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Monday, October 27, 2014

Iron Man Episode 10 Super Mini Recap

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Secretary Ko flying off to land on the floor 
Iron Man/Blade Man Episode 10 Mini Recap

  • Seeing Se Dong being slapped right in front of him is more than Hong Bin can handle and he loses control.
  • Jumping high in the air, Hong Bin with his blades slashes towards his step mom.
  • In the last second, Se Dong steps right in front of Hong Bin's step mom and takes the full force of the slash.

  • Se Dong ends up in the hospital with a huge gash on her back.
  • Se Dong almost died from losing too much blood but she seems be on the mend... frankly one can hardly tell she is hurt. 

  • Secretary Ko shows Hong Bin the gashes on his body and tells him that while he is okay being hurt or even dying for Hong Bin, Se Dong or Chang should never be in danger of being hurt.
  • Therefore, Secretary Ko pleads with Hong Bin to figure out a way to control his anger thus gaining control over his power. 

  • In a voice over, Hong Bin tells of the anger and frustration he has learned to hold inside of him since he was little.
  • The frustrated feeds and grows inside of him until it starts to protrude out of his body in the form of blades. Kinda of a weird explanation for Hong Bin's super hero powers... but okay, we'll go with it. 
  • Interestingly, we see that Se Dong actually had a chance meeting with Hong Bin a long time ago. Se Dong went to Hong Bin's dad's company to plead with him to sign the work compensation form so her dad who got hurt on the job could be operated on. Her dad died so does that mean Hong Bin's dad indirectly caused the death of Se Dong's dad? That's kinda messed up.  

  • Hong Bin shuts himself away from everyone (except secretary Ko of course) to lean how to control his anger and his power at the same time.
  • Hong Bin learns that if he thinks about angry thoughts like the scene where Se Dong was slapped, the blades comes out but if he would focus on peaceful scenes of Se Dong then the blades goes away. 

  • Se Dong catches Hong Bin outside of her door.
  • Hong Bin steps away to distant himself away from her in fear of hurting her. 
  • Se Dong takes Hong Bin's action to mean he wants to break up with her, and tells him that she would not try to hang onto him because she likes him too much to make him suffer. 

  • Overwhelmed by Se Dong's confession of her feelings, Hong Bin embraces Se Dong and promises he will not be a coward again. (Like he was before with Tae Hee)

  • Madam Yoon intercepts the mysterious yellow envelope Hong Joo wanted the gardener to give to Hong Bin.
  • In the envelope it contained a letter from Hong Joo telling his brother to ask him about Tae Hee if Hong Bin is still searching for Tae Hee. If Hong Bin doesn't ever bother to ask him about the girl in the pictures (Tae Hee) then Hong Joo would assume Hong Bin doesn't care about the girl anymore. Is Tae Hee not dead??? Hmm... but she doesn't seem like the kinda girl that would leave her son and allow her parents to mourn for her if she is still alive. 
  • Madam Yoon burns Tae Hee's picture while remembering a meeting with a mysterious man.
  • The man tells Madam Yoon "This is the first time I hurt a girl and that doesn't feel good." When Madam Yoon hands him an envelope of money, the man refused "Something this distasteful can't be washed off with money. Instead you owe me and you better come through when I come to you for my favor." 

  • Hong Bin uses secretary Ko as a punching bag to learn how to control his super strength. 

  • While Hong Bin and Se Dong travels down to Tae Hee's parent's house to get Chang, they see a car in a ditch with an injured woman and a baby in the back seat.
  • Se Dong hurries to go call an ambulance but is stunned when she turns around to find Hong Bin lifting the car straight into the air. 


How many times are they going to play the "Does Se Dong find out?!" I really wish she is on the secret already. In fact I am a bit surprise she still doesn't know. 

I wonder if they are hinting that Madam Yoon is actually the one that ordered to have Tae Hee beat up. I am frankly too confused on both Madam Yoon and Hong bin's dad's character to even begin to guess who is the bad guy here. 

While I was glad that Hong Bin and Se Dong got back together after the forced separation, does anyone else find Hong Bin's reaction to almost killing Se Dong just a bit too ... too... well, too blasé? He did feel bad but almost like "oops I broke your arm by accident" not "oops I almost cut you in half" kind of bad.  Of course, Se Dong didn't act like someone that was almost killed either. One second you saw her lying in the hospital bed moving with a slight stiffness and the next she is working at her job like nothing happened, so maybe it really was no big deal. 


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