to be taken care of in the first half of episode 10. This show is suppose to be 14 episodes from what I can find. What are we going to do for the next four episodes? I sincerely hope they are not going to drag the kidnapping thing for five episodes but then where else can the story go? 

Dear writer, prove to me that my little unimaginative mind can't comprehend your awesome talent so please don't use the good old amnesia trope, or cancer, or the sudden need to study in some foreign country. Please?


  1. Ahhh!! Oh hello I found your blog through googling Apple in Your Eye cos it's showing on a channel in my country (Singapore) too! And I really like your recaps and things :D I've been reading them since the time you had up to episode 6 on your blog, I think.

    I think I'm the kind that doesn't mind having spoilers that much because I am just too curious to find out what happens next! ^^ so I really really love your recaps and especially the thoughts and little comments you have :) sometimes it's so cute and funny, it makes me laugh out loud :D

    I only watch this drama though (out of all the dramas on this blog). But yes I agree Daddy Zhou is awesome~~ and can't wait for the next episode! ^^

    Over here the episodes are a bit slower (I think this week is episode 6, for instance) and it shows on Saturday nights at 9pm.

    Just wanted to leave a comment to say I really enjoy the commentary and recaps of this drama on your blog, it makes me sooo happy when I see an update on this drama weekly, and I also can't help rereading your posts on previous episodes sometimes. ^^

    Thank you so much for posting every week <3 even though we are in totally different countries I hope it makes you glad that you brighten some days in my life too! (Reminds me a bit of that story by Daddy Zhou in this post) okay lol I think I commented too much... might appear a bit creepy like Yuan Fang ><; bye!

    1. Hello to you too!!! Glad you found me and even took the time to comment. They really make me feel like I am not just writing stuff to the wind. I am like you too, I kinda like spoilers on most of the stuff I watch. Although I guess this mean you don't have to wonder at episode 6 if Yuan Fang is creepy or not like I did for so many episodes.

      I am also glad you said you like the little comments I have in the recap itself. I always wondered if that throw people off from enjoying the recap itself to have my voice in the middle of it, but sometimes I am just too impatient to wait until the very end to say something.

  2. glad to find a blog keeping up with this drama. haven't heard about this drama and my chinese isn't that great/ I understand enough to get by. It's nice to check if I missed anything and see your perspective on this. I got the creepy vibes from yuan fang pretty much from the beginning (it's the mustache so suspicious!!) But I agree with your foreboding comment. I like how they play around the potential romanticism? of yuan fang's actions: his liking of the same poetry/books as ji wei, knowing where to find ji wei, bumping into her pretty much everywhere: FATE but here, it's uncomfortable because yuan fang is obsessive and a stalker.

    yao qi complements her and does not ask her to change unlike yuan fang. I'm glad that this drama's pacing is pretty good like I'm surprised yao qi & shao min ended in this ep.

    1. Your comment made me wonder what if all those fateful encounter were not so fateful after all... He is a stalker...

      I do like Ji Wei and Yao Qi's relationship. She is always willing to tell him "I don't want to" especially when he is trying to push her away.