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Friday, October 17, 2014

She's So Lovable Episode 10 Recap

Question of the hour: How many "No!" can you tell your heart before it just rebels on you?

We back track a bit to Hyun Wook frantically searches for Se Na. In a flash back we see Hae Yoon did not tell Se Na about her sister after all, but uses Se Na's picture with Shi Woo as an excuse to fire her. Hae Yoon did lie to Se Na about Hyun Wook has already seen the picture and agrees with her firing Se Na.
Se Na asks Hyun Wook if he really believe the picture even though he knows he is the one she likes.
Hyun Wook "I won't misunderstand you. But this is as far as I can watch over you. As a director at AnA and as a neighborhood adjusshi."

Se Na "What do you mean?"
Hyun Wook "It means I won't see you anymore."
Hyun Wook meets with Hae Yoon and assures her he will finish up everything with Se Na but asks her to keep the truth a secret from Se Na.

Hae Yoon "Do you really like her? Why does it have to be Yoon Se Na? You know you can't. You know you shouldn't."

Hyun Wook "I know, even without you telling me."

The next morning, Hyun Wook's words "It can't go any further, because you are Yoon Se Na." keeps circulating in Se Na's mind and finally she stops Hyun Wook outside of his house to find out the real reason why he won't see her anymore.

Avoiding the question, Hyun Wook just tells Se Na even though he had thoughts of cultivating her talents in the beginning but he has changed his mind. Hammering another nail in Se Na's heart, Hyun Wook ends with a request that Se Na stops coming to his house.
Simmering with frustration, Hyun Wook tells his friend Sung Jin that he doesn't want to discuss the whole Se Na issue with him anymore.

Sung Jin "So you won't play the daddy-long-legs anymore?'
Hyun Wook "I don't qualify."
Shi Woo calls Se Na and becomes confused when she asks him about seeing the picture and ends the phone call by telling him they should avoid contact with one another. 

Hyun Wook walks in and informs Shi Woo that there is no reason for Shi Woo to joke around with Se Na anymore since she has already left the company. With that, Hyun Wook takes Shi Woo's phone and deletes Se Na's number from it.

Shi Woo "I am not joking around with her. Is not that I want to do anything. I just like her."
Hyun Wook must be so envious of Shi Woo right now, at least that kid can openly like Se Na.
Se Na's friend is speechless over what a jerk Hyun Wook is to tell Se Na that he is simply shaken but wants to end everything now. Listlessly, Se Na wonders around, but all she can think about are memories with Hyun Wook.
Hyun Wook sits at the recording room peeking at Se Na's music notebook when the recording staff all the sudden gets a phone call from Se Na.

Hyun Wook has no reply when the recording staff questions him why such a talented girl was fired.
Shi Woo stops Se Na on the side of the road and takes her on a drive. Shi Woo tells Se Na he feels so unfair that Se Na gets fired over the picture when they didn't even kiss. Ha, the poor kid really wish he did something that deserved the scandal. 

While playing Se Na's song on the stereo Shi Woo wonders what would've happened to him if he has chosen to sing the song.

Se Na "Well, it wouldn't be as good."
Hyun Wook's dad meets with Jae Yeoung and asks him to stop tormenting Hyun Wook when he really should be the one to feel bad for what he did in the past. Jae Yeoung counter back that nothing happened in the past that wasn't president Lee's wish.
Madam Lee meets in secret with director Kang to go over AnA's recent financial paper. I have no clue what these two are up to. Director Kang doesn't seem like he is trying to take over AnA... in fact you get the feeling he think he is helping it? So confused. Oh, well, I usually ignore their part. 
Hyun Wook can't stop thinking about the conversation he overheard in the recording room. Thinking about Se Na out looking for a part time job, Hyun Wook makes a call to a friend about introducing someone to him.

Hyun Wook tells Hae Yoon that he needs to leave early since Dal Bong is being discharged from the hospital. Hyun Wook turns down Hae Yoon's request to tag along but relents when Hae Yoon admits to disliking and being jealous of Dal Bong but she would like a chance now to made up to Dal Bong. 
Sent on an errand by her friends to the neighborhood market, Se Na is stunned to see Hyun Wook driving home with Hae Yoon and Dal Bong. Ahh.. betrayed by both the man and his dog! 
Instead of heading home, Se Na ends up at the local drinking diner. In her drunken state, Se Na calls Hyun Wook and when he doesn't pick up she leaves a message saying she will wait for him at the diner. Se Na calls again later and when Hyun Wook's phone is turned off this time, she leaves a much simpler message "Adjusshi, you are a bad guy." 

Hyun Wook shows up at the dinner and silently looks at Se Na who has passed out on the table with a tear still running down her face. 
The next morning Se Na finds herself back in her bed with a hang over. Se Na's friends yells at her for drinking so much and asks her "what would you have done if the Dog Handsome Guy didn't call and tell us where you were?"
Se Na rushes to find her cell phone and is irked with herself that she has called Hyun Wook twice while she was drunk.
Hyun Wook calls Se Na out and tries to refer a position with a composing group to her. Se Na flat out refuses Hyun Wook by saying "If you are not going to be AnA president to me nor the neighborhood adjusshi then don't be concerned about me."

Hyun Wook "If you didn't want me to be concern about you then don't call me when you are drunk. Do you think I wouldn't be concerned if you call me when you are drunk and tells me you'll wait until I come?"

Se Na coolly apologize for the mistake and assures Hyun Wook it won't happen again. 
Shi Woo calls Se Na to his house and asks her to be his composer for his next album. When Se Na asks why Shi Woo would choose her, Shi Woo answers "The thing I regret the most is not singing your song. To be honest, I am not sure how many more chances I'll get, so I want to do this properly."
Hyun Wook goes to dinner at his dad's house and takes the opportunity to inform his dad that as soon as he gets AnA back on track he will be leaving. 

President Lee tells Hyun Wook to give him time to figure out all the women stuff and one of these days he will be able to explain everything to him. Hyun Wook tells his dad that he is not interested in AnA and he should've never come back in the first place. 
Hae Yoon and Hyun Wook are surprised when Shi Woo shows up introducing Se Na as his chosen composer. Hae Yoon brings up the scandal but Shi Woo assures Hyun Wook that he will be careful and there really is nothing anyone can say about him spending time with his composer. 

After a long pause and some silent looks between him and Se Na, Hyun Wook agrees to Se Na working as Shi Woo's composer. 
Hyun Wook stops Se Na in the hallway and asks her why she would turn down his job referral and comes back to AnA by working with Shi Woo. 
Se Na assures Hyun Wook that she is not here for Hyun Wook and will just focus on her own work. 

Se Na "You don't have to be concerned about me."
Hyun Wook "I won't be concerned about you, as long as I can't see you."

Se Na tries to go back to Shi Woo and work on composing but the stress of dealing with Hyun Wook finally takes a toll on her and she barely manages to go home before falling ill. 
Hae Yoon shows up at Hyun Wook's house to celebrate his birthday along with Sung Jin who will arrive later. 

When a knock came at the door, Hyun Wook opens the door to reveal a very pale Se Na. Without any preamble, Se Na questions Hyun Wook "Adjusshi, What are you? Do you think of me as a joke? Do you think I am easy? Why did you put me into such a miserable state? What wrong did I commit?" 

Se Na's rambling comes to an abrupt stop when she spots Hae Yoon standing inside Hyun Wook's house watching the two of them. Without another word, Se Na slowly walks away.

Closing the door behind him, Hyun Wook stumbles back into the house and can barely focus when Hae Yoon tells him that he needs to move soon. 

Watching Hyun Wook barely controlling his emotions Hae Yoon urgently demands "Oppa, you can't do this. You promised you will finish this."

Hyun Wook's only answer is to tell Hae Yoon to leave since he doesn't want any sort of birthday party.
Hae Yoon "Why? You want me to leave so you can chase after Yoon Se Na?"
Hyun Wook "Can't you see I am holding it in? I am holding it back."
Hae Yoon "You are saying you like her, but you are holding it in?"
Hyun Wook "You can't try to tell my heart what to do. What right do you have? Do I have to stop my feelings just because you say to?"

Hurt by Hyun Wook's words, Hae Yoon nevertheless delivers one last blow "I understand you. But you guys can't be happy together. Once Yoon Se Na finds out how her sister died she will never be able to love you."

Sung Jin comes in to find Hae Yoon running out with tears in her eyes. Sung Jin urges Hyun Wook to chase after Hae Yoon but instead Hyun Wook explodes with tears of his own crying "Why can't you understand me a little. I think I am going crazy! I think I am going to go crazy."  

Sung Jin only manages to ask "Do you think you can handle it?" before Hyun Wook takes off running to find Se Na. I am assuming he meant if Hyun Wook can handle it if he enters into a relationship with Se Na and all the baggage that comes with it. 

Jae Yeong finds Hae Yoon drinking herself to a stupor but she does manages to tell him the secret that Hyun Wook is in love with So Eun's little sister Se Na before she passes out.  
Hyun Wook finds Se Na and stops her from leaving. 

Se Na is the first to speak "Adjusshi, I will stop liking you now."
Taking a deep breath, Hyun Wook replies "I guess from now on, this will be a one-sided crush. It doesn't matter anymore. That you are Yoon Se Na." 


Umm...Hyun Wook, you don't care anymore but are you going to tell the girl why she might care? This would be a totally refreshing drama if the writer would let the hero just tell the heroine the truth before it inevitably come from someone else. 

To be honest, I personally don't quite get what the big deal is. I understand Hyun Wook being her sister's boyfriend might be an obstacle since that would be kinda weird but why would Se Na blame her sister's death on Hyun Wook? Is not like he accidently push So Eun off the cliff or something. Of course everyone around Hyun Wook seems to assume Se Na would blame him for So Eun's death so I guess we the viewer get to go with that assumption. 

I love Rain's acting in this episode. He did such a wonderful job portraying Hyun Wook's simmering emotion that is barely controlled just under the surface. With every little look and body language you could sense how much Se Na effects him but the control is always there... that is until the very end when it snaps so spectacularly. 

But now what? Show, surprise me please! You have done such a good job now so don't go the conventional route of one happy lovey dovy episode that ends with the truth being dished out by the evil one. 


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