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Friday, October 17, 2014

I Am Sorry Youth Episode 1 First Impression

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Finally a J-Drama that looks interesting to me. I have a soft spot for J-Drama but they really seems to have a thing for crime and medical drama... which while I don't dislike but not something that get me super excited either. 

I Am Sorry Youth! or Gomenne Seishun! is a story that centers around the merger of two school. Due to financial reasons, a Catholic all girl school has reluctantly agrees to do a trial merger with a Buddhist all male school.   
Our hero of the story, Heisuke Hara (Rio Nishikido) harbors a pain from a mysterious fire in his youth that destroyed the Catholic girl school's auditorium.  
Our hero's first encounter with our heroine Risa Hachiya, the catholic girl school's life counselor comes when Risa fly kicks a student on the train, taking his phone away from him because she suspected him of taking inappropriate pictures of her students.  
Dislike would be too mild of a word to describe how the Catholic girl school think of Heisuke's school. The principle flies off the handle at the mare mention of the possibility that one of her student might be dating a boy from "that school".  
However, the mutual dislike from the two school's administration cannot stop the reality that financial strait is forcing the two schools to seriously consider a merger. When the two administration from each school starts to declare another failed negotiation, Heisuke jumps in with the suggestion maybe they should just do a trail run instead.  
The school administrators agrees to Heisuke's idea and decides to have his senior class be the one to do the merge with the other school. 
Heisuke's student are less excited at the prospect of the merger when it's so close to the university testing time. 
Heisuke asks a simple question: What % of chance do you have when a girl tells you that "I want to focus on school, so I am not going to consider any relationships at this time." When the boys comes up with various percentages, Heisuke surprises them by writing 0% on the board. Heisuke goes on to explain that simple answer doesn't mean the girl is not willing to go out with all man but that she particularly does not want to go out with you!  

Heisuke convinces his students that if they don't take this chance to learn how to interact with the opposite sex then they will have no clue on relationships once they go out into the real world. 
When his students questions him about his own student life, Heisuke remembers back to his first crush, Haru a girl from the neighboring Catholic girl school. Heisuke writes a confession letter, but Haru replies that she is not ready for relationship right now, but is willing to be friends with him. (Sounds familiar?) 
After months of writing e-mail and texts on Heisuke's friend Kento's strong encouragement, Heisuke finally gathers up the courage to invite Haru to set off some fireworks. 
But that night, Haru never showed up. From the light of the firework in the sky, Heisuke sees Haru is already admiring the firework with another man. 
When another firework comes, Heisuke realizes the man that is kissing Haru is none other than his friend Kento. 

Heart broken from the betrayal, Heisuke aims all his fireworks at the building Haru and Kento is on. The next thing we see is the fire rescues in front of the Catholic school while Haru and Kento is being escorted away. 
The school administrators sends Heisuke and some of his students to the Catholic girl school for the exchange. Instead of the innocent, pure, gentle girls they expected to find though, the boys are faced with a fierce bunch of girls who is ready to tear them apart. 

We didn't see a lot of the heroine in this first episode, but her fly kick and a no nonsense attitude makes me really curious about her and look forward to the two leads' interaction. 
Coming from K-drama I am a bit shaken at all the very inappropriate sexual innuendo peppered throughout the show. This picture is probably the best example: Heisuke is sitting with his brother and his sister in law at a Buddist ceremony at home while his father tries to sneak a peak at his daughter in law's cleavage. Completely grossed me out... so for me to stick with this show they are going to have to tone that down. 

I do really like the wacky feel that is present in this show that only the Japanese seems to be able to pull off. This scene is where the goddess statute (also the narrator of the story) turns into Heisuke's mom (who I am assuming is deceased) and have a heart to heart talk with him about the "incident" that happened so many years ago. Strange, but fun. 

I find it ironic that Japanese show can always be so free with their sexual undertones (and sometimes they are not undertones at all) but it's usually too much to ask for the leads to move past the innocent "I like you" stares. Heavens, if a Japanese romance story can end with the two leads sharing a peck on the lips then I count myself lucky. Such a puzzling dichotomy. 

Anyhow, as far as the first episode goes I like it and would probably check episode two out.


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