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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Lovely Girl Episode12 Recap

Chant of the hour: Just SAY IT!!!!! Pretty please??

We pick up from where Hyun Wook is having dinner with Se Na and Hyun Wook freezes when Se Na mentions that Jae Yeong told her he was familiar with So Eun (Se Na's sister).

Hyun Wook charges to Jae Yeong's house and tells him to leave Se Na alone, but Jae Yeong doesn't look convinced.
After his unpleasant meeting with Jae Yeong, Hyun Wook goes back to Se Na house and reassures himself by holding her.
Shi Woo's new song is a major hit and a happy Shi Woo meets with Se Na for their overdue celebration.

Over cake, Shi Woo suggests that maybe they should just turn the celebration into the first day of their relationship, but Se Na gently tells Shim Woo "I have someone I like already."

Speechless, Shi Woo cannot fathom why Se Na could like someone else instead of him.
Se Na excitably goes to a composing interview only to find out the president she is meeting is Jae Yeong. Jae Yeong drops a slew of hints that he knows So Eun very well, and the fact So Eun's ex boyfriend is also in the music industry.

Se Na tells a concerned Hyun Wook about what Jae Yeong said, and adds "I don't think I want to meet him (So Eun's ex... so Hyun Wook) anymore, because I think I would dislike him."

Over drinks with Sung Jin, Hyun Wook confesses "I am scared that Se Na will be hurt because of me."
Prsident Lee meets with Hae Yoon and convinces her to stay on with AnA. Wanting to help Hae Yoon, President Lee meets with Hyun Wook and tells him to end what ever relationship he has and to treasure Hae Yoon instead. Ignoring his father, Hyun Wook asks his father to take care of of his own business first.

Seeing how upset Madam Lee is, Director Kang goes on a spy mission to meet President Lee's "mistress". Judging by the shocked expression on Director Kang's face and the exclamation of "Tae Min Oppa!" from the "mistress" the two obviously knows each other.
Sung Jin overhears Jae Yeong arranging a meeting with Se Na at So Eun's old work place. Sung Jin calls Hyun Wook to tell him what he overheard.

Racing over to the music cafe So Eun used to work at, Hyun Wook takes Se Na away before she can meet with with Jae Yeong.

Standing on a beach, Hyun Wook asks Se Na if she would still love him if he was not who she though he was. Se Na nods without hesitation.
Hyun Wook "What if I am a bad person?"
Se Na "That's not possible."

Hyun Wook then asks Se Na to go away with him to a far away place, and she agrees.
I thought for sure the writer will surprise me and have him tell the truth here... 
That night, Se Na looks at her sister's guitar and mutters "Nona, I have someone I want to spend my life with now. I hope you will like him." Um... she likes him... a lot... even in death. 

At the same time, Hyun Wook takes out the box that contains So Eun's things and whispers "I am sorry. I hope the choice I made is the right one."

Shi Woo finds out from Hyun Wook that Se Na cannot be his composer for his album. Shi Woo wonders why Hyun Wook would find out before him about Se Na's personal reason why she can't take the job.
Hyun Wook "Do you really want to hear the reason from me?"
Shi Woo "Nope, I am going to hear it directly from Yoon Se Na."
Poor kid, he knows already but is in denial. 

Sheepishly, Se Na tells Shi Woo that she is going to study abroad so she can't compose for him anymore. Stunned, Shi Woo quickly asks Se Na not to leave and promises that she is the best composer for him but Se Na only pats Shi Woo's back and tells him "It's not like we won't meet again."

Hae Yoon finds the plane ticket (to U.S.) information on Hyun Wook's desk and demands to know why Hyun Wook would leave when everything is going just fine. Hyun Wook confesses that Jae Yeong knows the truth and while leaving seems cowardly it's the only solution he can come up with.

Hae Yoon meets with Jae Yeong and slaps him when Jae Yeong insists that since Hyun Wook caused So Eun's death he has no right to be with Se Na.

Angrily Hae Yoon tells Jae Yeong that he bears responsibility too since he was the one that spread the rumor about Hyun Wook having an affair thus causing the break up between Hyun Wook and So Eun. Man, he was a jerk that far back too?! 

With finality, Hae Yoon informs Jae Yeong they have no reason to meet anymore, since she was only suffering his presence all these time only because he was Hyun Wook's friend. Ouch!! That had to hurt. 

Se Na shows up at Hyun Wook's house to help him with packing and sees a picture of when Dal Bong was a young pup. Looking at the scarf that was wrapping around the puppy Dal Bong, Se Na realizes it looks exactly like the scarf she personally knitted for her sister. Moreover, the scarf even has the exact same hair pin she gave to her sister as well. 
It's the morning that Se Na is suppose to leave with Hyun Wook, but she can't stop thinking about the scarf in Dal Bong's picture and about what Jae Yeong might know about So Eun. 

Just when Se Na is ready to leave for the airport, Jae Yeong calls and tells her that in the old music cafe So Eun worked there are still many pictures of her. 

Se Na sends Hyun Wook ahead to the airport to wait for her and heads to the music cafe. On the cafe's wall of pictures, Se Na finally sees the secret Hyun Wook has been trying to hide for so long. 

Staring at the picture of Hyun Wook and So Eun together, memories of everything Hyun Wook did and said flashes before Se Na and puzzles finally starts to fall into place. 
Waiting at the airport, Hyun Wook calls Se Na in earnest, but no one answers. 


At least the secret it's out. Really predicable writing... but okay, I will just be happy that they didn't drag the secret out for one more episode. 

I really was hoping the writer will let Hyun Wook man up and be the one to tell Se Na the truth. A hero who tells the truth before it blows up right in his face, now that's a novel idea. Hyun Wook's character seems the kind that is rational and good at facing problems (at least professionally) so I really am disappointed that he chose to run away from the truth until the bitter end. However, now that we are over the whole secret I am still looking forward to see how that will change Hyun Wook and Se Na's relationship.

I am thinking/hoping So Eun will show up again sometime. She showed up so often in the first three episodes I am hoping she'll do so again. I guess it could be kind of a cop out to have the dead unnie/exgirlfriend to solve all the problems, but it just seems kind appropriate since So Eun is the reason Hyun Wook and Se Na got together in the first place. 


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