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Thursday, October 2, 2014

She's So Lovable Episode 5 Recap

Question of the hour: Young love vs Old love, who'll win?

Se Na as Dal Fu the dog comes to sit with Hyun Wook in his time of need, but Hyun Wook is more concerned about how Se Na is doing. Taking off the puppet head, Hyun Wook sees Se Na with her tear stained face.

Se Na gives Hyun Wook her new song to listen to and promises Hyun Wook that Dal Fun will come visit often. 

Ready to face the crisis head on, Hyun Wook heads back to AnA while his whole team is up in arms over Infinite Power's leaving. Hyun Wook's people is focused on getting the three members of Infinite Power that left with Jae Young back, but Hyun Wook tells them to find Shi Woo instead.

Shi Woo meets with Rae Hoon (the leader of Infinite Power) away from public eyes. Shi Woo asks Rae Hoo why he and the rest of the band member would treat him this way when he has never done them any wrong. Rae Hoo tells Shi Woo his existence in the band itself it's an offence. Rae Hoon and the other members could not stand to have a newbie Shi Woo who just waltz into their band and become the star of the group.

Rae Hoo leaves Shi Woo with one last blow by telling him that he was only dating Ra Yum (Shi Woo's crush) because Shi Woo was interested in her.

AnA has the whole company running around trying to find Shi Woo but to no avail. Sitting outside of AnA, Shi Woo's mom gets a call from her son assuring her that everything is alright. Hiding out of sight, Shi Woo tells his mom to go home and be sure to dress warmly. Wondering how Shi Woo would possibly know she is not wearing a jacket, Shi Woo's mom looks around wildly but Shi Woo ducks out of sight.

Pushing past all the reporters stationed out side of AnA's front door, Se Na goes to the practice room only to be met with very unfriendly trainees all asking why she would dare to show her face at the company. Se Na asks the trainee if she is as useless as they are all claiming then would someone like her cause Jae Young or the hottest band Infinite Power to leave? Left with nothing to say, the trainees angrily leaves.

Hyun Wook finds Se Na up on the balcony and tells her that he has listened to her song. Excited over the fact Hyun Wook found the time in his busy schedule to listen to her song, Se Na eagerly asks for Hyun Wook's opinion. Hyun Wook tells Se Na that while her song is good, the arrangement wasn't acceptable and sends her back to retry it again.

Going back to the recording studio, Se Na finds a very deflated recording tech who is too depressed over the fact Jae Young abandoned him. Treating the recording tech to a macaroon ice cream, Se Na stews over how to improve her arrangement while the tech ponders over how to take revenge on Jae Young.

Madam Lee (Hyun Wook's step mom) meets with Hyun Wook to ask him about President Lee's mistress. When Madam Lee finds Hyun Wook ignorant of any actual details, she resorts to taking the black box of President Lee's car and calling a lawyer in preparation for divorce.

On his way back to AnA, Hyun Wook has a near collision with another car which brought on ringing in his ear. The ringing becomes so painful that Hyun Wook drove onto the on coming traffic and narrowly missing hitting a car head on.

Hae Yoon goes to see Jae Young again to stop him from betraying AnA, but Jae Young insists this is the only way Hae Yoon would pay attention to him.

Knowing that Jae Young has the evidence to his father's affair, Hyun Wook stops his team from suing Jae Young and proposes they focus instead on making money from AnA's other talents.

Thinking this could be an opportunity to get Hyun Wook to compose again, Hae Yoon suggests Hyun Wook be the star composer and beat out Jae Yeong.

Hyun Wook takes Hae Yoon outside and tells her bluntly that the best thing she could do for him is to stop meddling in his affairs since the only relationship he wants with her is a professional one. Extremely hurt, Hae Yoon cries in silence.

Se Na and her housemates is surprised by boxes of music equipment that was delivered to their house. Overwhelmed by the gifts, Se Na calls Hyun Wook only to be told that the equipment is there to help her finish her song quickly.  Despite Hyun Wook's assertion that the music equipment are just there as a standard benefit to a trainee, a giddy Se Na still buys two coco ice pops and waits for Hyun Wook outside of his door step.

Hyun Wook meets with his friend Sung Ji at a bar. Sung Ji tells Hyun Wook that he had to comfort a tearful Hae Yoon and he is sure the tears were caused by Hyun Wook. In a rare serious tone, Sung Ji asks Hyun Wook "If you fall in love again, I would like the girl to be Hae Yoon." The only reply Hyun Wook had was "Can you control love like that?"

While sitting outside waiting for Hyun Wook to come home, Se Na gets a phone call from Shi Wool, telling her to buy pizza and bring his hat to him at the hotel. Se Na goes to the hotel and finds a starving Shi Woo who has not eaten for two days due to the fact has to hide from the media.

Shi Woo tells Se Na "After I became a star I was only surrounded by two kinds of people: Staff and fans. And I can't show anyone in either category how depressed I am."

The next morning, Se Na walks into Hyun Wook's office and overhears the manger telling Hyun Wook that they can't find Shi Wook despite all their efforts. Se Na tells Hyun Wook where to find Shi Wool and the two head to the hotel.

Telling Se Na to stay down in the hotel lobby, Hyun Wook goes to see Shi Woo alone. Shi Woo confess to Hyun Wook that he is too scared to face the public and his fans. Hyun Wook challenges Shi Wook to take the leap and be a singer without the band. Still wavering, Shi Woo asks Hyun Wook for time to think over his suggestion and Hyun Wook agrees to give him two days.

Hyun Wook gets a bit... bothered by the fact Se Na talks as if getting phone calls from Shi Woo is normal and asks "Is he one of those "Seems Like" guys?" (Referring to her song about guys who "seems like") Waving his annoyance away, Hyun Wook settles for telling Se Na that while she should answer Shi Woo's phone call but she is not to visit him at the hotel since the reporter might see. Is so comical that he is so protective of her, although I guess we could attribute that to being brotherly... for now. 

Hyun Wook stalks off after refusing to see Se Na's selfie with the music instruments he sent. Ignoring him, Se Na just sends him the photo. Looking at Se Na's selfie on his phone, Hyun Wook breaks out in a wide smile. 

Hae Yoon treats all the trainee to a meal and pumps them up with talks of using AnA's trouble as an opportunity to make their debut earlier. Hae Yoon also takes the opportunity to tell the trainee to treat Se Na better since she will be working with the composing team now. 

Without any appetite, Hae Yoon leaves the trainee but not before she ignores a call from Hyun Wook. Hyun Wook, waiting right out side of the restaurant stops Hae Yoon, apologizes to her and tells her the truth that due to the ringing in his ears, he can't compose even if he wanted to.

Shocked by Hyun Wook's revelation, Hae Yoon cries and hugs him. Se Na comes out of the restaurant and sees Hae Yoon crying in Hyun Wook's arm as he gently pats her back to comfort her.

In a daze after what she saw, Se Na sits in front of the keyboard Hyun Wook bought for her and silently cries. 

The next morning, Se Na is surprise to find that she has worked through the night on her song. When Shi Woo calls her for more meal delivery, Se Na tells him that she has to focus on finishing her song so that "someone" would hear it soon. Assuming Se Na means him, Shi Woo tells Se Na to send him the musical file once she is done. 

The rest of the morning Shi Woo spends it staring at the phone waiting for Se Na's call back with the music file. When it finally come, Shi Woo jumps up and listens to it with a smile.

Se Na finds Hyun Wook on the balcony and bashfully shows him her hard work. Hyun Wook closes his eyes and he immerse himself in Se Na's music, while Se Na takes the golden opportunity to stare at him. 

Just as Hyun Wook is ready to tell Se Na his opinion of her song, Hae Yoon interrupts the two. Hae Yoon asks to hear Se Na's song as well, but Se Na politely but firmly asks her to listen to it later.

Excusing her self, Se Na takes her leave. As Se Na walks away, her phone starts to ring and she is stopped at the baloney door by Shi Woo's appearance. Shi Woo, with his phone to his ear, nods towards Se Na's phone and asks why she is not picking up his phone call. Se Na seemingly just realizing her phone is ringing, apologizes to Shi Woo.

Shi Woo "Why do you make a person's heart beat like this?" 

Shi Woo flashs his bad boy wry smile at Se Na as Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon look on. 


Ahh... Young loves. This hour seems to be one of contradiction between the young budding love that is so fragile and changing vs the love of those who are older that is stubbornly unchanging no natter what happens. 

Young Love Team

  • Infinite Power's Leader who uses his relationship as a mean to hurt Shi Woo.
  • Shi Woo who had a crush on Ra Yum but is very quickly falling for Se Na now. 
  • Se Na who takes two steps towards developing her feelings for Hyun Wook whenever he is nice to her and takes one step back when he turns cold or when Hae Yoon shows up.

Old Love Team

  • Jae Young with his twisted focus on Hyun Wook because he refuses to let Hae Yoon go. The interesting thing about Jae Young is that he actually knows Hyun Wook has no interest in Hae Yoon and Hae Yoon really is just in an one sided crush like him. So Jae Young really sees the whole situation quite clearly but still refuses to let go. 
  • Hae Yoon's long running crush on Hyun Wook that started before he had a girlfriend and continues now even after he bluntly refuses her. 
  • Hyun Wook's guilt and refusal to let his ex girlfriend go. 

I really like this show's ability to showcase the exhilarating budding feeling of love when one is still so young and afraid of getting hurt against the back drop of those who has been hurt by love so much so that they can't let go of the very same love that keeps hurting them. 

At this point, everyone's feeling is pretty much clear on who likes who and... even who hates who. The only one that is still fuzzy at this point is Hyun Wook. Obviously, Se Na is very special to him, but whether or not she has shed her label of "ex-girl friend's sister that the ex came back from the dead to make sure he takes care of" is still up in the air. 

I am in a bit of quandary with Shi Woo. This episode certainly made leaps and bounds on making me invested in his success and boy, when he looks at Se Na with those stares one wonders how any girl can resist (unless you daddy long leg is right behind you that is).  From a sideline point of view, Shi Woo seems like a much better choice for Se Na since he is sans dead girlfriend baggage and all. But then, the heart wants what it wants and obviously he is not Se Na's muse at this point.


  1. I'm confused. I thought Hyun Wook couldn't listen to music because of his tinnitus. Yet he listened to Se Na's song on the stereo and through the earphones. Help? Am I just being dumb and not understanding something that everyone else does?

    1. I don't think all music sets him off and not all the time too. The music that he composed while his ex is still alive I think is the ones that sets him off for sure. Also by this point in the story, I think his condition is getting better. I think his condition is more of a mental one, kinda like his inability to compose. If all else fails, LOOK! there is Rain, forget all doubts. That one works for me every time.