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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Iron Man Ep 7 Super Mini Recap

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Iron Man/Blade Man Episode 7 Super Mini Recap
Continuing from where Hong Bin is climbing a high rise with his blades. He finally reaches to the top and the lightening strikes him... resulting in fireworks. I am a bit speechless here. 

It's a relieve that Hong Bin's father wasn't trying to kidnap Chang, instead he wanted to have the child warm up to him... then take him away.
He is doing this on Madam Yoon's advise. I am really puzzled at Madam Yoon's relationship with the father. She calls him Sir that is traditionally used as a respectful term for elders ... that just doesn't seem appropriate to use with someone you have had a child with. The respect doesn't seem to be fake either... that makes it even more disturbing. 
Hong Bin tries out his new found power by racing with Secretary Ko on the freeway. Secretary Ko driving and Hong Bin running. Hong Bin wins and ends the race by jumping out of nowhere landing right on top of the car. I thought his super power only works during the rain... they really need to explain this soon or it'll just come off as sloppy writing. It's too obvious of a plot gap so I am hoping the writer is going to fit the explanation somewhere. 

Using his super sniffing ability, Hong Bin finds Se Dong and takes off with her right in front of all the workers in his company. Frustrated at the fact that Hong Bin is only adding fire to the company's rumor mill, Se Dong tells Hong Bin that everyone is saying her team got the job by using her beauty.

Hong Bin respond by laughing so hard that he can hardly stand straight. Hong Bin asks Se Dong if "they" really use the term "beauty" to describe her.

While the two is arguing over whether Se Dong qualifies as a beauty, a cart starts to roll down the hill heading straight for Se Dong. In her panic, Se Dong not only does not duck out of the way but tries to stop the cart with her body because she is worried that other people might get hurt if the cart escapes past her. (Who is this lady??) 

Realizing Se Dong is not going to give up until either she stops the cart or get seriously hurt, Hong Bin covers Se Dong's eyes with one hand while he spins the cart with another hand, tossing it right up the hill where it rolled from.

Hong Bin asks Se Dong to go to the village and give an envelope (containing money I believe) to Tae Hee's parents. Se Dong informs Hong Bin instead that Tae Hee's parents is actually staying at her house since Tae Hee's mother insists on seeing Se Dong.

Hong Bin's father gets wind (from Madam Yoon) that Tae Hee's parents is going to Hong Bin's house to visit Chang. Hong Bin's father stops Secretary Ko's car and asks Tae Hee's dad to turn back. In the middle of the stand-off, Hong Bin shows up with Chang who quickly runs up to Tae Hee's dad with excitement.
Tae Hee's mom in the moment of clarity tells Hong Bin to let Tae Hee go so her daughter can rest easy now.

Racked with pain of losing Tae Hee, Hong Bin leans on Se Dong while she gently holds him and pats his back.
Father and son sends Tae Hee off in a ceremony.
Hong Bin watches with displeasure as Se Dong laughingly shares a meal with his brother.

Using an emergency game presentation as an excuse, Hong Bin gets Se Dong to rush back to the company. During the presentation while Se Dong's team is shakily doing their best to introduce their game, Hong Bin texts Se Dong and asks "Are you playing with me?" Confused, Se Dong asks Hong Bin what he means.
Hong Bin "You made me cry and hugged me twice. Are you playing with me."

When Se Dong's team finished their presentation, Hong Bin without any mercy tells them their game is a piece of garbage and walks off.
Se Dong chases after Hong Bin to the balcony (How many balconies are there in Korea?) and vents her frustration about the fact he not only called her game a piece of trash but also accused her of seducing him.

Se Dong "That night at the village. You were the one that got scared and hugged me. I feel even more wronged about the hug at your house. I like you, so I simply wanted to comfort you. I was afraid everyone would think bad about you with all these rumor about us, so I have tried my best to stay away from Cheng and you."

Watching a tearful Se Dong rambling on, a slight smile slowly appears on Hong Bin's face.
And the slight smile ended with this...

I enjoyed this episode. There are still scenes that left me speechless... not the good kind either (ie. the fireworks) but overall I found myself quite engaged throughout this hour and that's promising.

I am not sure I am on board with Se Dong liking Hong Bin yet. That seems so sudden since she did all but run away from him when he did his creepy smelling her air again. But I guess I could go with the fact that she has soft spot for him since she has seen him at his most vulnerable moments and that soft spot has turned into something more without her noticing it.

Hong Bin punching a desk hard and realize his super power is not there. 
Secretary Ko tries to laugh without Hong Bin noticing.             
The super power part though... needs some improvement. I am a super hero fan so I was really looking forward to that aspect of this show but so far it is the weakest part of the story line and I am crossing my figures that'll change in the future episodes.


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