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Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Am Sorry Youth! Episode 2 Super Mini Recap

I Am Sorry Youth or Gomen Ne Seishun! Episode 2
Things are going very badly for Heisuke. All the male students are cowering under the girls' intimidation and frankly, it looks Heisuke is ready to go into a fetal position too.  

In comparison, Risa is presiding over her orderly classroom in Hesiuke's classroom when she gets an urgent SOS from her principle to come rescue Hesiuke. 

Risa marches in and and in her drill sergeant style soon takes complete control of the class room. 
Of course Risa is still finding plenty of things to get used to in a boys school as well. The boys' propensity to take off their cloth for one is utterly shocking to Risa or the puzzling aspect that ... their parts becomes "inconvenient" at the oddest time. 
 Crisis hits both of the schools when two students decides to elope together. Thanks to the school nurse at Heisuke's school posing as one of the other student on the social media, the adults finds out where the kids has gone. 
Before the teachers can set off to find the kids though, Heisuke's father, Heita (also the principal of the boys' school) inconveniently meets them at a love hotel. After extracting a promise from the kids that they would not divulge meeting him at a love hotel, Heita sends them home on a taxi. 
Both the school administration and the students are ready to call it quits on the matter of joining two school together. 

Talking to his male and female students together, Heisuke proposes a question: What does a guy mean when he tells a girl "I can only see you"? 

Bringing up two random students up to the front of the classroom, Heisuke demonstrates that when a guy gets so close to a girl he can literally see nothing else, then it means the image of the girl is also blurry as well. In other words: I can only see you = I don't see you at all.

Confused, the student wonders if Heisuke is trying to support the two school remaining independent so there would be distance between the girls and boys. 
Instead of answering, Heisuke tells them the story of what happens after Yuko (the one he had a crush on and also Risa's older sister) was discovered with Heisuke's best friend Satoshi that fateful night. Satoshi transferred immediately to avoid the embarrassment but Yuko insisted on going to school everyday while everyone jeered and ridiculed her. 

Torn with guilt over the fire and feeling badly at the same time after seeing how Yuko is shunned at school, one morning Heisuke decides to say good morning to Yuko. At first Yuko simply ignored Heisuke and keeps on walking, but a determined Heisuke keeps stopping Yuko and telling her "Good morning" with the biggest smile he can give. Finally, Yuko mutters "Don't..." and squats down right on the side of the road and starts to sob.

Heisuke "Only then, I realize Yuko has been crying all along. She has been walking and crying all this time."

Heisuke continues on to tell his students that the point of this story is to let the students know this seemingly unbreakable hatred between the two school really started on a stupid fire that was the result of someone's stupid mistake. There was really no bases of why the two school should dislike each other so strongly and the students' have the right to at least know how this feud even started in the first place... over something utterly stupid. 

After listening to Heisuke's story, Risa tells him that she is willing to work on the collaboration of the two school's festival with him and asks him to prepare a proposal. 

I enjoyed episode 2 immensely. Seeing the difference between the two school and especially how the boys are so intimidated by the girls was really funny. 

Risa is an especially cool character with her no nonsense attitude. The story about Yuko was also very touching and it has successfully piqued my interested in what ever happened to Yuko that Risa hasn't seen her sister for a long time. 

I am not too sure if there is even any romance in store for the two leads ... it's a Japanese drama... we'll be lucky if the two even likes each other by the end of the show but so far the story is fun with the J-drama signature wacky vibe. Sometimes one just needs a bit of J-drama wackiness to keep everything in perspective. 


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