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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Joe Chen rumored to be in a Movie with Hans Zhang

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Crossing all my fingers to hope this news is true. Joe Chen (陈乔恩) posted a picture lately that points to a possible bts photo of a upcoming movie called "At Least I Have You" with Hans Zhang (张翰). I have liked this pairing since they filmed The Queen of SOP together so I am super excited to see them work together again. I would really prefer a tv show instead of a movie... but oh well. 

On the blackboard it says "My besties, Wang classmate. Happy Birthday." The Chinese word 闺蜜 besties used here usually refer to two girls being best friends, but in this case it's referring to Hans Zhang. 

In a totally unrelated side note but I thought it might be fun to put here as an extra:

Joe Chen in Paris for a fashion show with Ady An (My Pig Lady -T-Drama) on her left. Sorry, to the lady in blue on Joe's right... I think she is a Hong Kong Celeb... but I don't know her. 


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