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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Iron Man Episode 9 Mini Recap

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Iron Man/Blade Man Episode 9 Mini Recap
  • Last episode we ended with Jang Won (Hong Bin's little brother) falling off the roof top and Hong Bin jumping after him and manages to catches his brother in his arm.
  • We are not shown how Hong Bin saved his little brother but from what Jang Won said, apparently Hong Bin kinda flew in the air. 
  • Jang Won tries to question how Hong Bin was able to manage to fly in the air, but Hong Bin just ignores him.
  • Jang Won clarifies that he was never intending to commit suicide. He was just in a bad mood after getting into a fight with his father.   

  • In a flash back we find out why Se Dong is unusually upset by the possibility Jang Wang might be thinking about committing suicide. 
  • Due to her preoccupation for her test preparation (the one that will determine if she'll get into a good university), Se Dong chose to ignore the last phone call from her mom before she died. 
  • Se Dong can't get over the fact if she just picked up that one phone call she might have been able to get her mom to a doctor in time.  

  • Hong Bin sends his employees to go collect information from Seung Hwan (Se Dong's childhood friend who has a crush on her) to find out what kind of surprise event Se Dong would like. 
  • Before Hong Bin's employees can tell him that Se Dong in fact hates surprise event, especially the kind that draws public attention, Hong Bin dresses up in a costume to publicly apologize to Se Dong. (He is apologizing for suggesting that she live in his nice apartment instead of renting a dinky one.)
  • A utterly embarrassed Se Dong runs away from Hong Bin and the crowd that is cheering him on. 

  • Hong Bin feigns foot injury to get Se Dong to stay with him. 

  • Se Dong gets a phone call from Jang Won's mom (also Hong Bin's step mom) to meet her at a designated place in the amusement park. 
  • Right after Se Dong introduces herself to Jang Won's mom, she gets a firm slap across the face. Secretary Ko tries to intervene and protects Se Dong, but then he gets slapped as well. 
  • Hong Bin gets there in time to see Jang Won's mom having the time of her life slapping the two people he cares about the most. While clinching his fist in cold fury, the blades starts to come out of Hong Bin's body. 

I am glad the writer spent some time on Se Dong's back story today. Se Dong's secret pain that she harbors so closely explains a lot why she chooses to cover it up with her unusual cheerfulness. 

Boy, this show is just littered with people who is damaged by life. 


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