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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday Drama Round Up #6

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Iron Man (K-Drama)- Haven't watched  episode 8 & 9 yet but I will probably get to it the next few days. 
My Lovely Girl (K-Drama) My current crack! 
What Happens to My Family (K-Family Drama) 
Excited to watch episode 16. I am not sold on all the characters but the ones that I like are really well written so I am still looking forward to watching this one. 
Only You (K-Daily Drama) I think I am up to episode 28 on this one and I am dying to watch more of it... but a wee little thing such as recapping is stopping me from watching it. But I am giving myself a break sometime to watch it!

Bad Guys (K-Drama) Loved the first episode. My kind of anti-hero, the kick your behind kind. I am waffling on if I should do quick recaps on it or not. It seems kinda weird to do a recap on something like this other than romance story though... not sure if the recap would just be mostly "he beat him to a pulp then continues to beat the other guy to a pulp. 

The Lady in Cubicle (C-Drama) A more typical C-Drama that focus on the fight of a office lady that claws her way to the top. Kinda strange that the actual male lead doesn't really have any substantial interaction with the heroine until like episode 16. That's really late when the whole show is only 30 episodes long. Not one I would recommend watching with your full attention but strangely intriguing if you only watch it while doing something else. 

Surplus Princess (K-Drama) SOB! It ended as well as the writer could've done under the circumstance it was cut by four episodes. 
It was a funny and a wacky ride. I really wish we saw the princess's brother one last time though. 

Cantabile Tomorrow (K-Drama) This show starts on Oct 13th! Way excited to see how the Korean remake of Japanese Nodame Cantabile. 

News that caught my eye but I didn't do a post on this week:
I have been a fan of Cha Seung-won's since watching City Hall (K-Drama) a few years ago so when his news popped up it caught my eye. 
Cha Seung Won was sued by his son's (Cha No Ah) biological father for compensation due to the psychological harm he suffered from Cha Seung Won's claim that he is Cha No Ah's father. 

The case was quickly dropped though. It was pretty obvious that the biological father was doing this purely for money since Cha Seung Won has been married to his wife for 22 years now. The biological father's "psychological" harm didn't surface until 22 years later? When Cha No Ah is already 25 years old? I highly doubt it.  

BTW, that's awesome he has been married for 22 years. That's like a hundred years in a celebrity's time line right? 


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