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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Iron Man Episode 13-14 Mini Recap

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Iron Man/Blade Man Episode 13 Mini Recap
Hong Bin finds Chang who has taken off on his own to play with a new friend. Se Dong ridden with guilt thinking Chang had ran away due to her refusal of pretending to be his mom, comes to beg Chang's forgiveness.

Watching Se Dong's hands shake with nervousness over her guilt, Hong Bin assures her that Chang simply just left to play with a friend so there is no reason for Se Dong to blame herself.

Furthermore, Hong Bin tells Se Dong "I changed my mind. You can take as much time as you need. Chang is not pitiful, I am not pitiful. So don't be trapped by your compassion for us. I want to you to choose me because you think I am someone worthy of you." Finally a cool grown up speech from our hero.

Hong Bin finds out that thanks to him showing up at the government official's dinner, his dad was able to broker a land deal that would build right on Tae Hee's parent's land.

Shaking with anger, Hong Bin confronts his dad who fires back that he purposefully included Tae Hee's parent's land in order to give them a lot of compensation money. Furious over his dad's way of deciding for other people, Hong Bin starts to lose complete control.

Se Dong, brought by the pleadings of secretary Ko, jumps in to give an angry Hong Bin a back hug... right onto the blades that is protruding out of his back.

Staring at the blood stained cloth, Hong Bin numbly asks Secretary Ko maybe is time to let Se Dong go even if she decides to come back to him. "If I keep her with me... maybe one day she'll die." She does seem to getting hurt a lot. I am just surprised this doesn't occur to him until now. Of course the girl seems to have super human healing power as well. 

Side note: In Hong Bin's angry tirade to his father, he mentions that President Joo was only mean to Tae Hee because he liked her once too... Gross?! Really? Did I understand that incorrectly? Someone who watched the scene let me know. 
Hong Bin meets with Se Dong and when she tells him that she still hasn't made up her mind about them yet, he replies "Is okay if you don't think about it anymore. I don't need you anymore."
Thinking back to his son's accusation that he sent gangsters to beat Tae Hee up, President Joo calls Madam Yoon. Horrified to find out Madam Yoon really did sent people to beat Tae Hee up, President Joo asks "How can a person be so curl? No matter how much I didn't like that girl, such thoughts has not once entered into my mind." 

Stunned at President Joo's reprimand, Madam Yoon cries "How can you call me curl? I, the one who did all your dirty deeds!" 

Whew, I am glad he didn't do it. Although, why does he surrounds himself with crazy women?
Tormented by her thoughts of her father and Hong Bin, Se Dong goes to see President Joo and tells him about her dad's death. Se Dong asks for a simple apology from President Joo, but he refuses saying that in his career he has done the same thing to many others like his dad so is he suppose to apologize to everyone of them? 

Se Dong "Just say sorry, then don't do it anymore. I don't understand why it couldn't be as simple as that?"

President Joo storms off. However, after some thinking, President Joo calls Se Dong and tells her that he still can't offer an apology but he will promise to not ignore people like her father again. 

Hesitantly, President Joo asks "Is that enough for you?" Touched by President Joo's gesture, Se Dong answers in affirmative. 
After coolly telling Se Dong that he doesn't need her anymore, Hong Bin has been unable to retract his blades back into his body. In the past, thinking of Se Dong has been the magic trick to retract the blades, but now, the very thought of Se Dong is what makes them come out.

Se Dong goes to the boxing club to find Hong Bin. Appalled to have Se Dong see him with blades, Hong Bin nervously tells Se Dong to keep away from him. 

Assuming Hong Bin is only wearing a costume for cosplay since that's what Secretary Ko told her, Se Dong tells Hong Bin that she has patched things up with his dad. Handing Hong Bin his handkerchief, Se Dong tells him that she is landing him the handkerchief since it's her secret treasure to comfort her when she is sad. 
The blades finally gone, Hong Bin finds Se Dong and tells her that he really could have taken her to see his dad that fateful day years ago, but instead he just handed her a handkerchief. 

Se Dong "Then next time, if you see another girl like me again, take her to see your dad." 

With that, Hong Bin runs to Se Dong and pulls her into a hug. 
Just when everything is happy again, Hong Joo shows up at Hong Bin's office and offers to take him to see Tae Hee. 

 Iron Man Episode 14 Mini Recap
Obviously in emotional turmoil and anticipation, Hong Bin follows his brother to a run down market only to see the Tae Hee his brother knows is not his Tae Hee. 

However, once Hong Bin leaves, Hong Joo goes to find the real Tae Hee. Pulling Hong Joo into a hug, Tae Hee apologizes for asking someone as young as him to keep her secret but if she is found out then she would have to hide again. 
Se Dong through a series of coincidences involving Tae Hee's parents ends up meeting Tae Hee in person and finds out that Tae Hee has faked her own death so she could suffer and face her impeding death away from Chang and Hong Bin.  

A growth inside the blood vessel of Tae Hee's brain causes her sever pain daily and Tae Hee pleads with Se Dong to not let Chang and Hong Bin mourn her death one more time. 
The next morning, after a sleepless night thinking of Tae Hee's pain, Se Dong shows up at Tae Hee's home with breakfast. 
Tae Hee looks at Se Dong and asks "You know how ridiculous this situation is right?"
The two women looks at each other and breaks out in smiles.  
In the mean time, Hong Bin through some clues realizes his brother might have really been telling him the truth and charges right to Tae Hee's front door.  

The knocking stops the two girls inside while Hong Bin yells "Tae Hee!" 


You know, I really thought having our hero sprouting blades is trouble enough, but apparently the writer doesn't think so. Is kind of like they want a super hero show but also want all the makjang of a k family drama with a dash of mystery. I am talking about Madam Yoon when I said a dash of mystery but I generally do ignore that story line. 

Oh, well, at least the last few episodes has grabbed my attention and I am interested once again to see where this story is going. I still would really like a bit more focus on Hong Bin's super power though instead of using it as an after thought. 

While I wasn't too surprised by Tae Hee being alive, I am actually quite touched by the interaction between the two girls. Tae Hee just seems like a really cool woman who is trying to do the best she can under the circumstance. For once I am actually thankful how far the show has gone to set Se Dong up as this ridiculously nice girl, so now it's actually quite believable that she would feel this bad about Tae Hee's suffering. 

Let's just hope the two girls would still find Hong Bin useful once they become best buds. 


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