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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Lovely Girl Episode 13 Recap

Question of the hour: What to do if you can't get over the person you can't love no matter how hard you try?

My Lovely Girl Epsiode 13 Recap
Hyun Wook sits at the airport alone with the realization that Se Na would only ignore his phone call for one reason...
Se Na meets with Jae Yeong and confirms what she already suspects - the fact that her sister dated Hyun Wook. Jae Yeong offers to fill Se Na in on all the details, but Se Na refuses. Watching Se Na's retreating back, Jae Yeong gives a satisfied smirk.
After a whole day of searching, Hyun Wook finally meets Se Na in front of her house.

Without any preamble, Se Na asks "Did you know from the start? Did you know who I was?"
With a pause, Hyun Wook answers in affirmative.
 Angrily, Se Na yells "What did you not say something? If I knew then I would not have liked you or asked you to like me back. Things would not have to come this far." She has a good point.

 Hyun Wook, looking pained takes a step towards Se Na while calling her name. Quickly, Se Na takes a step back "Don't come close to me", then leaving Hyun Wook there, goes back to her house.
Now that he is not leaving, Hyun Wook goes to Sung Jin's house and picks up Dal Bong. Overwhelmed by his sadness, Hyun Wook stops the car by the side of the road, and with tears running down his face, he tells Dal Bong "I guess is just the two of us now."
Time for our respective second leads to find out their guy/girl didn't ride off into the sunset after all.

Instead of being happy though, Hae Yoon is filled with guilt that her drunken words to Jae Yeong has resulted in Hyun Wook's sadness.

Listening to Hae Yoon's tearful confession, Hyun Wook tells her "It's alright. She would have found out sooner or later. I just wished I had more time before that happened."

 Shi Woo, of course is overjoyed by the fact Se Na stayed but upon meeting Se Na in person he wonders why Se Na seems to have changed.
Walking past the neighborhood convenient store, Se Na is hit with the memory of Hyun Wook and the fun they had together. Yet, when Se Na runs into Hyun Wook and Dal Bong by chance just minutes later, the two greet each other with the politest greeting like mere acquaintances.
AnA is met with yet another crisis and with Hyun Wook no where in sight, Hae Yoon meets with Se Na and tries to get her to understand that Hyun Wook's original intent was only to help her. Hae Yoon admits that it's a bit shameless but she still asks if Se Na to please help Hyun Wook get back on his feet.

 Over drinks with Sung Jin, Hyun Wook laments "Why didn't you stop me? This way I would have hurt Se Na less." Good naturally, Sung Jin tells Hyun Wook that he'll take the responsibility and asks Hyun Wook to not go into self exile again.
Se Na finds a slightly drunk Hyun Wook sitting in front of her house. Promising Hyun Wook that she will one day become a better composer than Jae Yeong, Se Na asks Hyun Wook to behave like an adult and go back to work. Watching Se Na leaves, Hyun Wook wipes away the tears in his eyes and seems to have a new resolve.
Back in her room, Se Na's friend sees So Eun's picture and pulls Se Na into an embrace to comfort her. Se Na promises Joo Hong (her friend) that she has made her decision concerning Hyun Wook.
Worrying about the investor pulling AnA's funding, President Lee ends up checking himself into the hospital. The doctor chastises President Lee for working despite repeated warning that he could die if he doesn't take thing easy. Wow, I didn't realize he is actually that sick.

 Perhaps feeling the reality of mortality, President Lee shows up at Hyun Wook's house and strong arms Hyun Wook into have a drink with him. With a touch finality, President Lee apologizes to Hyun Wook for the whole mess with So Eun and for forcing him to take over AnA while the company is in crisis.
Thanks to pressure from just about everyone he knows, Hyun Wook finally pulls himself out of the funk and shows up at AnA ready to tackle the crisis. As it turns out AnA is facing both threats of funding being pulled and loss of confidence from their talents, thanks to no small part to underhanded tricks from Jae Yeong.

 Now that Hyun Wook is back at AnA, he also has to brace himself for frequent run ins with Se Na and Shi Woo since Se Na has agreed to be Shi Woo's composer. The first chance meeting was a bit awkward with Shi Woo happily lumping himself with Se Na at every turn, but Hyun Wook was able to keep a calm face... for the most part.
Hyun Wook goes to meet with AnA investor and to no one's surprise Jae Yeong is already there. Jae Yeong takes his leave after exchanging some more taunting words with Hyun Wook. Hyun Wook asks the investor to give him one more month to prove AnA's ability to bring profit to the investor's money before the investments are pulled, the investor agrees.
In a meeting with Shi Woo and Se Na, Hyun Wook stresses to them the importance of Shi Woo's album to the company and promises to help in whatever way he can... as the AnA president.

Seeing the depressed expression on Se Na's face after their meeting with Hyun Wook, Shi Woo takes Se Na out for drinks. Watching Se Na making a valiant effort in drowning her sorrow with alcohol, Shi Woo finally asks the question he has been wanting to know "What is your relationship with Director Lee?" Giving Shi Woo the most honest answer, Se Na answers "The kind of relationship that can't have any relationship."
Tugging a drunken Se Na to bed, Joo Hong gently suggests maybe Se Na should stop going to AnA for work since seeing Hyun Wook's face obviously brings her pain. With tears in her eyes, Se Na replies "But I just can't help but want to see him."

 Without any idea why Se Na and Hyun Wook broke up, Joo Hong's boyfriend charges over to Hyun Wook's house and thinking he is helping Se Na, reassures Hyun Wook that Se Na is completely depressed and has even resorted to drinking because of the "fight" between them.

 The next morning, Shi Woo makes matter worse and tells Hyun Wook that AnA has to keep Se Na as his composer even if Se Na can't compose since her composer block is due to Hyun Wook. Poor guy, how is he suppose to keep up the pretense everything is okay if everyone in the world lines up to tell him how miserable the girl he loves is.
Finding Se Na on AnA's balcony (of course) Hyun Wook hesistently offers Se Na some music that might help her mood thus getting rid of her block to composing.

 Se Na "Stop this! This is how we started in the first place. Don't be concerned about me, don't try to be nice to me." Ha, I love how blunt she is. Plus she is right. 

 Not sure what else to say, Hyun Wook protests "I am just trying to help as AnA's president."
 In frustration, Se Na exclaimed "I was trying so hard to hold it all in..."
Watching the whole scene, Shi Woo walks to Se Na. Grabbing Se Na's hand, Shi Woo announce to Hyun Wook "It's time you let go."


Sigh... If only grabbing a girl and declaring she is your actually work... The sad thing about such declaration is of course that it's only a happy occasion if it comes from the guy you like. When it comes from the guy you DON'T like then is just an annoying problem.

I always had a secret wish that in such situation the heroine would wretch her hand away and loudly points at her ex "You, OUT!" then points at the second lead " You are nice, but sorry no sparks there." Looking at both guys the heroine would proudly declare "There are plenty of other guys, there is no reason I can't find someone else I like... so bye." I guess if my wish come true that will be the death of a lot of K-dramas.

While I wasn't happy with with how Hyun Wook handled his romance with Se Na and his self admitted cowardly action certainly didn't earn him brownie points I do feel like they are understandable. After all if we as human beings can act rationally in love then so much happiness and pain wouldn't come from it.

Anyhow, now that both of our leads has established their relationship is at an end and the only thing to do is to get over their respective yearning for each other I am quite interested to see how the rest of the story line will develop.


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