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Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Lovely Girl Episode 11 Recap

Question of the hour: When your best friend, the disgruntled lady who had a crush on your for the past 12 years and your arch enemy know your secret... that is not a good sign right? 
We pick up from where Hyun Wook throws all caution to the wind and tells Se Na "I don't care anymore that you are Yoon Se Na." Hyun Wook pulls Se Na in an embrace and well... that's that.

Se Na finds out from Hyun Wook that the whole reason Hae Yoon was over at his house was for his birthday party. Mollified on the issue of Hae Yoon, Se Na celebrates Hyun Wook's birthday with a toy ring from the coin toy dispenser and a huge birthday cake drawn in the dirt. Oh, and a kiss too. 
More cuteness as our newly minted couple discuss the possibility of Hyun Wook getting sick from Se Na's peck on his lips. Hyun Wook bravely tells Se Na that there is no way he would get sick from a mere peck. What's up with K-drama that likes to do big confessions whenever the hero or the heroine is sick. My favorite one is the "germ" kiss from 7 Ins and 2 Outs. A great watch for those who haven't seen it. 

The next morning, while Hyun Wook is driving Se Na to work she pesters him about when exactly did he starts to like her. Instead of answering, Hyun Wook lets her off a little way before they get to AnA so they are not seen by others.

When Hyun Wook gets to work, Sung Jin is already waiting for him. Hyun Wook admits to Sung Jin that he has decided to date Se Na. While Sung Jin express some concerns, but still decides to support Hyun Wook's decision. 

Hyun Wook meets with Hae Yoon to return her present to her "I broke my promise so I don't have any right to accept this."
Hae Yoon "Since Oppa broke your promise then I can break mine too right? What will you do if I tell Yoon Se Na your secret?"
Hyun Wook "I guess I might not be able to see either you or Yoon Se Na. But even then I won't hold any grudge against you."

Se Na starts to work with Shi Woo but gets stuck because she feels like she needs gets to know him better before she can figure out what kind of song to write for him. Shi Woo suggests Se Na to start following him everywhere in order to get to know him. Se Na agrees to Shi Woo's request. 
Se Na follows Shi Woo to his mom's school (I think his mom is trying finish her high school diploma) and runs into a reporter who is trying to pester Shi Woo's mom into giving him an interview. Shi Woo gets angry with the subservient attitude his mom always gets whenever she thinks begging someone to help her son might help. 

Se Na tells Shi Woo to appreciate having a mom at all, since both of her parents are gone. Using Shi Woo's mom as an inspiration, Se Na decides to write a song from a perspective of a son telling his mom his love for her. 
Hae Yoon meets with Jae Yeong who reminds her of the secret she told when she was drunk. Hae Yoon asks Jae Yeong to keep mum about the secret and promises him that she will consider resigning from AnA.
Se Na gets all dressed up for her first official date with Hyun Wook, the plans falls apart when our hero falls gloriously sick. 
Se Na tries to show off her cooking skill, but it was an epic fail. 
Content to just be with one another, Hyun Wook falls asleep with Se Na by his side. 
The next day, Hyun Wook meets with Se Na and Shi Woo to listen to their preliminary song. 

With every utterance, Shi Woo tries to show Hyun Wook how close he is to Se Na and to warn him away from "his" girl. 

Obviously not please, but keeping up a pleasant expression Hyun Wook leaves the meeting while trying to control his cough. Se Na quickly follows Hyun Wook out and gives him an orange with a heart drawn on it.
Shi Woo tells Se Na how much he enjoys working with her and that somehow having her by his side makes everything go smoother. Poor guy, he is just trying to drop as many hints as often as he can.
Hae Yoon hands Hyun Wook her resignation. Hyun Wook tries to get Hae Yoon to reconsider since he will be leaving AnA in a little while anyway, but Hae Yoon asks Hyun Wook to let her walk away from him while she is making the effort. 

Hae Yoon tells Jae Yeong that even though she has resigned from AnA but she would not be joining him at his company. Moreover, Hae Yoon asks Jae Yeong to keep Hyun Wook's secret since "I don't want to drag others down to join my misery." 

Hae Yoon reminds Jae Yeong that he bears part responsibility for what happen to So Eun thus also has an indirect responsibility towards Se Na's suffering. Jae Yeong refuses to acknowledge his part in what happened.
Se Na calls Hyun Wook for help when she gets stumped in her composing. After listening to her melody, Hyun Wook unconsciously starts to jump in with some advise but before his hands can touch the keyboard, Hyun Wook suddenly grabs his own hand and stops. 

Realizing Hyun Wook must still be having a hard time getting over his ex, Se Na asks him to try for her sake to compose once more.

Sitting at the keyboard alone, Hyun Wook thinks back to Se Na's plea and is tempted to play but in the end he couldn't put his hands on the keyboard.  
President Lee meets his "other" family at the park and plays with his son. President Lee tells the woman that he probably has to stop meeting them and tells his family the truth. The woman gratefully thank President Lee for all that he has done for them. I guess Hyun Wook's dad might not be a cheating jerk after all... 
Hyun Wook's second chance to debut as a solo singer comes. Right before he gets on the stage, Hyun Wook confesses to Se Na how nervous he is. Se Na assures Hyun Wook and promises him that she will be watching him. 
Se Na meets Jae Yeong in the hall way of the concert venue and Jae Yeong uses the chance to casually bring up Se Na's sister and the fact he knew So Eun at one time.
Perhaps finally presenting his true side to his fans, Shi Woo sings his heart out to his mom (who is sitting just a few feet away) and the audience is moved to tears by his song.
Relieved and happy that his debut went well, Shi Woo tries to make Se Na stay and celebrate with him. However, one phone call from Hyun Wook makes Se Na resolutely pulls away from Shi Woo to go back to AnA. 

Shi Woo "Do you like Director Lee?"
Avoiding the question Se Na promises to celebrate with Shi Woo later. 
Se Na arrives at AnA to find Hyun Wook waiting for her with a present. Putting a necklace on Se Na, Hyun Wook asks her to stay by his side today and takes her out on the date that they didn't get to do last time. 
Over dinner, a happy Se Na chatters on about how dreamy everything with Hyun Wook has been and how much she wishes her sister could be with them.

At the mention of So Eun, Hyun Wook's smile starts to fade, but a bigger shock comes with Se Na's next question "I met Seo Jae Yeong today and he mentioned that he knew my sister. Did you know her too?"


"Tell her!!!! Just admit you live in K-drama land so she will find out no matter what you do!" That was what I was yelling at my screen but I highly doubt Hyun Wook will take my advise. I wonder if he already knows that Se Na will find out sooner or later but he is just hoping for later since he figure this romance is doomed anyway. That's probably what he meant when he told Hye Yoon that "I am not going to think of anything or than Yoon Se Na." Oh, well. Self denial is the spice of K-drama after all.

I am glad Hye Yoon is staying on the cool side even though she is hurting and probably is struggling with a part of her that just wants to make Se Na as miserable as her. Jae Yeong on the other side is just a huge jerk who really doesn't seem to have any goal other than to make Hyun Wook suffer... although he also seems to understand quite well that Hyun Wook is suffering plenty without his help. 

I am starting to feel bad for Shi Woo. The kid is trying so hard but if a girl keeps ignoring all the hints you keep throwing at her she is probably not interested. 

The one thing this show did really well is to show the easy contentment that exists whenever Hyun Wook and Se Na is together. Their romance didn't seem so much a brand new love but more like a couple who is finally allowed to act like the couple they have always been. 

Ahhh.... I have to start my counting til next week again! 


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