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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Only Love Episode 1-20 First Impression

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Only Love is a Daily Korean Drama, that means it's only 30 minutes long per episode which also means if the story line is good it makes a really easy watch. The story centers around three siblings and their romance. Of course there is your share of birth secret and family angst but I find myself rooting for all three couples and that is a rarity in any K-family show.

Story Set Up

Our first and the main couple is Kim Tae Yang and Choi Yoo Ri. Tae Yang works at Yoo Ri's father's hospital and is one of the most promising doctor there. Yoo Ri is a TV station PD who doesn't act like that rich girl she is at all, in fact, she tries to keep her background a secret from those around her. Fireworks happens when Yoo Ri starts to fall in love with Tae Yang... and he doesn't seem to mind being chased either. 

This is a fun couple to watch. Yoo Ri is such a forthright girl that it is fun to watch her chase after Tae Yang who really are lacking some social cues when it coming to the opposite sex. 
Our second couple is Kim Saet Byeol and Choi Jae Min. Saet Byeol is an unmarried single mother and that comes with it's bag of complications. Jae Min, a director at his father's clothing company meets Saet Byeol and the two's lives become tangled. Complication happens when Saet Byeol starts to work at Jae Min's house as a maid unbeknownst to both of them. 

I wasn't as interested in this couple in the beginning, but their story line is getting really interesting and I am starting to look forward to their development more than even the main couple. 
Third couple: Kim Woo Joo and Hong Mi Rae. Woo Joo tries to break up with his girlfriend when he finds out she has lied about her age. In fact, Mi Rae is five years older than Woo Joo. But the breakup goes wry when Mi Rae lies to Woo Joo and tells him that she is pregnant. Accepting fate, Woo Joo decides to marry Mi Rae once he gets enough courage to confess to his family. On the other hand, Mi Rae is starting to feel bad about her lies. 

Not too interested in this couple so far, but they are a good relaxing couple to have between the two other couples who are always mired in some emotional trauma. So I count that as being interested in three out of three.  

I do have to warn you that this is not the easiest show to find. I have had most luck just googling the episode I want to watch and see which one works. 


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