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Saturday, October 25, 2014

For Love or Money (Rain's new C-Movie)

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Thanks to My Lovely Girl I currently go all fan girl whenever Rain's name comes up, so his new C-Movie For Love or Money (露水紅顏) obviously caught my interest. The movie will be in theaters on Nov 7. 

For Love Or Money Trailer

The story centers around our hero (Rain) a guy who has chosen to remain as a poor artist despite having a rich family pulls out all the stops to chase our heroine a flight attendant who struggles between Rain and her ex-boyfriend who left her for money. Obviously there are going to be more family struggles, personal secrets and all the good stuff.

Judging from the trailers it looks like there will be plenty of action and even some blood... so what's not to like? 
 Some notable phrases from the trailer:
 Rain yells "Money Money Money!" 

Heroine's exboyfriend asks "What makes a holy girl all the sudden interested in money?" 
Heroine screams (the trailer makes like the heroine is yelling at Rain, but from the story plot I think it's probably the ex) "Just use that mouth to go kiss your bride" as she she falls off a boat with blood spilling from her body. 

 Hero's mom coldly says "This is just business... everything has a price." 

 A woman's voice says "She already sold her soul to the devil."

Heroine play by Liu Yi Fei 

Another picture of the heroine

This last picture if of Rain waving goodbye and saying "I love you" in Chinese to his fans. One thing that caught my interest is that during the interview about the movie Rain said "I hope it will have a happy ending, but I don't know." Um... what does he mean by that? Why wouldn't he know the ending? I sure hope is not one of those open endings.. because I am seldom okay with that. 


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