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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 3-4 Mini Recap

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Episode 3

  • Tired of Yoo Jin's pestering, Stresman sets an assignment for Yoo Jin to feed every member of the S orchestra lunch in one hour. With Nae Il and Il Rak's help, Yoo Jin finishes his tasks, except Stresman reminds him that he forgot to feed Nae Il. 
  • Nae Il pleads with Stresman for Yoo Jin's sake, but when the pleading falls on deaf ear Nae Il gets the idea to lock Stresman in his room and steals his conducting baton.
  • Stresman walks into the S orchestra practice room to see Yoo Jin at the conducting stand. Calmly, Stresman tells Yoo Jin he is the orchestra conductor for the next week. But if by the end of one week he still hasn't improved the orchestra he will have to step down from the conductor position. 
  • With one day before the one week is up, Stresman shows Yoo Jin that his oppressive leadership style hasn't improve the orchestra any. With some mild words, Stresman was able to improve the orchestra more than Yoo Jin has been able to do in a week.  

Episode 4

  • Yoo Jin gets demoted to the conductor's assistant, but Stresman is angered once again when the S orchestra member, tired of waiting for Stresman who is severely late, convinces Yoo Jin to train them again.  
  • Stresman names Yoo Jin as the S orchestra's conductor and washes his hand off the orchestra at the same time.
  • Stresman makes the announcement that A orchestra (made of the school's best musicals) will have a show down with the S orchestra. Which ever orchestra loses will disband. 
  • Under Yoo Jin's inhumane training, the S orchestra is finally playing their music just right, but Yoo Jin can't help but feel something is missing.
  • With the help of Nae Il's piano playing, Yoo Jin realizes what is missing and tears his sheet music right before the members of the S orchestra and tells them to do the same.  
 While I really miss some parts of the Japanese version (ie. Stresman is hilarious there while here he is just odd.) BUT no one does romantic tension like K-drama. There really was absolutely no romantic tension to speak of in the Japanese version. It simply just wasn't written in the story. So I am jumping up and down with excitement to see so much skinship and romantic tension. (Not a whole lot by K-Drama standard, but a ton for this story.)
I am intrigued by Nae Il's uncharacteristic seriousness here. She was all ready to steal a kiss with her own brand of child like brashness but the pounding of her heart stops her dead. I would be really glad if the writer can tone down Nae Il's child like persona and move towards a more fun eccentric adult feel.  


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