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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 2 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: To make a guy fall in love with you, a girl just need to throw herself at him for as much skinship as possible... does that really work?

With her heart pounding from the wonderful duet she just finished with Yoo Jin, Nae Il concludes she must be in love! Yoo Jin suggests Nae Il to take a trip to the hospital, especially to check her head, but Nae Il insists what she is feeling is love!
While Yoo Jin is buying some grocery for his dinner, Nae Il sends him a text inviting herself to dinner as well. Yoo Jin texts back "in your dreams" but after a pause he buys another fish adding it to the one he already bought.

The dinner plan goes awry when Yoo Jin sees Nae Il happily having dinner with Yoo Il Rak the violinist who is trying to butter Nae Il up so she would play for him. Huffing at the sight, Yoo Jin dumps the grocery in the garbage can and decides to have ramyun noodle instead. 

Yoo Jin stumps to the door when a knock sounded, fully expecting it to be Nae Il he shouts at her to go away since she will follow anyone that feeds her. Yoo Jin opens the door to reveal instead his ex-girlfriend Do Kyung. Yoo Jin greets his ex with a distant demeanor and seemingly have no intention of inviting her in, but one glance at the dismay on Nae Il's face Yoo Jin changes his mind and invites Do Kyung inside. With a triumph smile at Nae Il's direction, Yoo Jin resolutely closes his door. 
The next day, moaning at how Do Kyung has spent the whole night at Yoo Jin's, Nae Il has lost all will to play the piano. 

Nae Il's fierce determination to "love" Yoo Jin comes rushing back though the second he showed up to demonstrate for Il Rak the right way to play classical violin. 
Yoo Jin is speechless at Nae Il's audacity to not only show up uninvited for dinner but to also bring along a strange old man. 

Stresman on the other hand also dislikes Yoo Jin on sight when he realizes Yoo Jin refers to Master Viera as his teacher.

The mutual dislike between two man comes to a head when Stresman invites Nae Il to a lobster dinner. Nae Il runs towards Stresman, eager for lobster.
Yoo Jin offers to let Nae Il stay the night. Nae Il runs towards Yoo Jin.
Stresman offers to show her his penthouse. Nae Il runs back to Stresman...
Yoo Jin ups the ante by offering to let Nae Il sleep on his bad.
Stresman tells Nae Il his bed is a water bed.
Yoo Jin finally trumps all when he offer up his arm for Nae Il to sleep on.
My absolute favorite scene of the story.  
Instead of fulfilling his promise though, Yoo Jin mercilessly tosses Nae Il out of his door when he finds her laying on his bed all ready to rest her head on his arm. 

The next morning, Yoo Jin finds Nae Il sitting at his doorway with a raging fever. Yoo Jin piggybacks Nae Il all the way to campus for Il Rak's test but it was no use, since Nae Il is too sick to play. Without any choice, Yoo Jin volunteers to play for Il Rak. 

During the test, Il Rak starts to let his own feeling overrides the music but Yoo Jin was able to draw Il Rak back with his piano like a talented conductor he aspires to be.  
The mysterious world class conductor Franz Streseman finally shows his true identity at the school and proceeds to gather various students for the school's newly minted S Symphony. 

Instead of inviting Yoo Jin to join the symphony though, Stresman publicly rips Yoo Jin's request to transfer into the conducting department up and furthermore promises as long as he is in charge, Yoo Jin will never be accepted into the department.  


Poor Yoo Jin to have his dream dashed so spectacularly. But I guess that's part of the fun is to see how he wears Stresman down. 

Speaking of Stresman, I wish they didn't take out the "dirty old man that is always chasing after girls" part of his character. The funny and attractive aspect of Stresman centers around that he is such a dichotomy. Here is a world class master conductor who you expect to be dignified but any free time he gets he is off to questionable clubs chasing after girls. BUT just when you decides to mark him as a dirty old man who amounts to nothing, his master conductor side shows up... plus he is super cute with his ultra chaste crush on Dean Mina. 

I am loving Yoo Jin's character though. This version really is doing a much better job at showing how Nae Il changes Yoo Jin over time and his softening attitude towards her. Since I like Yoo Jin's character portrayal so much I am trying hard to ignore the fact they keep making Nae Il's character into a woman-child. 


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