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Friday, October 3, 2014

She's So Lovable Episode 6 Recap

Question of the hour: What happens if the little girl turns out not to be so little after all?

Shi Woo drags Se Na to karaoke after informing both Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon to pretend they never saw him since he has until midnight before he needs to decide if he is going solo or not. At first Se Na was impatient about wasting her time at a karaoke but settles down once Shi Woo tells her that he is too confused to know what to do and singing is what he needs to do at that point.

Shi Woo's singing session is cut short when Rae Hoon (the leader of the band) calls Shi Woo to come and take his mom away. Shi Woo arrives at Rae Hoon home to see his mom pleading with Rae Hoon's mom to let Shi Woo back into Infinite Power. Angered and embarrassed, Shi Woo drags his mom away and yells at her for not trusting him.

Se Na gets into an argument with Shi Woo over his treatment of his mom and Se Na loses track of Shi Woo's whereabouts when he takes off.  

Hyun Wook receives a phone call from Se Na, apologizing to him for losing track of Shi Wook. Hyun Wook assures Se Na that what Shi Wook does is not her responsibility and if something needs to be done, then it will be his job not hers.

Realizing Se Na is the one on the phone, Hae Yoon suppresses a flash of jealousy at how Hyun Wook is talking to her.

Camped out at his office at AnA to wait for Shi Woo to show up, Hyun Wook passes the time by playing games on the tablet. Hyun Wook teaches Hae Yoon the game by guiding her hands with his and that gets Hae Yoon's little heart racing.

Fortunately, Shi Woo didn't make the two wait too long before showing up at the office to tell them that he is ready to go solo.

As Hyun Wook is driving home, he spots Se Na sitting on the side of the road. Just as Se Na is trying to figure out if she should call Hyun Wook, she receives a call from him.

Hyun Wook "In case you are worrying, Shi Woo came to the company and has decided to go solo."
Se Na "Really!! I am so relived."
Hyun Wook "You sound so happy. Are you that worried about Shi Woo?"
A short pause from Se Na "That's not it. I had the reaction because I was worried about someone else."

Noticing Hyun Wook has shown up right by her on the bench
Se Na "Why are are calling me instead of just talking to me?"
Hyun Wook "Because I had left over free minutes." I strangely found that last line hilarious. 

Se Na asks Hyun Wook if he safely sent Hae Yoon home since they had dinner together. Hyun Wook in turn thanks Se Na for helping Shi Woo to make up his mind since she must have said some encouraging words in the many hours they spent together. Ha ha, they each care so much about what the other was doing.

Hyun Wook's eyes widen when Se Na tells him that she really didn't do much since they spent most of the time at a karaoke. But breathed out the air he was holding when Se Na follows that with "I don't know why but I get annoyed every time I see him."

Se Na's house mates happens to see them sitting by the road and invites Hyun Wook back to the house for beer. 

Apparently, Hyun Wook is the only one that can hold his liqueur since out of the four he is the only one that is not drunk. A drunken Se Na starts to get obsessed with catching peanuts with her mouth and ends up flipping the peanuts all over Hyun Wook. The two starts to get into a tussle when Se Na refuses to give up her peanut obsession.

Se Na and Hyun Wook's tussle gets interrupted when her friend starts to thank Hyun Wook for taking care of Se Na since her life has been so hard after her sister died and her mother died shortly after from the grief of losing her daughter. Hyun Wook falls silent when Se Na and her friend starts to lament the fact that the jerk her sister loved didn't even bother to come to her funeral.

Se Na and her housemates goes back into their room and Se Na passes out on the floor. Hyun Wook with a pained expression slowly pulls Se Na's hair away from her face.

Hyun Wook meets with Sung Jin in the bar and asks him "Will there be a day when I can explain all these?"
Sung Jin "To whom? Yoon Se Na? Will she accept your help if she knew the truth? You can only take all these to the grave with you." I don't get it... because Se Na will blame Hyun Wook for her sister's death? 

Shi Woo holds a press conference to announce his attention to go solo. With Shi Woo's commitment, AnA is ready to go full steam ahead to find a hit song for Shi Woo so he can debut the same day his old band mates is as well.

Hyun Wook tells Se Na to re-do her arrangement again with some new additions and also to re-write the lyric from a male perspective.

With the pressure on more than ever, Shi Woo works with Sung Jin on his weakest area- singing.

Se Na finds Shi Woo hard at practice, falling down again and again practicing difficult dance moves. Se Na uses the opportunity to ask Shi Woo to help her understand how she should write her song from a male perspective. Hearing her request, Shi Woo responds by getting extremely close to her and staring at her right in the eyes. Shi Woo is the first one to start feeling bothered by their close proximity while Se Na reponds by pushing Shi Woo away with her finger saying "And how will this help me write my lyrics?"

Hyun Wook and his team is ready to choose Shi Woo's debut song out of the three songs by different composers. Hyun Wook's team chooses Se Na's song with the assumption that Hyun Wook is the composer and is surprised when Hyun Wook tells them the truth. 

Hae Yoon follows Hyun Wook to ask him why he is going to such length to help Se Na. Hyun Wook asks Hae Yoon to judge Se Na by her talent not her lack of experience since every composer need to start some where.

Shi Woo and Se Na is frozen in place after hearing Hyun Wook's announcement that Shi Woo's debut song has been chosen and it will be Se Na's song. Snapping out of her frozen state, Se Na chases after Hyun Wook, but turns away when she sees Hyun Wook is in conversation with someone else. Bursting with excitment, Se Na calls her friend and asks for a restaurant recommendation so she could buy Hyun Wook dinner.

Se Na's bubble of excitement didn't last long though when she realized Hyun Wook has brought Hae Young along to the dinner. 

In no time the girls starts to engage in a battle of words that are heavily laced with under currents. Hae Young asks how Se Na met Hyun Wook and in return Se Na asks what's the actual state of relationship between Hae Young and Hyun Wook. 

Hyun Wook "Why do you want to know?"
Se Na "Can't I be curious?"
Hyun Wook "Well, it's kind of hard to describe. We have known each other over ten years."
Se Na "So you guys are not dating."
Hyun Wook, surprising everyone replies "Not currently." What?! Implying the status could change??

When the trio leaves the restaurant, Se Na refuses Hyun Wook's offer to take her home as she watches Hae Young gets on the passenger seat like she belongs there. 

Turning to Hae Young after watching Se Na walk away, Hyun Wook asks "Couldn't you have handled the whole thing like an adult?" 

Hae Young "Have you seen anyone behave like an adult when they are jealous? I don't like seeing Oppa being concerned about other women."

Back at home, Hyun Wook remembers how Se Na walks off alone and fights his desire to call and check on her. 

Madam Lee is having a very bad day. The private eye she hired to follow President Lee has turned up with nothing but photos of him buying lettuce plants or meeting with AnA investor. Madam Lee takes her anger by stomping on the poor lettuce plants, venting her frustrating for not getting good evidence for her divorce case. 

President Lee meets with Hyun Wook at AnA and tells him that he has to change Shi Woo's debut song since the investor he met with is threatening to pull his investment back if Hyun Wook insists on using Se Na's song.

Shi Wook catches Se Na day dreaming, and asks her if she is going to the night club for dinner with everyone else that night. Looking down at her cloth Se Na asks "I can't wear this to the night club can I?"

Shi Woo "Then don't go tonight. Stay with me instead."

Se Na looks at Shi Woo with mild surprise but before the staring could turn into anything meaningful, Se Na's friend calls her away. 

Se Na gets a make over from her friend, insisting that Se Na will finally show everyone off. 

Hyun Wook and Hae Young sits on the second level of the dance club watching over all the trainees when Sung Ji all the sudden asks "Who is that?!"

Hyun Wook looks over and watches a very grown up looking Se Na standing across the way. Hae Young looks at Se Na as well, but when she turns back she sees Hyun Wook is still staring at Se Na. 

Shi Woo sits in the recording room alone and mutters "She really is heartless." 

Ra Eum walks in and tells Shi Woo everything she knows about her ex, Rae Hun's planned debut. Shi Woo asks "I thought you two broke up?"

Ra Eum "Exactly, that's why I took even more care to find out everything about him."

Ha ha, nothing like a woman's fury. 

Extracting herself from dancing with Sung Jin, Se Na looks up from the dance floor and sees Hyun Wook who is also looking at her. The two stares at each other and the rest of the world seems to fad away. That is until the music finally forces itself onto Hyun Wook and the pain in his ear sends him stumbling out of the club. 

Following Hyun Wook out of the club, Se Na asks him if he has a headache. When Hyun Wook answer in affirmative, Se Na starts to share the secret way of curing headaches by hopping on one leg while holding onto a ear. Apparently hopping on a dangerously tall high heel was not wise since Se Na starts to fall over in no time. Hyun Wook catches Se Na in his arm and the two freeze on contact. 

Standing in Hyun Wook's arm, Se Na gently says "I have waiting until we are alone to tell you thank you."

Hae Yoon walks out of the club with Jae Yeong (Jae Yeong promises to tell her why AnA's investor is threatening to pull out) and sees the whole exchange between Se Na and Hyun Wook. 

Jae Yeong "Doesn't this scene seem familiar. Like the time when Lee Hyun Wook fell in love with Yoon So Eun."


Don't turn evil Hae Yoon!!! I actually really like Hae Yoon's character. Here is a girl that is kind of naive in the game of love but is not afraid to be honest with her feelings, even if that means admitting she is childishly jealous of another girl. And despite her misgiving about Se Na's presence around Hyun Wook, she has tried to do her job by smoothing Se Na's way with the other trainees. Of course, I think after this hour, war is pretty much declared so I am a bit worried if her character will all the sudden turn evil. 

I love all interplay between all the characters in this episode. It's the magical moment when no one has confessed their feelings yet but it's felt by all nonetheless. The under current is present in every communication despite the fact there is still a thin veil of denial. The restaurant scene between the two girls and Hyun Wook is the perfect example. There is no question between Hae Yoon and Se Na as to why they dislike each other. Moreover, I think is no surprise to Hyun Wook that Se Na is not pleased with the fact Hae Yoon has glued herself to him. But at this point, Hae Yoon is the only one willing to verbalize her feelings. 

I also think this is the first episode where Hyun Wook is starting to see Se Na as an independent entity and not as So Eun's little sister. I fully expected Hyun Wook to go off to immerse in his guilt after Se Na and her friend brought up So Eun, but instead, the conversation seemed to make Hyun Wook focus on how alone Se Na has been and how she will handle it if she knew who he is. 

Ok, the real question of the hour:

If you are in Se Na's position which one would you fall for?


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