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Thursday, October 9, 2014

She's So Lovable Episode 7 Recap

Se Na getting dazzled from watching Hyun Wook read. 
Question of the hour: If the guy you have a crush on swears off love might possibly be falling in love again...is that a good thing or not? Even if the girl is not you?
Hyun Wook catches Se Na in his arm and the two freezes in that pose while Hae Yoon and Jae Young watches from the club doorway. Jae Young chooses that unfortunate timing to remind Hae Yoon that this seems like a familiar scene of when Hyun Wook fell for Yoon So Eun.

Hyun Wook awkwardly lets Se Na goes and makes the excuse of getting some air. Sitting at a bench, Hyun Wook mutters to himself "Lee Hyun Wook, What are you doing?"

Se Na follows Hyun Wook and sits down beside him on the bench. Se Na starts to ask Hyun Wook his reason for not composing anymore. Hyun Wook quickly brushes the question aside.

Hyun Wook "Aren't you cold?"
Se Na "A little."
Hyun Wook "Let's head back then."
Se Na "You could let me borrow your jacket since you are wearing so many layers."
Counting his layers "I am not wearing that many. Just three layers - Look."

As the two starts to walk, Hyun Wook gives in to his protective instinct and puts his jacket around Se Na and tells her not to wear cloth like that anymore.

Hyun Wook "I guess there was someone you wanted to impress."
Se Na "There was" I love how she is sometimes so surprisingly honest.
Hyun Wook "Who? Shi Woo?"
Se Na "Why would I want to impress him?!"

As Hyun Wook tug the jacket more snugly around Se Na:
Smiling, Se Na says"If you keep being so nice to me I might fall in love with you."
Hyun Wook replies jokingly while posing like his popularity cause him headache "Many girls fall in love with me. This unstoppable attraction of mine."
Bursting his bubbles Se Na "Hmm... not to that level."

Staring at the Infinite Power's poster and listening to their debut song that his assistant has somehow got hold of, Shi Woo makes a difficult decision.

The next morning while Hyun Wook is still trying to figure out how to convince the investor not to pull his funds due to Se Na's song, Shi Woo drops the bomb that he does not want to sing Se Na's song. Ahh... That just put him out of running in my books.

Hyun Wook "I thought you told her that the song moved you?"

Shi Woo "I know Yoon Se Na's song is a good one. I knew that when I felt my heart fluttering while I was recording it. It's not that I don't trust Yoon Se Na's song, but is that I don't trust myself."
Caught between the investor and Shi Woo, Hyun Wook finally decides to pull Se Na's song. Going to personally tell her the bad news, Hyun Wook feels even worse when he overhears Se Na happily planning the official recording of her song.

When Se Na greets Hyun Wook in her bright happy mood, Hyun Wook asks "Is there somewhere that makes you feel happy?"
Walking together by the Han River, Hyun Wook is amazed that the river is the place Se Na wanted to come to. Se Na tells him that she has always come to the Han River alone, and she has always wanted to visit one day with someone.

Hyun Wook finally drops the bad news and Se Na takes it calmly by telling him that it's too bad since she has already promised her friends Shi Woo would sing her song. Forcing a smile, Se Na tells Hyun Wook she will go buy him some noodles and walks away. Except Se Na only takes a few steps before her emotion overtakes her and she stands frozen with tears running down her face.

Hyun Wook takes Se Na's face in his hands and wipes her tears away. Pulling Se Na into his arm, Hyun Wook tells her "If you want to cry, then cry here."
Looking at his poor lettuce plants that has been stumped within a inch of their lives by his wife, President Lee decides it's time to change tactic.

President Lee surprises his wife at a club by singing personally for her and presents her with a 5 carat diamond ring.
Hyun Wook calls Se Na to tell her that Dal Bong wanted to talk to her. With much coaxing, Hyun Wook finally gets Dal Bong to bark into the phone so his excuse doesn't sound so lame.

Se Na "What did he say?"
Hyun Wook "You didn't understand him? He said it's not your fault that the song got cancelled. So don't be too sad. You song really does make people's heart flutter in a good way."
Se Na is drinking with her housemates and when the subject of Hyun Wook comes up her hearts starts to pound. Puzzled, Se Na asks her housemates what could cause someone's heart to pound. Se Na's friend Joo Hong guess with one look that Se Na must have been thinking about Hyun Wook. It finally dawns on Se Na what the pounding heart means and she races towards Hyun Wook's house.

Hyun Wook opens his door to Se Na saying "I wanted to see you." Hyun Wook's face starts to get serious but relaxes again when Se Na adds "I wanted to see Dal Bong."
When Hyun Wook finally looks up from his book he finds a sleeping Se Na. Kneeling in front of her, Hyun Wook smiles as he looks at Se Na's sleeping face. When Se Na starts to fall in her sleep, Hyun Wook catches her and leans her head on his shoulder.

Se Na's phone rings when she gets a phone call from Shi Woo. Hyun Wook tries to awkwardly reach the phone with Se Na on his shoulder and fails miserably when Se Na wakes up to find their faces inches from each other.
Walking Se Na home, Hyun Wook chastises Se Na not to be so careless as to enter into a man's home after drinking ever again. Se Na asks "Does Adjusshi count as a man?" Hyun Wook "Then what am I?"

Se Na tells Hyun Wook she believes she has figured out why he hasn't been composing. He said he compose the best when he is in love so he just need to be in love to compose again. Hyun Wook jokingly tells her that he doesn't think that would work and asks Se Na for songs instead. Se Na tells Hyun Wook if he wants songs from her then she'll have to spend time with him since she compose the best when she is around him. Wow, Hyun Wook has to be super dense or in denial to not hear that confession.
The next day, Shi Woo finds Se Na in the middle of being picked on by the other trainees. Shi Woo chastises the kids and takes Se Na to the balcony to find out if she is angry about him refusing to sing her song. Instead of being angry, Se Na is just surprised since she didn't know Shi Woo was the reason her song got cancelled.
Still in a giddy mood over the 5 carat diamond ring, Madam Lee happily greets her husband and even offers to go to the hospital with him for his check up. President Lee declines his wife's offer by telling her she would just be bored if she followed.

Instead of going to the hospital, President Lee shows up at a store with gifts for a woman who tells him she has been worried about him all this time. Outside of the store, a private eye is taking pictures of the whole exchange. Guess that 5 carat diamond didn't work after all.
Hyun Wook finds Se Na on... where else but the balcony and Se Na receives some private tutoring from Hyun Wook on the guitar.
Watching the cozy scene, Hae Yoon decides to put her age and position to advantage. Calling Se Na for a private meeting, Hae Yoon tells Se Na to watch herself when she interacts with Hyun Wook and especially to get rid of her ridiculous way of calling the AnA president as adjusshi. Hae Yoon warns Se Na to better get her act straight or she just might fire Se Na.
Walking away in triumph, Hae Yoon stops dead in her track when she hears the familiar melody coming from the practice room. Like seeing a ghost, Hae Yoon asks Se Na why she would know the melody. Visibly shocked when Se Na replies that it's her sister's song, Hae Yoon stumbles out as all the puzzles starts to fit together.

Breaking down, Hae Yoon nervously asks Sung Jin "What if he falls in love with her."
Sung Jin "That won't happen. And you know better than me the reason for that."

Sitting in his house with Dal Bong by his side, Hyun Wook falls asleep in his chair. In his sleep the feeling of Se Na being with him comes over Hyun Wook and he wakes up wondering why she didn't come to visit Dal Bong like she promised.

Se Na sits at home with Hae Yoon's words about her calling Hyun Wook adjusshi ringing in her ears.

Se Na runs to see Hyun Wook but doesn't say anything other than calling him adjusshi, adjusshi.
Hyun Wook "Can you stop! I know I am adjusshi. In all honesty, it makes me feel bad. But does that make sense?"
Patting his own face "Do I look like an adjusshi? Look at this smooth face."

Se Na "Then what do I call you?"
Images of Se Na sweetly calling him "Oppa, Oppa! Oppa!" fills Hyun Wook's mind and he quickly tells her "Never mind, just call me adjusshi."
Happy, Se Na says "So I can keep calling you adjusshi?"
Hyun Wook "You have been calling me that the whole time!"
The next morning on the train leaving for a trainee camp out, Se Na politely hands drinks to Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon being extra careful to use the correct titles. Puzzled at this sudden politeness Hyun Wook gives Se Na a strange look.

At the camp site, when Hyun Wook offers to carry a box for Se Na, she again refuses him politely while using the correct title. Wigged out by all these proper address, Hyun Wook asks Se Na what's up with her calling him adjusshi last night and this morning switching to president. Smiling, Se Na just tells Hyun Wook that he'll be adjusshi in their neighborhood but president when they are at AnA.

Hae Yoon pulls Hyun Wook away from looking after where Se Na has left to go on a walk with her.
Hae Yoon takes the opportunity to confirm two things with Hyun Wook. 1. No company romance at AnA... and Hyun Wook has no intention of falling in love while he is at AnA. 2.Hyun Wook is committed to help Se Na succeed. I think she is trying to convince herself if Se Na can become successful then Hyun Wook won't have any reason to hang around her anymore. 

Shi Woo shows up at the trainee camp site and calls Se Na away to give her a pair of shoes in a gift bag. Se Na refuses to accept the gift and tells Shi Woo to try again when he is sober. 
Se Na "You were like this last time with Ra Eum too. Do you always start bothering girls when you are drunk?"
Shi Woo smirks "You words are a bit harsh. What do you mean bothering girls? Do you even know what that means?" 
Se Na starts to back away when Shi Woo starts to advance towards her ready to show her what true bothering means.

"Shi Woo" Hyun Wook's stern voice stops Shi Woo in his track. Hyun Wook sends Se Na back to camp and gives Shi Woo a tongue lashing for not practicing hard at Seoul but instead coming to camp to play around.

Shi Woo "I am not playing around with Yoon Se Na"
Hyun Wook "Then that's even worse. Leave her alone. Don't forget for a second you are an idol."

After Shi Woo takes off, Hae Yoon questions Hyun Wook if the reason he is so angry is because he is jealous. Hyun Wook quickly refutes Hae Yoon's "ridiculous" words and walks away.  
Still thinking about what Hae Yoon said, Hyun Wook laughs and shakes his head while muttering "Jealous?" 

Se Na stops Hyun Wook on his walk and tries to explain Shi Woo was only acting the way he did because he felt sorry for rejecting her song. 
Hyun Wook "Why are you telling me this?"
Se Na "I thought you might misunderstand. I was worried." 
Hyun Wook "If you are worried about me misunderstanding, then don't do anything. While you are at AnA, don't do anything with Shi Woo or anyone else."

Looking at Hyun Wook, Se Na asks "Does that include you? Adjusshi?" 


Ha! I love it when Se Na gets fire in her eyes and just say what ever comes to her mind. I love it even more when it totally throws Hyun Wook off his cool aloof I am a mature man act. I think it's safe to say the boy is in love. The girl is of course long gone, but I think the boy is finally in love as well. I don't think Hyun Wook realizes yet because if he did he would be running away as fast as he can. 

I am a bit sad that Shi Woo is out of running so early in the story. I know he might still be a possibility to a lot of other viewers but in my book his cowardice (however understandable) and the way he gets the creepy vibe whenever he is drunk just makes him a no go for me. Yes, young and good looking with wounds is all good, but that's all nothing when you stack that against a sweet daddy-long-legs adjusshi that looks like Rain. 

As for Hae Yoon... I feel bad for her but not bad enough to want her to get Hyun Wook. I think a crush that lasted so many years is always something one has to respect, but at this point she really is kinda stuck. If Hyun Wook doesn't fall in love with Se Na then he will just go right back into his self exile and proving once again he really is not going to get over his ex. OR he does fall in love with Se Na but of course that still puts Hae Yoon out of running. Either way, she is out... I guess she is hoping for the first option since at least she could keep dreaming. 


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