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Saturday, October 11, 2014

She's So Lovable Episode 8 Recap

Question of the hour: When can I grow up to be Se Na? She is my new idol!

Rewind: Se Na tries to explain the whole thing with Shi Woo to Hyun Wook.

Hyun Wook "If you don't want me to misunderstand so much then don't do anything with Shi Woo, don't do anything with anyone."

Se Na pauses and asks "Does that include you? Do I also don't do anything with you?"
Surprised by the question, Hyun Wook blinks a few times and says "Well, you will have to with me. There is no trainee that doesn't do anything with the president."

Se Na "What about in the neighborhood then? I can't visit Dal Bong anymore?"
Gruffly Hyun Wook tells her "You have to! We wouldn't you see Dal Bong?"
Se Na "Then, that's good. I'll get going president."

Kinda stunned, Hyun Wook looks around looking completely surprised by the outcome of that conversation.
Madam Oh sits with Director Kang watching the stars. Madam Oh receives a phone call from the private eye who followed President Lee even though she had asked them to stop. The private eye sends her the picture of President Lee visiting a woman and Madam Oh races back home to confront her husband about the picture.

Waking her husband up, Madam Oh throws her five carat ring on his face.
While she is lying in her tent remember the somehow sweet sounding declaration from Hyun Wook "Don't do anything with anyone", Se Na gets call out again by Shi Woo. No longer drunk, Shi Woo tries again to give Se Na the pair of shoes he bought for her. Admitting defeat since she knows Shi Woo would just keep bothering her if she refused, Se Na accepts the shoes.

Hyun Wook's happy smile from hearing good news about Se Na's song disappears when he sees Shi Woo parting with Se Na.
The next day, at AnA Hyun Wook sees Se Na wearing a pair of brand new shoes. Without any warning, Hyun Wook walks right up to Se Na and steps on her shoes, citing the Korean tradition you are suppose to step on news shoes... especially if they were gifts.

Walking away, Hyun Wook mutters "And it looks like you weren't going to accept them. Aish"
Ha! Adjusshi is super cute when he is jealous. 
Se Na puzzles over Hyun Wook's childish act towards her new shoes, but her housemates convinces her that Hyun Wook must have done it because he was jealous.

Se Na rushes over to Hyun Wook's house with a hat for Dal Bong. Hyun Wook who has just been informed by the doctor that Dal Bong is not eating due to depression, uses the opportunity to ask Se Na to be his pet sitter again.
Nervous about what to wear to Hyun Wook's house for her old/new part time job as his pet sitter, Se Na tries to get her housemates opinion.

On the other hand, Hae Yoon has also come to a decision to get along with Se Na since there is no possibility of Hyun Wook entering into a relationship with Se Na anyway. Hae Yoon decides to use Dal Bong as her way of getting closer to Hyun Wook.
Se Na teases Hyun Wook that he and Dal Bong looks alike. She even manages to convince Hyun Wook to let her keep the picture she took of him and Dal Bong.

Hae Yoon, determined in her new found resolution to get along with both Se Na and Dal Bong shows up at the park where Se Na and Hyun Wook are. Hae Yoon tries to follow Se Na's advise that Dal Bong being the easy going dog he is, likes to be petted. Except before Hae Yoon's hand can even touch Dal Bong's head, he barks a warning at her, scaring her to draw her hand back.
While Hyun Wook and Dal Bong is playing, Hae Yoon takes the opportunity to tell Se Na that it's pointless to like Hyun Wook.
Hae Yoon "Someone he loved passed away and he hasn't healed. That's why I am waiting for his wound to heal. Oppa is not ready to love anyone yet. I know your feelings, but in the end they'll just be an one sided crush."
Se Na "I will take care of my own feelings."
Se Na runs into Shi Woo at AnA's balcony and takes the chance to ask Shi Woo how long it takes a man to get over his past love.

Shi Woo "You want to know if I am over Ra Eum?"
Se Na "Why am I even talking to you?"
Well, someone certainly doesn't lack self confidence in the dating department. 
Se Na receives a surprise phone call from a recording office that singer Kim Tae Woo is recording her song for a drama ost. Trying to rush to the recording studio Se Na impatiently waits at a bus stop. Hyun Wook just happens to drive by since he also happens to be going to the same studio.

It takes a few moments before Se Na puts all the puzzles together and realizes it was Hyun Wook who introduced her song to Kim Tae Woo.

Se Na watches in amazement as her dream comes true right in front of her eyes.
Hyun Wook wonders in to another recording room while he waits for Se Na. Memories rushes back of the happiness he used to feel when he was able to work with music.
Se Na comes to find Hyun Wook and lets him listen to Kim Tae Woo's recording of her song. Happy for Se Na, Hyun Wook pats Se Na on the head for her first step into the official rank of a composer. Se Na knocks Hyun Wook's hand away and tells him "You only do that to kids."

Hyun Wook "You are a kid."

Se Na "When I look at adjusshi my heart starts to pound. Do you not feel the same way when you look at me?"
Snickering a bit, Hyun Wook replies "Well, a man's heart only pounds when it involves a woman."

Staring at Hyun Wook for a second, Se Na all the sudden advances towards Hyun Wook, making he retreat in a hurry towards the other end of the sofa. The two finally stops with Se Na almost on top of Hyun Wook and him almost horizontal on the sofa.

Se Na "Your heart is not pounding even if I do this?"
Looking nervously away, Hyun Wook can only eek out "Hmm." 
Not deterred, Se Na puts her hand right on Hyun Wook's chest to feel his heart. I want to be that hand... for um... the purpose of learning how to take human pulse through the human chest. 

Jerking his head up to look at Se Na and then looking down at Se Na's hand, Hyun Wook can only look like a deer in the headlight.

Se Na "What lies. Your heart is racing."
Stuttering a bit, Hyun Wook protests " It's only because of the uncomfortable position I am in. You should be able to tell the difference."

Ha ha! I lost count of how many times I re-watched this scene.  
Hyun Wook sits at home agonizing over what text he should send to Se Na in order to tell her not to come to his house. Before he can decides, Hyun Wook almost falls off the bench when Se Na pops out of nowhere.

The two argues over why Hyun Wook should let Se Na download her song on Hyun Wook's phone and allow her to watch the drama (the one her song is going to be on) on his big screen tv.
The happy bantering gets interrupted when President Lee shows up unannounced.

Hyun Wook gets into a fierce argument with his father when President Lee tells him to move back home and cut off his association with girls like "that girl" (referring to Se Na).
Shi Woo shows up to meet with Se Na and all but confesses his feeling to her. But before Se Na can think anything more, Dal Bong runs away. 

Dal Bong runs straight to Hyun Wook who came out to meet Se Na. Hyun Wook and Shi Woo are both surprised to see each other. Hyun Wook asks if Shi Woo would pay so little heed to his warning about leaving Se Na alone, while Shi Woo questions the validity of his warning if even the president is spending time with a trainee.
Shi Woo takes Se Na to watch the fireworks from some unknown balcony. With her song debuting that night, Se Na should be ecstatic, but somehow she can't manage a smile. Completely clueless, Shi Woo watches the firework with a self satisfied smile believing Se Na must be impressed by his gesture.

In the mean time, Hyun Wook is sitting at home trying really hard to concentrate on reading his book but can't not focus at all.
Shi Woo drops Se Na off and before Se Na can start to say something Shi Woo cuts her off by saying "I had fun watching the firework too." then takes off in his car to head back to AnA for practice.
It's like he is living in his imaginary world, totally not watching Se Na's response, just assuming she is in love with him. 

Se Na pauses for a second after Shi Woo leaves, then takes off for Hyun Wook's house.

Se Na "Why did you let me go? I thought you said not to do anything. With Shi Woo or anyone else?"
Hyun Wook "Why should I do that. My only concern is about a singer being affect by scandal, not your personal life."
Se Na "Then why did you make me a pet sitter? Was it really just for Dal Bong and no other reason?"
Hyun Wook "Yes."
Se Na "I don't want to be your pet sitter anymore. Or interact with you as the neighborhood adjusshi. Since you want to remain as a president to me then I'll also do that from now on."
Hyun Wook "Do that then."
Bowing to Hyun Wook, Se Na bids goodbye "I'll see you at work then."

Hyun Wook watches Se Na leaves and can only close his eyes in frustration while Se Na cries away from Hyun Wook's view.
Gathering around their TV, Se Na's housemate starts to jump with excitement when Se Na's song comes on, but instead of celebrating with them tear starts to fall from Se Na's eyes.
The next morning a full demonstration of the apparent difference between Se Na and Hyun Wook's relationship comes when a very business like Hyun Wook presents a contract to Se Na. An equally distant and cool Se Na quickly signs the contract without looking over it and leaves without another word.
Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon attends an opening party for Sung Jin's school. After Jae Yeong and Hyun Wook exchange unpleasant jabs about the upcoming debut of their respective singers, Jae Yeong asks the question that has been burning a hole in his mind.
Jae Yeong "What do you think of Shin Hae Yoon? Are you thinking about dating her?"
Hyun Wook "Why do I have to answer this kind of question from you?"
Jae Yeong "Because I am interested in Shin Hae Yoon and if you do too then it'll be a problem."
Hyun Wook "You are lucky then. I have decided to not be interested in the things you are interested in."

Hyun Wook turns around to leave and realizes Hae Yoon is standing just behind him, obviously heard the whole exchange.

Standing outside, Hyun Wook smilingly asks Hae Yoon if she thought of dating Jae Yeong. Even though from a man's point of view he is lacking, maybe he is not too bad from a girl's point of view.
Hae Yoon "Why are you acting like this? Is not like you don't know my heart."
Hyun Wook "Is that so? I don't even know my own heart right now."
Hae Yoon steps in to kiss Hyun Wook, but he moves away.
Whoa! Did he just admit he doesn't know his own heart?! That's admitting he heart might not belong to his ex anymore! 
Sitting in his car, the mood turns light again when Hae Yoon with her straight forward personality laments why she didn't drive her own car so she can avoid being so embarrassed right now. 
Hae Yoon "But you've changed Oppa. You used to never avoid my kiss."
Hyun Wook "My reflex must've gotten better."
Hae Yoon "Then I will be faster next time."
Oh, Hae Yoon... if this was a different show... you could be the leading lady. Actually, on second thought, the guy is obviously not interested so it probably wouldn't matter.

Hae Yoon turns on the radio and Se Na's song just happens to be playing. Hae Yoon starts to get agitated and loudly asks why Hyun Wook would go to such extend for Se Na. 
Hae Yoon "Oppa! What is Yoon Se Na to you?!"
His temper raising as well, Hyun Wook replies "She is more than a trainee. One that I am very very concerned about. Actually, I might even like her. Is that what you want to hear?"
Take back, Hae Yoon says "Opps!" 

Frustrated by the whole exchange, Hyun Wook pulls to the side of the road and tells Hae Yoon to get out. 
Joo Hong's boyfriend barges into their house to tell Se Na that he just saw an ambulance arriving at Hyun Wook's house to take Dal Bong away. 

At the animal hospital, the doctor tells Hyun Wook that Dal Bong does't have long to live so he needs to prepare himself. 
Se Na runs to the animal hospital after finding out from the housekeeper that Dal Bong has a tumor. 

Se Na tells Hyun Wook he should've told her about Dal Bong's illness and asks if he is okay. When silence is the only reply from Hyun Wook, Se Na turns to go check on Dal Bong. Hyun Wook stops Se Na from leaving by grabbing her arm and asks "Will you stay by my side?"

Se Na sits down beside Hyun Wook and puts her arm around him. 
Hyun Wook looks at Se Na for a moment before cupping her face with both of his hand. (Why do I feel like I am writing a romance novel?) 

And we have a kiss.... 
And more kissing...

One last one for the road. 


Well, that was a pleasant surprise. I did not expect a kiss for at least another two episodes. When I first watched this episode I thought the kiss kinda came out of no where and it didn't jive with Hyun Wook's character. BUT, after I start recapping the episode I see that Hyun Wook's feeling has grown much faster and stronger than I first realized. 
  • He has stopped thinking about his ex, even when she is brought up, he thinks of Se Na instead.
  • With the dream sequence of him feeling like she is with him when he fell asleep on his chair I think the writer is trying to point out the fact Hyun Wook feel a sense of contentment when Se Na is with him.
  • He is outright jealous of Shi Woo and it's strong enough even he can't deny it anymore.
  • He can't act causally with Hae Yoon anymore because he has feeling for Se Na now.
  • I think the outburst he had with Hae Yoon is actually his true feeling and once he puts them into words he can stuff them back in.  
So the kiss probably is the result of all these factor plus the pant up frustration of pushing Se Na away. He did spent the whole night and all day stewing over the fact Se Na and his relationship is pure business now... well no fear, it's not all business anymore. 

I actually really like both Shi Woo and Hae Yoon's character. Shi Woo is having a one sided romance with his own imagination, but that makes him kinda cute. Of course that makes me wonder if he even sees Se Na when he looks at her. He projects whatever reaction he thinks she'll have and completely ignores the actual expression on her face. If he even paid a little attention he would have realized she was down right upset at the firework.

Hae Yoon and her honesty about her feelings are quite refreshing and this character could have easily been written in a story about how the girl got the man she always wanted. That's not going to happen here obviously, and I really hope she doesn't turn evil. But I guess she might have already at one time since we saw a flash back of her slapping Se Na's sister.  

Well, I suspect some major road bumps ahead now the kiss happened, so lets all get ready! 

ps. As long as Hyun Wook doesn't say the words "Don't think of anything, Just trust me and follow me from now on." That always assures an epic fail the very next episode. 


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