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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Iron Man Episode 11-12 Min Recap

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Iron Man/Blade Man Episode 11 Mini Recap
Sitting on pins and needles after Se Dong witnesses his "super human" feat of lifting a car right into the air, Hong Bin asks Se Dong if she has any questions. She does..."Why did you not hug your son when you saw him for the first time after being apart for so long?" Hong Bin wonders out loud if Se Dong doesn't think it weird that he could lift a car.

Se Dong just put the whole thing as her illusion since the car couldn't have been in the air and well, the whole thing with Hong Bin yanking the car door off ... "Wow, you are so strong!" 
Um... are you kidding me lady? Someone tell me that she knows already. She has too right? 

After hearing from Se Dong that the whole company thinks they are living together, Hong Bin takes Se Dong to where the company employees are meeting and announces "We are not living together. When we do, I'll be sure to publish it on the company website." Ha! That's one way of taking care of rumors.

Se Dong gets called away to meet Hong Bin's father - President Joo. There is no surprise in what President Joo has to say. It's the same old leave my sons alone since you are not good enough for them. 

Se Dong firmly answers "I don't know what is going to happen to us but if we do break up, it will be over the normal things couples fight over, and not because of difference in our background." 

The discussion is abruptly cut short when President Joo suddenly have a nose bleed. Despite President Joo's protest, Se Dong takes him to the hospital. 

Hong Bin gets a phone call from Se Dong about his father while he is in the middle of questioning from the police detectives concerning the amusement park incident. (They only have circumstantial evidence pointing to him.)
Rushing to the hospital and angered over seeing Se Dong with Madam Joo again, Hong Bin grabs Se Dong's hands to take her away. With a yelp, Se Dong squats down while holding on to her hands in pain. Without thinking, Hong Bin has forgot about his strength and almost broke Se Dong's hand. 
Thankfully, Se Na's hand is not broken and she takes the opportunity to ask Hong Bin to reconcile with his father. Angry that Se Dong would even suggest a thing, Hong Bin yells at her and stumps off... only to come begging for forgiveness soon after. 

Watching a pleading Hong Bin, Seung Hwan (Se Dong's childhood friend) tells Hong Bin to beg even more since Se Dong has the softest heart. However, Seung Hwan makes Hong Bin promise that he won't ever be so pitiful that Se Dong is trapped by her compassion for him. 

Turns out, Seung Hwan actually did date Se Dong at one time. Se Dong never liked him, but agreed to date him because she pitied him. Seung Hwan finally broke up with Se Dong when he couldn't bear to trap Se Dong in a relationship just because she felt sorry for him. Seung Hwan goes on to tell Hong Bin the story of how Se Dong lost her parents and tells him "Se Dong lives on pins and needles everyday, worrying that she would lose someone again."
Chang finds a video on the web of Hong Bin's super human feat of lifting a car straight in the air and starts to run around in the neighborhood yelling "My dad is the strong guy!" 

Watching his son being so proud of him, Hong Bin seems to finally feel a sense of what being a father means.

Iron Man Episode 12 Mini Recap
Seung Hwan and his gang of geeks is having a difficult time believing Hong Bin's video is an edited one since if it was then it was done by a true master. 
By chance, one of Se Dong's boys finds out that Hong Bin's dad is the president of the company that Se Dong's dad worked for. This means President Joo is the one that ignored Se Dong's pleading to sign the work compensation paper to allow her dad to have an operation, which means President Joo can be viewed as the cause of Se Dong's dad's death. 

Interestingly, we also see in Se Dong's flash back that while she was crying in her despair of having no one to turn to, a man (Hong Bin) in uniform quietly hands her his handkerchief. 

Stunned by this revelation, Se Dong starts to avoids Hong Bin at every opportunity.
Mindful of Se Dong's request to reconcile with his dad, Hong Bin uncharacteristically attends a dinner of a government official with his dad. Watching his dad bowing low to the government official, Hong Bin vows to stop others around him to bow to him from then on.   
Watching all the other kids with their mom, Chang is embarrassed to have only Hong Bin's staff to come get him. Chang calls Se Dong to come pick him up from the bus stop and pretends to be his mom, but Se Dong gently refuses him.
Hong Bin finally catches Se Dong at home (by yanking her window bar off), and Se Dong tells him that she needs time to think.

Hong Bin agrees to give Se Dong time but pleads with her not to let him suffer in the hell of waiting for too long.

As Se Dong resolutely walks away from Hong Bin, she hears Hong Bin yell "What do you mean you can't find Chang?!"


Despite the giant plot holes every where, I am actually starting to get hooked. To be honest I am not sure why I am still recapping this show... but I am, so go figure. 

I really think Se Dong knows, because it's just simply ridiculous if she doesn't. Right?? 

How cool is Seung Hwan?! There is the perfect second lead. The one who understand the heroine so well, but actually smart enough to back off when he realizes the girl simply doesn't like him. Hey, we might have world peace... or K-drama peace if every second lead is like Seung Hwan. 


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