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Friday, October 17, 2014

Iron Man Episode 8 Mini Recap

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Iron Man/Blade Man Episode 8 Mini Recap

So this mini recap is going to be in bullet form since I find myself still being way too wordy on these supposedly short recaps. I am hoping the bullet form will keep me more succinct. 

  • Both Hong Bin and Se Dong is too excited from their kiss to sleep and runs into each other while out running.
  • Hong Bin pulls Se Dong into a dark alley for more kisses. 

  • The gardener gets the driver to send a text to Jang Won about misplacing the yellow envelope. I am assuming this is important since it keeps popping up. 

  • Hong Bin takes the bus to go see Se Dong which earned him high praises from her.
  • Hong Bin and Se Dong goes apartment hunting for Se Dong. Hong Bin frowns at the run down apartment Se Dong is wanting to rent.
  • Hong Bin tries to convince Se Dong to live in his ultra nice "extra" apartment that happens to be empty but Se Dong only thinks for a few minutes before refusing Hong Bin's suggestion and also informs him that she doesn't want to date him anymore. 

  • Hong Bin grabs Se Dong to try to figure out why she would want to stop dating. 
  • When Se Dong starts to cry Hong Bin goes into pleading mode "I am sorry, I am sorry if I did something wrong. I am sorry even if I didn't do anything wrong." My favorite part!
  • Se Dong relates a story with her dad that firmly teaches her she should not covet other people's things. If dating Hong Bin means she would start to covet, thus changing who she is then she rather end the relationship now. 
  • Hong Bin quickly apologize again and promises to not offer material things to Se Dong again.

  • Madam Yoon secretly takes Chang to see Hong Bin's father.
  • Chang does seem to be able to bring out the gentle side of Hong Bin's father. 

  • Hong Bin's step mother meets with Madam Yoon to get information on Se Dong. (Because of Hong Bin's brother's interest in her.)
  • Madam Yoon shows her true color by yanking Madam Joo's hair with force when Madam Joo starts to taunts her. 

  • Se Dong calls Hong Bin in tears over the weird message she received from his brother, Jang Won. 
  • Jan Won sent Se Dong weird texts about standing in high places and phrases that brings suicide to mind.
  • Hong Bin takes off in search of his brother, while an unusually frantic and hysterical Se Dong walks the street searching for Jang Won as well.  

  • Hong Bin finds his brother standing on the roof top of a high rise and charges at him as his brother looks him with surprise and falls off the roof.
  • Hong Bin jumps off the building after his brother. 

  • Hong Bin catches his brother in mid air and pulls him close to him.

I don't how to write this nicely so I'll just say it... Se Dong is kinda annoying to me. I do feel bad about finding Se Dong annoying. Is like finding a puppy annoying since the writer has tried so hard to make her so nice. I get why Hong Bin seems to be attracted to her, and I even get why Hong Bin's brother likes her or why her childhood friend likes her as well but still she is nice to the point of being weird to me. But then what's not weird in this drama. Our hero does have blade coming out of his body after all. 


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