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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Iron Man Episode 6 Super Mini Recap

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Iron Man/ Blade Man Episode 6 Super Mini Recap

Super Mini = I am still interested enough to watch the show... but really not interested enough to write very much on it.

Question of the hour: Why do I want to laugh every time I see the blades?

Last episode we ended with Se Dong on the verge of discovering Hong Bin's secret, but Hong Bin was able to dodge Se Dong and walk mindlessly on the road until Secretary Ko finds him.

The next morning, Hong Bin wakes with full memory of what happened the night before. Moreover, he now pieces everything together and knows that secretary Ko has been covering up for him.

Hong Bin goes to his father's house, frustrated by the memory of hearing how Tae Hee was beaten by gangsters sent by his father. Hong Bin's father doesn't help his case when he starts to go off on how everything he does is for Hong Bin's benefit. Feeling his temper raising, Hong Bin yells at Secretary Ko to get his father away from him. Obediently, Secretary Ko hoists Hong Bin's father on his shoulder and off they go. 

Finally losing control, Hong Bin punches the garden wall and is surprised when it sends vibrations throughout the immediate area. 

Thinking about the vibrations, Hong Bin runs at a concrete post with all his might to see if he really does have super human strength. The concrete post won, and secretary runs to comfort a hollering Hong Bin. 

Impatient to figure out what kind of "monster" he has become, Hong Bin gives Secretary Ko an ultimatum to tell him the truth. However, Hong Bin has no choice but to give Secretary 2 minutes of sobbing time until he can clam himself down to tell him the whole story.

Strangely, Secretary Ko attributes Hong Bin's condition to Hong Bin donating bone marrow to help Secretary Ko's dying sister. Apparently, Hong Bin's condition happened the first rainy day when he got angry over some business matters after his surgery and Secretary Ko finds him unconscious on the ground with blades on his body. 

A creepy Madam Yoon takes Joo Chang out in the pouring rain to meet Hong Bin's father.

Long story short, Hong Bin's ability only works when he gets angry on rainy days and all the other time his ability doesn't work. Weird, so how was he able to punch the garden wall so hard?

Finally, the long awaited rainy day comes and Hong Bin takes Se Dong out to dinner and asks her to tell him any information she might have heard from Tae Hee's parents that would make him angry. 

Without fail, Hong Bin loses his temper when he hears from Se Dong that his father had attempted to take Joo Chang away from Tae Hee.

Secretary Ko rushes in and takes Hong Bin away, while telling Se Dong to go home. 

In their rush, Hong Bin left his cell phone on the table, and Se Dong follows the two guys just in time to see Hong Bin takes a leaping jump straight into the air. 

Exhilarated by his new found powers, Hong Bin does his King Kong thing again and climbs a building.   


Technically, the show is starting to move faster with Hong Bin finding out about his powers but I am finding my attention starting to wonder even when I am watching the show. Not a good sign in my books. Still, I have a sort of strange curiosity about this show so I probably will at least watch the next two episodes. 


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